Pacific Brewer’s Cup Entries Due Now!!

Entries Due Sept 4th

Entries Due Sept 4th

Entries for Pacific Brewers Cup will be due at the shop on September 4th.  This year the competition is hosted by the Strand Brewers’ Club.  Judging will be held on September 19, at the Courtyard Los Angeles LAX/El Segundo. The hotel is located at 2000 East Mariposa Avenue in El Segundo, about 1 mile south of LAX.  We’ll want to have a good turnout for this one, both from an entry standpoint and from a judging/stewarding standpoint.  More details of the competition can be found at:

The AHA has announced the rest of the Club-only competitions for 2009 and beyond, so you can plan these well in advance.  The next competition is for European Amber Lagers, BJCP category 3.  We will judge these at the September Club meeting on September 17th.   Please bring 3 bottles for each entry, and please fill out the entry forms which you can download from the AHA website at:  The club picks up the entry fees and shipping for this one, so it is free to you.

Winners of the California State and Los Angeles County Fairs have now been announced!  Congratulations to everyone listed below.  Chris Simental was the big winner for State, picking up 3 first place ribbons and 2 second place ribbons. Neil Saund stole the show in the County fair, garnering 7 ribbons; 2 of them firsts, 2 seconds and 3 thirds.  Carl Townsend and Chris Simental each picked up 4 ribbons.     With these ribbons tallied in, Chris takes a commanding lead in the 2009 Brewer of the Year Award.

Get those brewkettles going and don’t stop until the 2009 Brewer of the Year has been announced.  If you need still more competitions, you can find the whole list at

State Fair Winners

1st Place          Chris Simental              German Wheat

1st Place          Chris Simental              Light     Lagers

1st Place          Chris Simental              Porter

2nd Place         Chris Simental              American Amber Ale

2nd Place         Chris Simental              English Pale Ale

2nd Place         Craig Corley                 Belgian StrongAle

3rd Place          Craig Corley                 Amber Beers

3rd Place          Craig Corley                 Biere De Garde

2nd Place         Jeff Koehler                  Stout

3rd Place          Jeff Koehler                  Belgian Strong Ale

1st Place          Carl Townsend Belgian Pale Ale

Los Angeles County Fair Winners

1st Place          Carl Townsend            American Pale Ale

1st Place          Carl Townsend            Export

1st Place          Carl Townsend            Schwarzbier

2nd Place         Carl Townsend            English-Style Strong Ale

1st Place          Chris Simental Munich Helles

3rd Place          Chris Simental American Wheat Ale

2nd Place         Chris Simental Strong Bitter and ESB

3rd Place          Chris Simental English-Style Porter

1st Place          Craig Corley                Altbier

3rd Place          Craig Corley                Kölsch-Style Ale

3rd Place          David Lasdon              Specialty Ale, Other

1st Place          Eric Moreau                American Brown Ale

2nd Place         Jonathan Porter           English-Style Barleywine

3rd Place          Jonathan Porter           Export and Oatmeal Stout

3rd Place          Jonathan Porter           Abbey Dubbel Ale

3rd Place          Neil Saund                  Vienna Lager

3rd Place          Neil Saund                  Imperial Stout

1st Place          Neil Saund                  Traditional Bock

2nd Place         Neil Saund                  Maibock/Helles Bock

3rd Place          Neil Saund                  Bavarian Hefeweizen

1st Place          Neil Saund                  Abbey Tripel Ale

2nd Place         Neil Saund                  Saison (Spring/Summer)

3rd Place          Peggy Robinson           Curry Porter

Remaining 2009 Competitions

September 4th  Pacific Brewers Cup Entries due at the shop.

October           California State Homebrew Competition
(Entries must be packed for shipping)

2009 Club-Only Competitions
September 17th, 2009 European Amber Lagers, BJCP Cat. 3.
November 19th, 2009 Belgian Strong Ale, BJCP Cat. 18.

Brewer of the Year Point Totals
Brewer                         Points   Ribbons

Chris Simental             33        15

Craig Corley                 17        10

Carl Townsend             14        5

Neil Saund                    13        7

Jon Porter                    12        6

Jeff Koehler                  12        5

Zach Bradshaw            6          2

Eric Moreau                 5          3

Joseph Nascenzi/Enegren/Enegren

4          2

Jason Levin                  3          2

Pete Morris                  2          1

Dave Lasdon                1          1

Peggy Robinson         1          1

Lee Bakofsky               1          1

Ian Fraser                     1          0