Learn to Brew/Chili Cookoff Day Nov. 6

As in past years, Learn to Brew Day (formerly Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day), a nationwide AHA event will take place the first Saturday in November. Due to the Summer Party having been held in August, we were forced to pospone the cookoff until November, so Pacific Gravity will also be conducting our annual Chili Cookoff on that day.

The event will be held at the home of our Competition Coordinator and Brewmaster, Carl Townsend. The address is 3621 Redwood Ave, L.A. 90066. It’s just a few blocks west of Beethoven, north of Venice.
Carl will brewing on his all grain system, and there is room for 4 additional brewers. If you want bring your equipment and brew, send an E-mail to me at ActivitiesDirector@PacificGravity.com, or to CompetitionCoordinator@PacificGravity.com

For the past 2 years, club chef, Ian Fraser has taken the prize for Best Chili. This year, he MUST BE BROUGHT DOWN! Ian has begun to think he owns the prize, and must be taught a lesson. Who’s gonna do it? YOU, of course.

The competition is simple. Make you best chili, bring it in a crockpot or any other vessel which can be heated. A tasting will take place, votes counted, and a winner announced. All serving utensils, garnishes, rice, crackers, salad and dessert will be provided by the club. Just label your entry.

BEER: Bring some. Kegs, bottles, commercial beers are all welcome.

TIME: Brewing commences at 10am
Chili serving and voting starts around Noon.