Pacific Gravity Club Meeting Thursday March 18th

Greetings Pacific Gravity!
This month’s club meeting is still virtual, but the beers our good friends at LA Ale Works have selected for tasting continue to make it a great night for beer drinking. Kip will be on hand to discuss the beers and news from the brewery! FYI: LAAW gives 10% discounts on any other beers club members might wish to pick up.  Swing by this weekend, grab some beers and tune in next Thursday, see you then!
Thursday 3/18/2021 at 7:30 PM
March Club Meeting (VIRTUAL)
LA Ale Works
12918 Cerise Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250
(424) 456-4191
You should receive a link to the Zoom meeting by separate email. If you don’t get the email, please let me know. This should be a cool meeting, jump in and I will see you there!Check out this knock out line up of beers that are available now.
PG Mixed 4-pack – $15.00 (includes club discount)

Lupulin Orbit – Vet Blend – West Coast IPA – 7.5%
BTWN the Ply – West Coast DIPA – 8.5%
Wandering Abroad – 6.0% Nectarine
Lemon Grab – Witbier – 5.4%

Special BBA Mixed 4-pack – $36.00 (includes club discount)

Heavy Impulse – English Barleywine
Rush’ N Attack – Russian Imperial Stout
Long Haul – Blend with Coconut
Jazz Forever – Blend Coffee

See below for beer descriptions.


Upcoming Dates To Remember

Keep your calendars open! We have even more opportunities for beer drinking.
Here is some of what’s in store for the future:

April 2, 2021:  First Friday with Three Weavers
April 15, 2021:  Club meeting featuring Party Beer Co.
May 7, 2021:  First Friday with the Daily Pint

Always best to plan ahead!

Annual Dues

It’s time to renew your annual membership dues for the Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club. Your dues are the primary way we fund such club activities as club parties, monthly meetings, club brews and much more.  Your paid membership also ensures that you’ll continue to receive the many club benefits available, access to various brewing activities, discounts and information. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming swag opportunities!

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Beer Descriptions

Lupulin Orbit – VET BLEND – 7.5% ABV – West Coast IPA
Hops: 2020 Veterans Blend
Malt: Pure Idaho, Golden Naked Oats, Pale Wheat, Carafoam
Yeast: US-05
Citrus – Pineapple – Grapefruit
Can Art: Kelly Erickson @craftmediala

The second iteration of Lupulin Orbit incorporates the 2020 Veterans Blend. We were unable to do our annual Camouflage, but this is a great vehicle for that hop blend. This year’s blend includes Idaho 7, HBC 692, Sabro, Mosaic, and HBC 630, which is a hop combination boasting some serious fruitiness. Aromas of pineapple, mango, melon and tangerine accompany fruity flavors of tropical fruit, orange, melon, and a touch of grapefruit. Bitterness is balanced, light, but lingers on the pallet a bit. In terms of appearance, this beer pours gold with a frothy white head and is a touch hazy. Whether from the hop blend or some of the protein malt, it didn’t clear up through the centrifuge, but it still drinks like a typical LAAW WC IPA. Lupulin Orbit #2 too is a great entry into our new rotating hop series.

BTWN the PLY – 8.5% ABV – West Coast DIPA
Hops: Chinook, El Dorado, Idaho 7, Cashmere
Malt: Pure Idaho, Spelt, Flaked Wheat
Yeast: US-05
Balanced – Pine – Pineapple
Can Art: Kelly Erickson – @craftmedia @girlswholikebeer

BTWN the Ply is West Coast Double IPA featuring the artwork of Kelly Erickson. The name references the veneer layering process used in the construction of a skateboard.  The beer pours a slightly hazy gold with a dense foamy white head that clings to the glass. Aromas of pine and pineapple pair nicely with flavors of resin, grapefruit, and gummy bears. BTWN is smooth drinking with a nicely balanced bitterness and a dry finish. This beer does a good job of balancing the fruity notes with more classic flavors found in other ipas. The result is a very sneaky double with a whole lot of aroma and flavor.

Wandering Abroad – Nectarine –  6.0% ABV – Fruited Sour
Hops: Azacca
Malt: Pure Idaho, Biscuit Rye, Wheat, Oats
Yeast: Sourvisiae + Hornindal
Special: Masumoto Le Grand Nectarines
Tart – Citrus – Nectarine
Artwork: Brain Holter @LABeerFan

This batch of Wandering features the first fruit we used in this series, Le Grand Nectarines from Masumoto Farms. While this is basically a return to the first beer, the recipe has been refined, lightened, and does a better job featuring the fruit. If you still have a can of the old one, you should do a side by side, I prefer this one. Wandering pours a hazy orange with a lasting head. The body is medium though the acidity cuts through sharply leaving the pallet semi-dry wanting more. Aroma is all bright stone fruit – peaches, nectarines, and apricot. Flavor features the same bright peachy notes, a strong acidity, and finishes lemony. This is a clean and fruit forward sour.

