Summer Party – July 25th

This year’s summer party is set for July 25, 2015 and will be held at Dean Sussman’s tiny bungalow located at 1310 Amalfi Drive, Pacific Palisades.  The theme for this year’s 20th anniversary summer party is set! We are gearing up for a red, white & blue All-American BBQ! Being our 20th anniversary, we want to really do it up this year and with your help we intend on having all of the traditional types of BBQ food and festivities!

We plan on cooking pulled pork, some beef brisket, a bunch of chickens and maybe some hamburgers and hot dogs! Plus, all the ‘fixins’ you can shake a stick at!

However, this being a potluck event, we need you to bring your favorite BBQ dish along to the event as well. Any BBQ theme dish is welcome, so the menu is WIDE open for you to show off your culinary skills! Please email Mimi at [email protected] what dish or dishes you plan to bring! (thanks to those who already signed up!)

The summer party is a volunteer’s event, and we need lots of volunteers! Volunteers will be needed for set up the day before and clean up of Dean’s house the day after. We pay all volunteers in beer at the event, all-you-can-drink in fact; the only catch is we need you to brew the beer so we can use it to pay the volunteers! Lot’s of beer! Now is a good time to brew a batch to be ready in time for the party.

Please email Mimi at [email protected] when you can do some volunteering – Friday evening setup, Sunday morning clean up, and/or during the party on Saturday. (thanks to those who already signed up!)

We also need your sodas for the non-alcohol drinking crowd, if you have a good soda recipe; this is a great place to show it off.  Along with our best beer of the party competition, we will also host this year’s theme competition which will be color based on our Red, White and Blue theme! Bring a batch of your favorite red, white or blue alcohol or non-alcohol (sodas count!) summertime drink and we will judge it and announce a winner at the event.

Carl Townsend (Competition Coordinator) will be sending info soon on needs for all beverages contributions: beer, soda as well as equipment needs and sign ups.

Stay tuned for additional details!