Honest Abe Cider, fill out survey for cider!!

Hi PG members,

Not sure if you all remember something months ago we posted a survey to see who would what to buy cider from Honest Abe Cider. Well things have been delayed quite a while, but it is back on!! Please Re-fill out the survey below in the message from Strand Brewers Club President Bob Willson. If you filled it out before or if you want to buy Cider form Honest Abe you must fill out this quick survey for how much you want to purchase. Then on Oct. 8th Honest Abe will host a collection day for Cider. No purchase necessary at this time to fill out the survey, all purchase will be later probably on the day of collection. Price of purchase will be based on how many want cider, but no more then $30-40 per 5 gallons of fresh quality Cider!

Please read below:

Hi folks!
You may recall we’ve wanted to do a cider collaboration/competition with Honest Abe for a while now. It’s finally happening! The cider pickup will be on October 8th at the cidery (address below). What I need from y’all asap is to update your cider commitment using the survey below. I know; you’ve already filled out this survey, but things change and I want to make sure we have an up-to-date estimate of cider.

Bob Wilson, President
Strand Brewers Club


Honest Abe Address:
17800 S Main St #105, Gardena, CA 90248