OC Road Trip II: Electric Boogaloo

The June road trip to Orange County is now official.  Mark the date on your calendar and prepare for a good time.

When: Saturday, June 9th, from 11am to approximately 5pm.

Where: Bootleggers Brewery in Fullerton and Old Orange Brewing in Orange.

How Much: $20

Pacific Gravity will again be rallying the troops for a foray behind the Orange Curtain to two new (to Pacific Gravity) breweries that are thrilled to be hosting us: Bootleggers Brewery in Fullerton and Old Orange Brewing in…wait for it…Orange.

Bootleggers is a great brewery that recently celebrated their 4th anniversary and signed up a new distributor to get their beers into more locations.  They are known for Knuckle Sandwich, a great DIPA, although I am a fan of the huge range of beers they pour in their tasting room (frequently as many as 20).  They range between the punch of Knuckle Sandwich and Golden Chaos (a Belgian Golden Strong based on an old homebrewing recipe) to sessionable beers like Palomino Pale and Prohibition Mild.  They were nice enough to offer to open early to accommodate us, so we’ll have the run of the place as well.


Old Orange Brewing is a newer brewery in the shadows of Anaheim Stadium and the Honda Center.  They are looking to be a community brewery and have a range of great beers.  From the Orange Street Fair-inspired Kolsch to my personal favorite, Old Dummy, there is a beer or two on the list that everyone will enjoy.  I don’t think they are getting much, if any, beer into LA, so make the trip and one-up your beer nerd friends!


We are still in the process of sorting out the food situation, but something will be available to eat while we check out the breweries.  Details to follow as we have ‘em.

The trip is open to anyone that is interested in attending, so please feel free to let friends know they are welcome to join us.  As always, please contact me directly if you have any questions at [email protected] and bring cash or checks to the next club event to reserve your seat.


One Final Anchor Trip Update

Just a quick one here in case anyone missed it.  The Carlton is a union hotel and as such we will be charged $6 for every bag they remove from the bus and take to the rooms.  This is not optional, so please be prepared to pay this as you get ON the bus.

Also, as we are going to be short of riders, we will be passing the hat around to pay for the bus driver’s tip.  James is a great guy and a good bus driver so please bring some cash for this as well.

Anchor Bus Times

The plan is to have people on the bus at 8:30am and being on the road by 9am.  The Bay Bridge will be closing at 8pm on Friday, so in order to avoid traffic, we are going to try and drive straight through.  So plan on bringing something to eat.  We will have some sort of stop to get off the bus and stretch out the legs, though.  With any luck, we will be in San Francisco by 3:30 or 4pm.

Several people requested that we leave later on Sunday, so unless it really puts someone in a bind, I will be moving the departure time back to 12pm.  The plan will be to grab lunch in the Bay Area and then come straight back to Culver City.

On the day of the event, the bus will leave from the hotel to Anchor at 12:30pm.  First seats will go to those who rode the bus up; additional seats will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis for $15.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at [email protected]

Anchor Trip / COY Party Reminder!

Photo Credit:  Orin Zebest


Here are some reminders and updates for the upcoming trip to Anchor Brewing in San Francisco for the Club of the Year award presentation:

For those of you who will be attending the Anchor Party on Saturday the 18th, the festivities kick off at 1pm and will wrap up about 5.  There will be lots of great beer & food, so if you plan on attending the party and will not be taking the bus up to SF, please send Audrey an email at [email protected] so that we can give the guys up at Anchor a head count as they put the party together!

Bus tickets are $85.  You can leave your payment at CCHBS.  Please leave cash or a check in an envelope clearly marked with the names of everyone the payment is covering along with your contact information.  PLEASE pay ASAP to help those of us who are organizing the trip.

Hotel reservations MUST be made by Friday 2/3 to get the group rate.  Last I checked there were still a few (and I mean a few) rooms left in our block so if you want one, get in touch with the Carlton.

The plan is for the bus to leave CCHBS on Friday the 17th at 8:30am with an eye on being in the city by 3:30pm so as to enjoy the San Francisco Beer Week festivities.  There are no official club-sanctioned events aside from the Anchor trip, so make plans with other PG members.  We were going have an outing to Beer Revolution in Oakland, but it appears timing was bad, so that is off (although I believe a large group will be heading there Friday night).

Bus Update

The Carlton is a union hotel, as such they HAVE to remove the baggage from the
bus. Sadly this means you are on the hook for $6 for ever bag. It sucks but
there isn’t anything we can do about it. Please bring cash to pay for it.

Also, plan on bringing lunch, the Bay Bridge will be closing Friday night is it
is imperative we get up there as fast as we can. So we’ll have a quick stop to
stretch our legs, but we won’t be stopping for lunch. Far from ideal, but it
beats sitting in LA and SF traffic in one day.


