Another Far-Field Opportunity

If you missed out on our visit to Far Field Brewery, or just didn’t get enough, here is another opportunity.  Contact Jay Ankeney by Tuesday (6/18) if you want beer delivered by the Pony Keg Express distribution system.  Or join them at 5PM Friday 6/21 at the brewery.
Jay Ankeney, at
Or call at 310-343-867


Next Friday, 6/21/24, the Maltose Falcons will be hosting their Zoom conference Happy Hour with Far Field brewery. Since this is in our neck of the woods, it would be great if members of Pacific Gravity could join in.  As usual,

the format will be to sample 4 of Far Field’s beers and discuss them in a group Zoom conference.  It can get pretty lively, and with Drew as moderator, it is always very informative.  To make it relevant to all participants, we’ll be taking orders from anyone who wishes to purchase a designated 4 pack of the Far Field beers that will be under discussion so we can all sample and evaluate them at the same time. The Happy Hour (OK, sometimes called Hoppy Hour) starts at 5:00 PM and usually wraps by 7:30 PM or so.

This month’s lineup will be

  • The Great American Lager, American Lager
  • Par-Tee at the Club, West Coast Pils
  • Sound of Space, Cold IPA
  • Janet’s Brown, Imperial Brown conditioned on Palo Santo wood (collab with Cal HombrewersAssociation)

Cost is $16 per 4 pack.

If Pacific Gravity members can get their orders in to me by end of Tuesday night (6/18), I’ll place the order for you.  Then, somehow, our stalwart Pony Keg Express distribution system will find a way to get the beers to you.  Since time is short, I’m just going to have to trust those who place orders that they will fulfill their commitment to pay.

Hey, it’s only $16 for four 16 oz cans.  You can contact me, Jay Ankeney, at  Or call me at 310-343-8677

Those who sign up will get the Zoom Web dial in information before the event starts.  But we are also doing something new this month.  I’m personally going to bring my laptop to Far Field to experience the event on location.  So you can join me and pick up your 4 pack there on the evening of the event.

Be aware that Far Field has very limited parking so look for a spot on the street (nearby Hawthorne Blvd. has plenty) or carpool or take an Uber. If you have any questions, you can contact me at the number or E-address above. Especially since this is a fairly local brewery, this promises to be an event well worth participating in.