PG Member Tomm Carroll featured speaker for Masterclass in Italian craft beer

Veteran Pacific Gravity member, beer writer and international beer judge Tomm Carroll, a longtime advocate for birra artigianale, joins Italian craft beer expert Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove for an online Masterclass entitled Untapped Secrets of Italian Craft Beer. 

A collaboration between the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West (IACCW), headquartered in Los Angeles, and the Accademia delle Professioni in Padua, the class will explore the originality and creativity of modern Italian brewers and the intimate relationship to their homeland through the use of local ingredients. 

Lorenzo and Tomm will be tasting and discussing one of the great and most unique of Italian beers: Nora, from Birra Baladin.  If attendees would like to taste along with them (optional), they can purchase a bottle of Nora at Eataly in Century City in the LA area, or wherever fine Italian craft beers are sold in your region.

Tomm invites you to check out Untapped Secrets of Italian Craft Beer, which takes place online Thursday, July 8, 12:00-1:00 PM PDT (9:00-10:00 PM CET). For more information and complimentary registration (closes July 5), visit