Anchor Club of The Year Road Trip

We are rapidly approaching our trip to San Francisco for Anchor Club of the Year next month!  For those of you planning on attending, here is all the pertinent information you will need:

Bus: Cost is $85, departing from CCHBS at 9AM on Friday, February 17th and returning at about 7PM on the 19th. The coach is new, has a bathroom, and plenty of room for everyone. The driver will be the famous Mr. Partee.  Please note that if you are not riding the bus up and back there is NO GUARANTEE that you will be riding it to visit Anchor either, so please plan your own ride.

Payments: You can leave your bus payment at CCHBS in a clearly marked envelope with your name, email, and the names of the folks you are paying for. Please note that this is a favor to the club and CCHBS WILL NOT BE PROCESSING ANY PAYMENTS, so please do not ask.  You can also bring your check or cash to the Club Meeting this Thursday, January 19th.  All checks should be made out to Pacific Gravity.

Hotel: We have a block of 30 rooms at the Carlton Hotel for $109/night. This is for Friday and Saturday nights only and rooms with two double beds are limited.  To lock in this rate, you must book your room by February 3rd and specify that you are with Pacific Gravity.  To make your reservations, contact the Carlton at (415) 292-1183 or 800-922-7586, or email at: [email protected]

COY Party: Saturday afternoon, February 18th at Anchor Brewing Company, 1705 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 (www.anchorbrewing.com).

Shirts: We are ordering new shirts to commemorate the COY win. They will be in the style of the previous “Gravity Pacific” long-sleeve black shirts, only this time we have straightened out the writing on the sleeves to read “Pacific Gravity”!  For those of you interested in purchasing one – or more – we will be taking pre-orders with payment and shirt size at the club meeting this Thursday the 19th.  Shirts will be $25 each; checks should be made out to Pacific Gravity, and they will be here in time for the February club meeting before the bus departs the following morning.  Pre-ordering your shirt(s) will guarantee you your shirt and in the size you prefer!

As always if you have questions, please contact Kurt at [email protected] or Audrey at [email protected]

Looking Forward to a great Trip & make sure to get your travel arrangements made as soon as possible!

Fall Northbound Road Trip!

Heya PGers, I just wanted to officially announce the next PG road trip. Going north won our little survey handily, so that is what we’re going to be doing.

Saturday November 12th we’ll be going north to Island Brewing (Carpinteria), Surf Brewing (Ventura) and Ladyface (Agoura Hills). All three breweries are thrilled to have us, and will have tours available, brewers on hand and at least a few drink specials.

For more on the individual stops, you can check ’em out here:


The cost for the trip is $30. This gets you a seat on the bus and nothing else. We will be arranging to have pizza delivered at Island with the help of the folks there, a good lunch being essential to a long day’s tasting. As we will be finishing up at Ladyface you are more than welcome to eat there, and I can vouch that the food is very good. We will be spending about two hours at each place, a little longer at the stops where people will be eating. The plan is to leave CCHBS at 9:30 and be back there between 8 and 8:30.

If you have any questions ask away and we’ll have a sign up sheet at the third Thursday club meetings.

The PayPal link is also available now to sign-up & pay anytime!




[email protected]

Stuffed Sandwich Road Trip Saturday June 25th

The next road trip on the Pacific Gravity schedule will be a June 25th trip to the legendary Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel. The Stuffed Sandwich features great beers on tap as well as an amazing bottle list to go along with their great deli fare.

The trip will be departing from CHBS at approximately 10:30 and returning at about 3:30. Tickets for the bus will be $15.

As the Stuffed Sandwich is a restaurant and not a bar, you will need to order food to be able to drink. But fear not, we have you covered there as well. They will be offering a special lunch: half a sandwich (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef or Italian Sub) served with a side of potato or macaroni salad along with a pint of draft beer in a complimentary glass for only $15 (not this is in ADDITION to your money for the bus ride)! The sandwiches are huge, so trust me this is a good lunch even for a big eater.

Stuffed Sandwich veterans will know that if you don’t get this lunch special you’ll be drinking out of a plastic up unless you bring your own glass so think ahead if you are going to eat off the normal menu. You don’t have to get the special but we will order them before we leave so you will eat first if you do. You *do* have to eat however as they can’t legally serve you beer without food.

June is Anniversary Beer month at Stuffed Sandwich so you can bet there will be some worthy beers on tap for our visit. And of course their bottle list is legendary. Be prepared for some impulse buying, if you have trouble budgeting I would leave your credit cards at home.

There will be a sign-up sheet at the club meeting next Thursday June 16th and you can pay your $15 then to reserve a spot on the bus. You can RSVP by emailing Kurt, but keep in mind that your space isn’t official until you pay. All that you need to pay for in advance is the ticket, you will be paying SS directly for your food.

If you have any questions please let me know. [email protected].


-Road Trip Coordinator


President’s Message: State of the Club

As we begin 2011, the state of the Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club is strong. We have already begun to get the ball rolling on upcoming events, and are locked in to our first two big ones for the year.

