First Friday-10/01/10

It’s that time of the month again, boys and girls! This month we’re going to 2 bars, one new, and one old favorite. How can we do it? Easy-they are 100 feet from one another. What could be better than that (except Dan and Anne’s Carriage House Tap Room).

In the last couple of months the Venice Ale House opened on the Venice Boardwalk, right near the venerable Swiss/German restaurant, On the Boardwalk.

They are located right on the boardwalk at Rose Ave. Getting there is easy, and there is a municipal parking lot on the beach, just feet away from both places. If you are a cheapskate, like me, there is usually some neighborhood parking within a few blocks.

The Venice Ale House has 23 taps and  10 bottles, something for everyone, organic, inorganic (WTF!), hops, malt, specialty. While a few are rather ordinary, there  is absolutely NO BudCoorsMillerLight anywhere around. All are priced at 5-8 bucks, and bottles are 5-7, except for La Merle at $16/750ml.  Food is reasonably priced and all organic.

On the Waterfront is definitely NOT organic. It’s the place to go for your German brews. On tap is Köstrizer Black Beer, Bitburger Premium, König Pilsner, Erdinger Dunkel, Erdinger Weizenbier.  There is also a selection of bottled beer, and some of the usual American Brews.

On the Waterfront  Cafe is located at 205 Ocean Front Walk, just north of Rose.

As usual, the First Friday officially begins at 7pm, but many of us will be arriving by 5, while there is still some daylight. Join PG for what promises to be a great time.