Holiday Party December 1st – Call for Kegs

Hi members, I hope you are looking forward to our Holiday Party this Saturday, December 1st.  I’ll be sending out another announcement later with all of the details about how you can help make this party great. But for now, we need to know what home brewed beers you are bringing to the party.  Please email Carl at with the name of your beer, beer style, ABV, and keg size so that he can make up a special holiday themed label.  Since we have a very limited time to setup for the party, please bring your kegs to the Culver City Home Brew Supply store on Friday by close of business.  If you absolutely can’t make it to the store on Friday, we can accept kegs during setup at the party, which starts at 11 AM.  As a last resort, bring your keg to the party once it is going at 5 PM.

Further questions?  Email Carl at