Brew Beer!!!!!

I hope this post’s title grabbed your attention.  There are a LOT of events coming up over the next 2-3 months that will be made even cooler if everyone gets after it and starts brewing up some beer.

SoCal Homebrewers Fest

The SCHF is right around the corner at the beginning of May.  This is a great opportunity to show the homebrewing community how amazing our club’s brewers really are.  The club will have our draft system setup but we need you to bring beer to the festival.

Bite at the Beach

Two weeks after SCHF is Bite At the Beach where we have been invited along with Strand Brewers to donate our homebrew and serve it at a beer festival.  Last year we showed up with 10 kegs of beer and our setup with the CDS was the toast of the event (in my opinion).  Terry and Rives were up on stage talking about the great homebrewing hobby and community while the rest of us were sharing our meads, beers and ciders with the masses.  So the way I see it, if you are brewing for SCHF why not make it a 10 gallon batch and allocate one keg to SCHF and one to Bite at the Beach.  I just posted about this tonight – sign ups are open for one of 21 slots available on the draft system – but we can bring jockey boxes if we end up getting more than 21 participants.

National Homebrew Conference

Right around the corner from Bite at the Beach is the National Homebrewers Conference which is taking place in San Diego.  We have placed the club’s name down on a list to have space to pour beer.  Let’s show off what we can do for the homebrewers around the country who are making the trek out to the west coast.  If we do not get enough participation for this event we will probably let this space go.  Carl will have sign up sheets for next week’s Club Meeting at CCHBS for beers @ SCHF and the AHA conference.

I hope to see some of you at our first annual Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge this weekend.  We are going to announce the winners @ next week’s club meeting so make sure you show up and cheer for your fellow PG member’s who take home ribbons.

Cheers everyone.