Firestone Walker/PG Collaboration bottle purchase survey.

Hello PG members,

Below is a link to a Google Doc survey Brian Holter worked up to see who in the club (that are paid up Pacific Gravity members) want to possibly purchase bottle(s) of our FW/PG Bourbon Barreled aged Weizenbock. This would be done through the club, there is no discount on bottles, the club would have to purchase the bottles and then you pay back the club for them. The benefit being is you would guarantee a few bottles for yourself when they go on sale at all FW locations. So you could go buy them at the FW store locations too when they are released too.

All you have to do is fill out the survey, but make sure that if you do fill it out you are actually committed to buying those bottles. First and Last Name/email/and 1,2, or 3 bottles is all you need to fill out.

Here is the Link with more info as well: