Club Meeting: January 21st @ Culver City Homebrew Supply

Hi Everyone,

The first club meeting of the year will be next week Jan. 21st at the Culver City Homebrew Shop starting at 7:30pm.

Culver City Home Brew Supply
4234 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

Brew Shop

I really hope you’re all in for a good year! Your new and continuing board members have a lot of great stuff in the works. To start off:

Beer Style of the month we will be splitting into two parts as of now.

  • One: the “Commercial Tasting Style” reflecting some of the new 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. Where we taste Commercial beers of the monthly style.
  • Two: the “Best Beer of the Meeting” competition. Where like in the past if you bring beers to the style of the month, the club would vote on the best beer of the night and you would win a $25 gift certificate from the Culver City Homebrew Supply. The difference this year is that the “Best beer of the Meeting” reflects similar or even different styles to the “Commercial Tasting styles”. Just Check out the Style page on the website for the latest monthly style guidelines.

This month in January will be “All Beer Style” for the best beer of the meeting for your chance to win the $25 certificate. Bring any beer you have that you would love to share.
Note: kegs/growlers/and bottles are all welcome to enter, but it helps to have enough for everyone to share and taste.

Next, We are adding some educational aspects to the monthly meeting. Starting off Michael Patterson will be presenting an “Off Flavor Sensory Test” each month until all the samples are gone from the kit. He will demo 1-2 commonly unwanted off flavors found in beer.  Demo will be at the start of the meetings from 7:30-7:45 or later.  Come early and learn!

Yes there will be Raffle at the January meeting!! What will be raffled off…… probably mostly beers and goods purchased from the Culver City Homebrew Supply Shop. The more Tickets you Purchase the more we will raffle off!

As we work out the details of the year and all the new anticipated events, we need your help too!!! Please feel free to volunteer.
Check out the “Commercial Tasting Styles” of the months to come this year. We would love to give anyone the opportunity to have a budget to go buy some amazing commercial beer and Host them at our monthly meeting. This Month your VP Michael Musgrave will be purchasing Januarys styles of English Bitters and Commonwealth beers. Please follow his lead.
We always need Homebrew for the club meeting of course, but for up coming events, like So Cal homebrew festival, Parties, and other pouring events. So Get Brewing!
Finally if you do have any denotable gear, beer, good, or other brewing related stuff for our raffles please bring it to the club meeting or events, or email anyone one of your board members or all of them at [email protected]

Sorry I know that got long, but I had a lot to say. Here are the quick built points:

  • Club Meeting January 21st start time 7:30pm @ Culver City Homebrew Supply
  • New “Commercial Tasting Style” posted
  • Return of “Best Beer of the Meeting” comp, bring beer win $25 gift certificate
  • New Educational Demos at the beginning of the meetings, 7:30-7:45pm
  • Yes, there will be a Raffle!
  • We need Volunteers: for “Commercial Tasting Style” of the Month
  • We always need more Homebrewed Beer!!
  • We would love any Raffle Donations: Gear, Beer, Goods, or other Brewing related items.

Thank you all and hope to see everyone next week!

November Club Meeting Recap

What an awesome meeting.  Let me start off this post in the way that I should have started off my announcements on Saturday by thanking Ian for being such an awesome host time and time again.  Its bad enough when you forget to thank your host so let me just reiterate how appreciative we are to the club members who host our events at their homes.







For those of you unable to attend this past weekend’s monthly meeting, we were busy – very busy!  The day started off around 10am with Dan White mashing in to kick off the day with our 20th anniversary beer.  Dan showed his great support for the club by bringing his entire brew system to Ian’s backyard (with the help of Terry Malloy) so that we could brew up 15 gallons of Belgian Dubbel to be served at this coming February’s Club Meeting / 20th anniversary shindig.  Thank you Dan, Emily and Terry for keeping this brew organized with during the party!

This beer was a very simple recipe but did feature a LOT of dark candy sugar in the boil that a number of club members helped add to the boil:




And lastly, here is what a beer looks like that is 100% Belgian Pils/Pale before and after you add 5lbs of Dark Candy Syrup to a 15 gallon batch:




Saturday was also our annual Chili cook-off.  We had 8 chilis show up – all of which were fantastic.  Everyone submitted their votes and at the end of the day the club member celebrating the most was Neil who took home the prize for the best chili.  Congrats on taking the title this year Neil – you beat out some other awesome chili’s.  The second prize of the day for chili was the most unique chili which was awarded to Kingsley Toby.  Thank you to everyone who brought their chili to the party to make it another successful chili cook-off.



November also marks the month where we vote for next year’s board.  I am happy to say that I will be returning for another year on the board to serve as your President along with Ramesh who will again serve as our Treasurer.  Kingsley is stepping down from the board and Tad Johnston has stepped up to fill his shoes as our club VP for 2015.  We have a lot of exciting plans for next year and we will be working hard at the beginning of the year to get a schedule together for all of you regarding the upcoming events so you can all mark your calendars in advance.


