Club Meeting – Saturday, November 14th

Our club meeting this month has a lot going on, so please join us in all its glory.  We will be having our annual chili cook-off as well as a brewing session held by our very own Dan White.  We will be brewing Carl Townsend’s Weizenbock recipe that we just brewed at Firestone Walker. It’s going to be pretty cool to compare the two brews.  The biggest events during our meeting will be elections and member of the year.


Board Nominations For 2016:

Lloyd Johnson

Ian Fraser

Michael Musgrave

Tim Bardet


Member of the Year Nominations for 2015:

Brian Holter

Ramesh Johnston

Tad Johnston

Andrew Whittle


If you’d like to nominate someone else (or yourself) for either a board position or member of the year, please do so by next Thursday (November 12th) at the latest. Also, if you can’t make the meeting and would love to vote, please email your vote for each to [email protected]

Commercial Tasting

Ramesh and Tad will be doing the commercial tasting this month which is pumpkin and spiced beers.  Tad won’t be able to make the meeting, but he’s picked out Ramesh’s and his favorite (pumpkin) beers.  You won’t want to miss this!

Brew Day

The brew day will start at 9:00am so come whenever, you’d like with most people probably getting there about 11:00am – 12:00pm for the main event.