Smog City Monster Brew March 11th

Smog City Brewing Company 1901 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501

On March 11th, 2017,  Smog City Brewing Company  and its Brewmaster, PG’s Jon Porter, will be hosting their Fourth Pacific Gravity Monster Brew!

Update:  We have plenty of wort!  If you want to order more batches, they are available!! 

Jon Porter and Carl Townsend have developed the base wort for this event with an English theme.  But, keeping with past monster brews, the recipe can be the base for whatever creative endeavor you might want to do.  Consider this your blank slate.  For the hop heads, boost up the bitterness with your favorite English or American hop tea to make an awesome IPA, or darken it up with roasted malts to make a porter or stout. Use your imagination to make the most awesome beer ever.  Each person will need to pitch a yeast of their choice, add adjuncts to the wort, dry hop in secondary, or do nothing special to it at all.

You can always contact Carl at Competitions AT for any suggestions and look for Carl’s article  can work on “How to Modify my Monsterbrew”.


The cost will be $30 for each 5 gallons of wort.  We have plenty of wort!  If you want to order multiple batches, they are available!!   Please sign up as soon as you can, by dropping an email to President AT  If possible, please pay in advance at .  If you didn’t pay at the club meeting, you can drop off a check at Culver City Homebrew Supply.  .  Be sure to include title on an envelope “Monsterbrew Smog City” your name, telephone number, and E-mail address. All checks made out to Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club. Lastly, you MUST pay no later than brew day.   We take Cash, Check, and Credit Card payments.  If you paid in advance, but find you cannot attend, a 24-hour notice must be given in order to obtain a refund. On event day, all monies collected will be given to Smog City Brewing. Such notice may be sent to Pacific Gravity Treasurer, Tim Bardet at treasurer AT  or to the current board members at board AT

Yeast and any additional ingredients you wish to add are not included. You can bring your yeast to the brewery, or pitch it at home.  Some of us may want to purchase more than 10 gallons.  If there is wort left over at the end we will hold a lottery to determine who may get extra allotments. Bring an extra fermenter if you are interested.  Don’t forget to bring a sanitized fermenter for each 5 gallons you buy!


Fermenters MUST be either plastic or stainless steel. Absolutely NO Glass fermenters will be allowed in the brewery due to the danger of breakage on the tile floor. You may bring small glass vessels with yeast or other additions, however. Please make sure your fermenter has a wide opening so we can use the fire hose when it is time to pour in the wort.  Plastic buckets are ideal, but you can use a Cornelius keg if you want.  Please do not bring any skinny-neck containers.  Our aim isn’t that good!


The event will be starting EARLY, at 6:30AM. If that is too early, you may show up by 11:30 and still get your pre-purchased wort. Of course, you’ll not get to take part in the actual brewing. Projected ending time will be about noon.  Smog City Brewing Company is at 1901 Del Amo Blvd., Ste B, Torrance, CA 90501


Please park on the WEST side of the building to keep the tap room lot open.
The tap room will be opening to the public at noon.


Smog City will have coffee and other breakfast items in the morning.  We will be cranking up the barbecue early afternoon for some picnic food.   In addition Porter will be supplying tasting samples of some of his fine brews during the mid morning. Cut off time for pours will be determined by Porter. Probably close to 11am, after that beer will be available for purchase. And remember to tip your beertender for ANY beers served!!!

We will post more info about this event as is comes available; also at some point we will open it up to the other clubs around the area.


Michael Musgrave    President AT

Carl Townsend  Competitions AT

Tim Bardet     Treasurer AT