I screwed up in October and forgot to ask for nominations for club member of the year so we asked for nominations at the November meeting.  Many of you who were in attendance voted for your choice for club member of the year, but if you forgot to vote or were unable to attend you can submit your vote to [email protected] by Friday @ 9am to cast your vote.  The nominees for Club Member of the Year (as appointed at the meeting) are:

  • Kip Barnes
  • Brian Holter
  • Ramesh Khalili
  • Kingsley Toby
  • Ian Fraser
  • Dean Sussman
  • Terry Molloy

Please cast your vote ASAP!!  We need to get all the votes in by Friday  11/28 @ 9am so we can make the award for the following weekend’s winter party which brings me to…


  • Winter Party – As mentioned at the meeting and on this website, our Winter Party is on Saturday December 6th at Neil’s house.  Ramesh and Carl both brought along sign up sheets for helping to setup Friday Night/Saturday Morning, Cleanup on Sunday, beers for the party, food, etc.  If you can volunteer (please do – the more volunteers the better the party) please email us at board [at] pacificgravity dot com to sign up.
  • Monster Brew @ Smog City – Our first event for 2015 is already planned which will be a Monster Brew at Smog City on January 24th.  Mark it down on your calendars and check back here for more details and updates as we get closer to the event.
  • 20th Anniversary – Our 20th Anniversary is coming up in February.  This will be a club meeting that you cannot miss.  We are still working on the details of when and where this meeting will be, so check back later for more info.
  • LABBC – Our Belgian Beer Challenge is scheduled for March 14th.  We are looking for volunteers for this competition planning – email me or send me a message if you are interested in participating in the planning.  Also, its time to start brewing for this competition!  You have 4 months until the competition, which means if you are going to brew a high gravity belgian beer or maybe finish off a belgian with some brettanomyces its time to get your beer in the tanks.  I suggest you start planning out your brew days!
  • SCHBF – The So Cal homebrew fest is on May 2nd and is returning to Vail Lake
  • NHC 2015 – The National Homebrewers Conference is coming to San Diego in 2015.  Pacific Gravity will definitely have a presence in San Diego for this festival.

If I forgot anything please let me know and I will update this post!  And thanks again Ian!

PG Club Meeting Sept. 15

Hey PG’ers. it’s that time of the month again!
The club will meet at 7:30 PM a behind Culver City Home Brew Supply.

This month the styles are English Brown (Cat. 10) and English and Scottish Strong Ales (Cat. 11).
Please welcome our latest style hosts, Kyle and Lindsay Suta, who will be leading the commercial beer tasting following announcements.

In addition to the monthly style tasting, there will be a BHCP Club Only Competition judging. The style is Specialty Beers (Cat. 23). The style includes any beer which does not fit into any other category. Examples are ice beers, use of unusual fermentables or adjuncts, such as molasses, agave, or honey, oats, buckwheat, potatoes, Imperial or low gravity beers which do not fit anywhere else (got an Imperial Mild, or Belgian Table Beer?). Overhopped, underhopped, historical, or experimental beers also fit into the category. See the BJCP style guidelines for details. Bring a few bottles and see if your “failed experiment” is good enough to go to the COC in BJCP Land.

Third Thursday comes as early in the month as it possibly can, so don’t forget to come on 9/15, NOT 9/22.

One other note, if you think you may be up to the task of hosting a monthly style please see one of the Club Offficers, or send an E-mail to me, Veep Reed Wilson, or our Activities Directors, Audrey Hill-Lindsay or Mimi Bardet and let us know of your interest.

August 2009 Club Meeting – Thursday, August 20th

After a month off for the summer party, we’re back to our regularly scheduled monthly club meetings.  The August club meeting will be this Thursday, August 20th from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Culver City Home Brewing Supply. Specialty Beverages (i.e. Meads, Ciders, Specialty Beers) will be our style of the month and as always we’ll have some homebrewed beers on tap to complement our monthly commercial style tasting (volunteer kegs welcome).  Nathalie Balandran will be guiding us on a tour of Specialty Beverages for our style tasting and is certain to provide some interesting examples.

Special guest, Dallas Byerley of New Belgium Brewing will be joining us to sample their new seasonal release, Hoptober.  Please remember to bring some of your homebrew to share with us.  While you’re at it, bring some of your friends and maybe some new members.  As always we’ll be giving away lots of club swag and beer/brewing related goodies in our monthly raffle.  Your donations to the raffle are always welcome and needed.

With several club events and competitions upcoming, including the Stone Anniversary Road Trip and the Pacific Brewers Cup, we’ll have a number of sign ups and details to finalize. Of course we’ll also have the latest info on all upcoming club events, plan on joining us…