Bite at the Beach – Save the Date & IPA Recipe


Its time for Bite at the Beach 2015!  Last year we had the opportunity to take advantage of a shift in alcohol law that allowed homebrewers to donate their beer to non-profit events/orgs and have our beer on tap at a small craft beer festival.  You can read all about last year’s event HERE.We have been asked to do this again by the MBCC.  Just like last year, donating a keg (5 gallons) of homebrewed beer/cider or 2.5 gallons of mead or cider to the festival grants you access to attend as well (1 person per).  Last year was a lot of fun – a very unique opportunity to share our beers with the public.  Lets do it again!

Here is the flyer for this year’s event:

We’re happy to announce that this year we will be partnering, once again, with Strand Brewing Club to brew beer for a good cause! We’ll be pouring with Strand at Bite at the Beach on May 16th and we need your homebrews!

There are 21 total spots available between the two clubs, a minimum of 6 which come with a special mission. Together we are going to feature a minimum of 6 IPAs all with a specific aroma/flavor hop. Here is a base recipe and the hop options:

5 Gallon Recipe – 6 Way IPA 
   10lbs 2row
   1lb Carafoam
   1lb Crystal (20L)
Boil: 60 minutes
   @ 60 minutes – 1oz Magnum approx 15% AA / 45-50 IBU’s
   @ 10 minutes – 1oz designated aroma/flavor hop
   @ 0 minutes – 3oz designated aroma/flavor hop
   Dry hop – 3oz designated aroma/flavor hop
   WLP001 California Ale Yeast (1000ml starter OR 2 vials)
   Primary @ 68F for 10 days
   Transfer to secondary and dry hop @ 70F for 5 days
1.062 @ 72% efficiency

Here is  the sign up list for Bite At the Beach 2015
Sign Up List for Bite At The Beach 2015
Tap #BrewerBeer
01Rives BorlandIPA Challenge – Nelson Sauvin
02Adam WardIPA Challenge – Amarillo
03Brian HolterIPA Challenge – Pacifica
04Ryan PenrodIPA Challenge – Citra
05Lloyd JohnsonIPA Challenge – Simcoe
06Anthony BrownstoneIPA Challenge – Centennial
07Kingsley TobyIPA Challenge – Sorachi Ace
12Katie CollierKeg – German Hef
13Tania GamezKeg – Hard Apple Cider
14Kevin CollierIPA Challenge – Cascade
15Chris RemenspergerKeg (Beer TBD)
16Chris RemenspergerKeg (Beer TBD)
17Ryan PenrodKeg (Beer TBD)
18Terry MalloyLil’ Bo Steam
19Michael MusgraveKeg (Beer TBD)
20Rives BorlandKeg (Beer TBD)
21Jesse TiceKeg (Beer TBD)
Non-TapJesse TiceMeads (Bottles)
Non-TapJay AnkeneyMead/Melomel (Bottles)
(We will mark the hops that have been spoken for on this website as people signup.  You can choose a different hop for your aroma/flavor hop than hops that are listed here if you prefer)
We don’t want to have duplicate hops on display, so as people sign up for their hop of choice we will mark that spot down as reserved.  If you are interested in participating – IPA challenge or not – please reach out to [email protected] to sign up for a particular brew (hop specific) or tap position.  Entry is granted per 5 gallons of homebrew/cider or 2.5 gallons of mead.
Of course we want you to bring all your beers/meads/ciders, but who doesn’t love a good IPA at the beach, so give it a shot!