Tustin Monster Brew

February 26 we’ll be celebrating our 16th  anniversary by going back to the Tustin Brewery for another edition of our enormously successful Monster Brews. P.G. Brewmaster Carl Townsend, and Tustin’s Brewer extraordinaire, Jon Porter have come up with a new recipe for us to brew, doctor at home with specialty grains, adjuncts and yeast. In the past many of us have produced outstanding beers from the base recipes, and this year promises to be no exception. Carl has written an Ask the Brewmaster article outlining the possibilities for this year’s moderately high gravity wort. For reservations, contact Reed Wilson at [email protected] or Mimi Bardet and Audrey Hill-Lindsay at [email protected] . Cost is $27 per 5 gallon pour, 10 gallons maximum. See the articles detailing the event and make your reservations soon.

Tustin Brewing Company

On March 26 we’ll be going on a Road Trip to Orange County

Road Trip Coordinator, Kurt Periolat, has lined up TAPS  Fish House & Brewery in Brea, and The Bruery. TAPS is a GABF multiple prize winning brewpub with an outstanding lineup, ranging from British Session Ales, to German Lagers, with stops in the U.S. and Belgium. The Bruery is one of the fastest growing and popular new breweries around, and will have something special for us.   For reservations to this event send an E-mail to [email protected] or [email protected], and prepay through PayPal.

First Friday at Bar Food

As usual, First Friday is coming up (Feb 4th at Bar Food), and our February 17th meeting  will  feature  Belgian and French Ales; tasting to be hosted by Craig Corley, our club treasurer. Bring beer to share, and money or checks, to pay for the road trip and/ or Monster Brew. Don’t forget, PayPal will also be available for payment to the 2 events (UPDATE: Click the links to pay for the OC Road Trip on PayPal, or for 5 Gallons of wort at the Monster Brew).  See the articles detailing these events for more information.

Feedback Welcome

If you have any questions, suggestions, or criticisms don’t hesitate to send a message to me at [email protected] Suggestions for events, or ideas for club projects are always welcome. If you are interested in volunteering to help out with club activities, don’t hesitate to ask me, or any of the other Board members.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Road Trip Scheduled for March 26

We will be having our first road trip of the year on March 26. The trip will be behind the Orange Curtain to visit two great breweries:

TAPS in Orange – TAPS took home some serious hardware at this years GABF – including Gold for their Belgian White and the Small Brewpub of the Year award. Take a look at the medals on their beer list, it’s scary.

The Bruery in Placentia – A favorite of many PGers, The Bruery has been cranking out amazing and creative beers since they opened (3 ounces of Black Tuesday changed my life). PGer Ben Weiss has even agreed to open early for us so we’ll have the run of the place AND he said he’d try to have something special on tap for us as well.

We are going to leave CCHBS at 10:30, have lunch at TAPS and then head over to the Bruery. We should be back at the store by 5:15 or so.

The best part? $20. Seriously, you’d be crazy not to go.

Sign up via Paypal (95 cent transaction fee applies), or bring cash or check to the meeting to reserve your spot!

If you have questions you can email me at [email protected]

New Members Lead the Charge for PG’s Trip to Stone Fest: A Road Trip Report

Call it “Pacific Gravity Road Trip: The Next Generation.”

Most of the homebrew club’s old-timers, longtime members and veteran drunks, for one rea$on or another, sat out the annual bus trip down to Stone Brewing’s (13th) Anniversary Celebration and Invitational Beer Festival on the campus of Cal State San Marcos on Saturday, August 22. So new club members and first-time Stone Fest’ers comprised the lion’s share of the 28 of us who took the excursion. And they were not disappointed.

The bus had ample AC, a working bathroom (although its light was out during the first leg of the trip, making for some interesting maneuvers and challenges at aiming), and the good homebrew and commercial beers flowed. The weather forecast seemed a bit dodgy, and we even hit some rainy drizzle en route down.

But by the time we had checked in and were lined up waiting for the gates to open at 11:00 a.m., the clouds parted, the sun came out, and the heat came on with a vengeance. It was brutal. Many of the beer booths even had sunscreen for the thirsty throngs who arrived without protection. How bad was it? The lines for the (eventually warm) rinse water were longer than they were for many of the beer tents.

That said, the site was much less crowded than last year (the first at this location), with the beer booths more spread out and staggered into different areas. And yes, there were long lines, but they mostly moved quickly. The queues for Avery Brewing and Maui Brewing seemed always to be lengthy.

Why? Well, aside from its great Maharaja Imperial IPA and its 15th and 16th Anniversary brews, Avery also had the very limited (only 5.8 bbls made) Voltron, which also made a brief appearance at the Beachwood BBQ’s Sour Fest that same week. Voltron consisted of five sour beers, including Brabant, Port Alter Boy and Good Sally. It was extremely complex and puckery. Read more