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What type of beer should I leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?

This Month’s Question:  What type of beer should I leave for Santa on Christmas Eve? Answer: I can still remember the days of my youth, or more exactly, at least back to the days when my nephews were young, and they asked their Grandmother if they could leave milk and cookies for Santa.    Their stockings […]

Beer Tasting Schedule for 2010

The beer tasting schedule for 2010 club meeting has now been released.  The list has three sets of beer to keep in mind.  The most important is the club meeting homebrew keg styles of the month.  Kegs of homebrew are the basic fuel that keeps our club meetings running, so we need several every month.  […]

Competition Corner

Results of the California State Homebrew Competition have been announced.  The best effort of the club this time was carried by Pete Morris, who picked up two 2nd place ribbons and a 3rd.  Close behind him is a new name to the winners’ circle, Heath Haynes, who picked up two 3rd place ribbons.  Rounding out […]

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Recap

Ahh, a crisp sunny day in fall.  What better way to spend it than teaching some friends how to brew?  That’s just what a dozen PG brewers did on Saturday, November 7th, the official Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day as designate by the American Homebrewers Association. Our host and instructor for the day was […]

California State Homebrew Competition Entries Due Oct 11

Entries for California State Homebrew Competition will be due at the Culver City Homebrew Supply Company shop on October 11th.   Since there is no local pick-up for this competition, you must have all your entries packaged up for shipping by UPS.  This means plenty of bubble wrap and strong cardboard boxes.  Wine boxes work well, […]

Pacific Brewer’s Cup Entries Due Now!!

Entries for Pacific Brewers Cup will be due at the shop on September 4th.  This year the competition is hosted by the Strand Brewers’ Club.  Judging will be held on September 19, at the Courtyard Los Angeles LAX/El Segundo. The hotel is located at 2000 East Mariposa Avenue in El Segundo, about 1 mile south […]

Ask the Brewmaster: My Homebrew Smells Like Rotten Eggs and Corn!

This Month’s Question:  My beer sometimes has a corn-like sulfury smell.    What can I do about it? Answer:  A corn-like smell is usually due to a specific chemical compound called dimethylsulfide, or DMS for short.  DMS forms in the malting process and in the boiling process while brewing any beer.  It is the result of […]

LA County Fair Homebrew Competition

As we get ready for the Summer Party, don’t forget the entry deadline for LA County Fair Homebrew Competition is this Friday.  Please note a couple of special rules for this competition: The entry forms and fees for the LA County Fair should be mailed in to Pomona, not attached to your entries.  Entry fee […]

New PG Website

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