Lemon Grab – Witbier – 5.4%
Meyer lemon zest, coriander

Our classic Witbier has a natural opaqueness owing to the high malted wheat content. We used eight pounds of fresh Meyer lemon zest sourced from a prolific Los Angeles backyard tree. Lemon Grab showcases “spicy” Belgian yeast esters including banana and bubblegum, with a clove and coriander finish.


Special BBA Beer 4-pack

Jazz Forever 2021 – Barrel Blend – 12.9% – 10oz
Hops: Willamette
Blend: 33.5% English Barleywine / 50% Imperial Stout / 16.5% Russian Imperial Stout
Special: Alana’s Coffee Roasters – Blonde Guatemalan Coffee
Can Art: Brain Holter @labeerfan

Last year’s Jazz Forever was a smooth and delicate blend of barrels beer without anything crazy. This year’s blend went heavy on imperial stout with the addition of some barleywine and was finished on freshly light roasted Guatemalan coffee from Alana’s Coffee Roasters. One thing you’ll notice right away is that there is no head retention. We steeped a heavy amount of coffee in this beer which resulted in a substantial amount of flavorful oils being extracted. These coffee acids and oils form a sheen on the top of the beer and decimate a good frothy head, but that’s okay because the flavors are king in this beer. Aromas of robust coffee, chocolate, and nuttiness pair well with rich flavors of nutella, bourbon, vanilla, roasted cacao, and dark sun dried fruit. This is essentially a high gravity cold brew that hides the 12.9% well. There’s definitely alcohol present, but the beer is smooth and well balanced. When paired with the fully-extracted caffeine, you’ve got a dangerous, but delicious combination.

In For the Long Haul 2021 – Barrel Blend – 12.3% – 10oz
Hops: Willamette
Blend: 33.5% Imperial Pastry Stout / 66.5% English Barleywine
Special: Coconut
Can Art: Brain Holter @labeerfan

That rainbow cactus beer is back! 2020 Long Haul included some rum barrel aged beer, but in 2021 we omitted that element. Instead we upped the coconut in a big way. Head retention in this beer is similar to Jazz Forever, quickly fleeting. Coconut oil, like coffee oil, is extremely detrimental to a thick frothy head, but it’s also appropriate for this style. The aroma and flavors in this beer remind me of a chocolate covered macaroon. Decadent nutty notes of vanilla, bourbon, maple, chocolate, and coconut dominate the nose while even more intense versions of these dominate the flavor. This is a dessert beer. Part barleywine, part pastry stout, finished with coconut and bourbon. The mouthfeel is thick and velvety which compliments the candy-like flavors well. If you’re looking for a pastry stout or something that is dark and coconut forward, you really can do no wrong with Long Haul.

Heavy Impulse 2021 – 100% English Barleywine – 12.12% – 10oz
Hops: Willamette, East Kent Goldings
Grist: Maris Otter, Medium Crystal, Caramunich, DRC
Yeast: S-04
Can Art: Brain Holter @labeerfan

This is the first year we’ve released Heavy Impulse as a packaged beer. Rather than blend in different barrel beers, we decided to go 100% one year old barleywine and the result is fantastic. While the now BA version of this beer is great, the BA varietal underwent some remarkable evolution during its one year rest. The beer pours a tawny auburn with ruby highlights and a creamy off-white head. Notes of tropical coconut and pineapple dominate the aroma along with cherry, oak, and caramel. The pina colada elements follow through into the main flavor of this beer and beneath it is a classic barleywine. Toffee, toast, chocolate, piloncillo, plum and raisin – it’s all there with a pleasantly dry tannic finish. This is a great cold weather offering and also a great counterpoint to some of the darker barrel blends we have coming out.

Rush N Attack 2021 – Russian Imperial Stout – 12.5 – 10oz
Hops: Willamette
Blend: 67% Russian Imperial Stout / 16.5% Imperial Stout / 16.5% English Barleywine
Yeast: US-05
Can Art: Brain Holter @labeerfan
Dark – Bourbon – Oak

Rush N Attack makes its triumphant return and for the first time, it’s a blend. We decided to add additional layers of complexity to this year’s offering by mixing in some barleywine and American Imperial Stout. The result is a smoothly decadent ganache with pleasant edges of bittersweet baker’s chocolate. Aromas of bourbon soaked oak, vanillin, and cafe latte are followed by flavors of velvety smooth mocha. The beer pours a deep black with a tan head. The body is hefty, but the finish is dry. Previous years had Rush N Attack on the rougher side, but the addition of a bigger stout and barley have rounded out the rough edges. It’s a great counterpoint to Wizard Stash.