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Remember when Pacific Gravity hosted massive summer parties, organized exciting bus trips, incubated successful commercial brewers, and even won California Homebrew Club of the Year (twice in a row)?

My how times have changed. We have fewer members and less money in the bank. Our membership is trending older. We lost our sister homebrew supply shop. And social distancing has been a real buzzkill. We’re not alone: Other clubs like Strand have also been struggling.

How much longer can we keep this going? 5 years? 10 years?

Yet hope remains while the company is true. The pandemic is easing, we have a core group of committed members, we enjoy strong partnerships with local breweries, and we’re welcoming a slow trickle of new members.

So we’re trying something new. We’re putting together a team of 3-7 people to do radical out-of-the-box thinking. A team who will be doing a lot of brainstorming and questioning everything. A team that will be diverse in its perspectives and experiences. A team that hopefully reflects the future of Pacific Gravity.

Do you enjoy craft beer? Are you open to new possibilities? Can you devote 5-10 hours per month for the next year? If so, then you might be a great fit.

Apply Now!

The application deadline is Friday, March 4. Imagine what’s possible by our 30th anniversary!

Questions? Comments? You can email us at [email protected].