A Quick Recap on the ProAm!

I wanted to thank everyone that was able to participate in the ProAm Opportunity. Which was being held through our club freind Devon Randall at the Arts District Brewery.

She was given a blind list of all of the Pacific Gravity homebrew comp winning beers form Jan. 1st, 2015 thru the recent present. From that list she picked 6 beers that she thought would be fun to brew for the brewery and be a good fit for a ProAm entry! The Six she choose we sent in full recipes for her to then pick a final one to brew, the six where:

Rives Boreland’s “White IPA”, from the 2015 LA Belgian Beer Competition

Carl Townsend’s “Scottish Ale”, from 2015 LA County Fair

Lloyd Johnson and Ted Silvas’s “Elderflower Belgian Pale”, from 2015 LA Belgian Beer Competition

Craig Corley’s “Alt #15”, from 2015 LA County Fair

Parker Waechter’s “Surfin Sancho Toasted Coconut Stout”, from the 2015 California State Fair

David Codney and Kevin Koenig’s “Incident Reflection White IPA”, from 2016 LA Belgian Beer Competition

From this Six recipes she then chose a winner. I know I will get some flack for it, but in the end she chose mine, aka Lloyd and Ted’s “Elderflower Belgian Pale”. As of lately we have been talking about the recipe and supplies for the brew, as well as the brew date getting bumped up. Which will be tomorrow July 28th, starting at 7am at the Arts District Brewery! Something Ted and I could not pass up and are extremely excited to be able to finally brew one of our beers on a pro system. As well we made the GABF ProAm deadline and the beer will be going this October to compete, and at some point will be on tap at the brewery!

Thank you all and I hope we can give the club more chances in the future for ProAm opportunities like this.