Stone AHA Rally: Strand Brewers Bus Trip


Here is a message from the Strand Brewers regarding their Bus Trip to Stone later this month.  If you are interested RSVO to the rally at the link below and email [email protected]:


Hi folks!
It’s that time of year again! Every year around March, Stone hosts a rally with the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), and the Strand Brewers organize a bus trip to join in the festivities!

The rally is Saturday, March 28, 11am to 2pm, at Stone Liberty Station (NOT the main Stone Brewery). Note this is earlier than last year! That means our bus will need to leave Los Angeles around 8am to make sure we get there on time! (Departure time has not yet been finalized).

We typically invite all the Los Angeles Homebrew Clubs to join us, but Strand members get first dibs. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending.

Participants must be members of the AHA, but you can join (or renew) for a discounted price at the door! If you go this route, we’ve been asked to fill out the forms in advance to make the process speedier. The link to the form was broken, but the FAQ page below has some more details.

Attendees are asked to RSVP. This is just to give Stone a rough head count. We found out last year that an RSVP is not a guarantee of entry! The link to RSVP is below. Please do this!

The rally includes an informal homebrew competition, and we are the judges! Vote for your favorite beer, and the winner gets to brew with Mitch Steele, head brewer for Stone! (psst…I’m one of the contestants!)

Afterwards we will stop by a few San Diego breweries. By popular demand, we will stop for dinner somewhere before heading back! I am open to suggestions for places to visit, both breweries and restaurants, so let me know!

Cost: The bus itself will be something like $40 per person. That includes snacks and water. And yes, homebrew will most likely be allowed on the bus (still have to confirm this). Price has not yet been finalized. The rally is free, but again AHA members only! Regular membership is $43, but I don’t know what the discounted price is (the link on the FAQ page is broken).

– Let me know if you want to come ASAP (I need a headcount to reserve a bus)
– RSVP to the rally
– Send me suggestions on breweries or restaurants.

FAQ page:
This page links to the new member form, but the link seems to be broken.

Link for RSVP: