Competition Corner – July, 2012

The next Club-Only competition is for Porter, BJCP category 12.  Because of the Summer Party schedule, note the special due date of Friday, July 13th at the Culver City shop.  If you have any one of these (or more than one) bring three 12 oz. bottles to the meeting and make sure you let Carl know they are here.  If possible, please also fill out an entry form, which you can download from  The club picks up the entry fee, so it is free to you.  If your entry is selected, we’ll ship off the two remaining bottles to the national judging site.  If you lose, you can take back the two extra bottles.  Or if you prefer, you can pop them open to console your losses.

The due date for the Los Angeles County Fair is Thursday, July 19th at the Culver City shop.  Two bottles are needed for each entry.  Fees must be paid by PayPal, check or money order made payable to L.A. County Fair.  Sign up at the Maltose Falcons website at They are also asking for judges, which will be on Sunday, Aug 5, 2012 at 9AM at the Homebrew shop in Woodland Hills.

And don’t forget that we will be voting for Best Beer of the Summer Party and Best Soda of the Party at the Summer Party bash on Saturday, July 21st.   If you have a keg of beer, soda, or any other flavorful beverage, drop me a line at [email protected]. To make sure your keg gets one of the primo spots on the Wave of Beer, and the all-important festive toe tag, please try to bring it to Neil’s place during one of the advance set-up sessions.  Or you can drop it off at the Culver City shop no later than 7pm on Thursday, July 19th.  We can also use jockey boxes and CO2 tanks for dispensing, so if you can help in this regard, let us know that as well.  Please don’t forget to label all of your equipment so that we know what’s whose.

Looking ahead a few months – get those brew kettles going now for the Pacific Brewer’s Cup in September and the California Homebrew competition in October.

2012 Brewer of the Year Competition Schedule

July 13th COC  –  Porter BJCP,  Cat #12  Entries due at the Culver City Shop
July 19th              Los Angeles County Fair   Entries due at the Culver City Shop
September 6th      Pacific Brewers Cup
September 20th  COC – Light Hybrid BJCP, Cat #6
October             California State Homebrew Competition
October  COC– Old Ale BJCP,  Cat #19