Competition Corner – May 2019

Entries are due this Thursday, May 9th for the Jeff Sanders Memorial Competition, run by Strand Brewers club.  Enter now at  This competition features a limited set of categories.  Entries may be dropped off at South Bay, Eagle Rock, Steinfillers, Woodland Hills homebrew shops.  Judging will be May 18th at  Los Angeles Ale Works.

Results are in for Mayfaire.  Congratulations to Carl Townsend for a 1st place in American IPA and a 3rd place for Munich Dunkel.   Congrats also to Craig Corley for a 3rd place for his spring/summer Saison #24.   Full results can be found at

Rounding out the competition year are the following:
July – Los Angeles County Fair
September – Pacific Brewers Cup
October – California State Homebrew Competition

After incorporating the Mayfaire results, we now have an unprecedented 3-way tie for the top of the 2019 Pacific Gravity Homebrewer of the Year race:

Brewer Points Ribbons
Kingsley Toby 6 4
Craig Corley 6 4
Carl Townsend 6 4
Rives Borland 3 1
Parker Waechter 2 1


Although not part of the Pacific Gravity Homebrewer of the year cycle, here is another competition you might want to enter:

World Cup of Beer.  This competition is a Master’s Championship of Amateur Brewing (MCAB) qualifier event.  Registration info can be found at  The entry Deadline is Wednesday, June 5th.

If you are hard-core competition junkie, there are a bazillion other contests to enter.  The AHA has their master list at