April First Friday, April 7th at O’Brien’s Pub

Greetings Pacific Gravity!
Our First Friday this month on April 7th, 2023 will be at O’Brien’s Irish Pub located at 2226 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90403
We will get started about 7:00 PM.April First Friday: Friday 4/7/2023 at 7:00 PMO’Brien’s Irish Pub
2226 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90403
310-829-5303Greetings PG!
April’s First Friday is upon us and, as opposed to the last bunch, we are actually holding it on a Friday!
Come join the fun at O’Brien’s!  They have a section of the bar set aside for us near the front door for 10-15 people, and they plan on tapping a keg of pFriem IPA for us (from Hood River, Oregon).Please don’t forget the Smog City Monster Brew and Southern California Home Brewers Festival (details below).

It still bears repeating that though the plague of Covid has definitely slowed down, we encourage and expect everyone will be vigilant about their own health to ensure the groups safety!  Please observe all safety precautions and stay home if you do not feel well.

We hope to see you all there!

Parker Waechter, Vice President

Smog City Monster Brew

Don’t forget the Monster brew at Smog City Saturday, April 29, 2023 7am – 1pm is just a few short weeks away!
It is a morning of behind-the-scenes brew-geekery at Smog City with Porter and one of his brewers, then taking home 5 gallons of wort to modify and ferment yourself which is not to be missed.  Here are some suggestions on how one might modify one’s monster brew.

This is one of the premier club events of the year!

$30 for 5 gallons of wort, limit 2 batches.
Reserve your batch(es) at https://py.pl/2HGRfr :

It is a very accessible way for a new brewer to experience the process – Bring your own pre-sanitized plastic or metal fermenter (absolutely no glass!) with a wide opening which will be filled with unfermented wort when it is ready.  Take it home and modify as much or as little as desired, pitch yeast and wait for it to be beer!

Please note that this event will be doubling as an early “First Saturday” for May, since the First Friday/Saturday in May will be the Southern California Homebrewers Festival.

Southern California Homebrew Festival

The Southern California Homebrewer Festival will be here before you know it, so reserve your spot today! We still have some tent camping slots available at Camp-PG for $35 per camper for the weekend. Sign up now by contacting Terry Molloy at [email protected].

DON’T FORGET to buy your admission into the festival itself. The longer you wait, the more it costs. You must do this ahead of time – admission can NOT be purchased at the gate.

FAQ #1: If I pay $35 to stay at Camp-PG, am I automatically admitted into the Fest?
Answer: No!! The Camp-PG only reserves a place for you to camp with your fellow PG members over the weekend. This does not cover festival admission, food or any other expenses.

FAQ #2; How can I purchase admission to the Southern CA Homebrewers Festival?
Answer: EACH attendee must follow these simple steps:
1) Go to the California Homebrewers Association website www.calhomebrewers.org
2) If you are already a registered member of the CHA and have a password, sign in, skip to #3.
a. To Register, select “Register” on the Menu line.
b. Fill in the form on the right hand side of the page.
c. Select the “Register” button
d. Note: each attendee must sign up using a unique email address.
3) Select SHOP from the Menu
a. Select Membership / SCHF from the Drop-down menu
b. Add the $10 Membership fee to your cart.
c. Check out using the PayPal site.
4) After you are redirected to the main page, Select SHOP (again)
a. Select Membership / SCHF from the Drop-down menu (again)
b. Add Southern California Homebrewers Festival Admission to your cart ($50 through 1/31, increases $5 every month)
c. Check out using the PayPal site.
5) Check your email to confirm CHA Membership and Fest Admission.
6) Log off CHA website
7) Prepare for a fantastic weekend of sampling brews from over 35 Homebrewers Clubs from around Southern/Central California and Nevada.

FAQ #3: Will there be food available?
1) Rumor has it that Chef Ian is pondering a menu that will be available for an extra fee.
2) Food trucks will be at the Festival on Saturday, you are on your own Friday and Sunday (pending Ian’s final menu).
3) You can set up your own camp-kitchen and cook your own meals.

FAQ #4: Can I bring kegs to serve at the fest?
Yes!! but please e-mail Carl at [email protected] with the Name, Style and ABV% for each keg.  We need to plan out the tap space.  In addition, you will get a festive tap tag for each keg.

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