Strand’s invited PG along for their “Beach Bar Bike Ride” Pub Crawl

Strand Brewers Club has invited Pacific Gravity along on their Beach Bar Bike Ride pub crawl, June 4th, in the south bay area. With in their club they are calling it “AAAA” to differentiate between the usual bike ride bar crawl they will also have at the end of the summer “BBBB”. There will also be a cell phone designated person that day to call and catch up with the group or if you get left behind to find where they have gone.

So if you want to go on a super fun bar crawl with bikes and awesome people in the South Bay Area, email Jay to sign up, he is Strands Activities Director,  JayAnkeney at mac dot com.
Here is the tentative schedule and the list of locations so far, things could change a bit so get Jay your email address asap!

10:00am- Meet at Sharkeez on Hermosa Pier for breakfast. We’ll have some tables reserved on the patio, but I need a head count to make this happen. Sharkeez weekend breakfasts are a great deal and include endless Mimosas. Have you ever tried their weekend breakfasst specials? They are really something. Cheap, delicious and include endless Mimosas for an hour.

11:00am- Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa, Incredible selection of craft brews, and they promise something special for us.

12:30pm- Brew Co. on Manhattan Pier, An even more incredibler selection of craft brews

2:00pm- Silvio’s on Hermosa Pier, Great beer, great food.

3:30pm- Naja’s Place on Redondo Pier, or maybe Select Beer in the Riviera Village.

Strand is really looking forward to this event and they hope some PG members will make it with them!