Countdown to Party!

Hey PG

Michael here, I hope this message reaches you well and I hope your spring brew sessions are paying off big! We have definitely had plenty of beer drinking weather, and finally the good sun has landed on the weekends for once. I put a Belgian Saison in the fermenter (at 75F) just this past Saturday and I’m already planning my next warm fermented beer.

In just a few days now, we’re meeting at Dean’s place for our annual Summer party. There will be plenty of food and home brewed beer, lots of fun people, and we’ll have our door prize raffle as always.

I want to make sure everyone who can make it comes out and if you’ve never been to a PG event before, it’s a great one to start with. Members enter free and non-members pay just TEN BUCKS each for free reign on food and access to a wide range of unique and delicious home brewed beer, cider, and mead.

Pick your preference of Uber, Lyft, or carpool. Dean’s house really isn’t difficult or far to get to and from the Culver City area and I don’t remember much traffic in previous years.

As usual, we need help from members to make this event a success.

First, if you’re bringing a beverage to put on tap with us, be it a keg of beer or soda; Reply back to this email and let us know what you’re bringing. Carl will make a tag for the tap handle and everyone will know who made it and what it is.

Next up, we need help most on Friday night starting around 6pm and Sunday morning starting around 10am for setup and clean up. It’s a fun way to give back and usually involves a beer or two and some creative thinking. Please, please, please, if you volunteer just one hour – Make it at either Friday’s setup or Sunday’s cleanup. We need the help.

Chef Ian may tap you on the shoulder for help too, there will be plenty to do around the BBQ.

We need some items too, if you can bring an item or two from this list we would be much better off.

Folding tables
Folding chairs
Popup tents
Bottled water
FOOD and BEER! (our theme is Tropical but bring whatever!)

Finally, here’s a quick list of things I recommend bringing for you and your guests.

Sunscreen and/or a hat
Picnic blanket or a chair
Towel and bathing suit (the pool is open)

Okay, I intended for this to be a quick one but I’m too excited for Saturday. Don’t be surprised if you hear from me again before the week is up. 🙂

See you Saturday at two pm!


29jul2:00 pm2017 Summer Party2:00 pm Dean's House

PG Summer Party — Are You Ready?

Pacific Gravity’s Summer Party Checklist

Saturday, July 29th – 2pm to 10pm

Location:  Dean Sussman’s – 1310 Amalfi Drive, Pacific Palisades, 90272



Checklist for ALL party attendees:

  • Bring BEER, BEER & more BEER! Also, bring sodas or a non-beer beverage featuring TROPICAL FRUIT for the “Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage” competition!  Please email what you are bringing to Carl at [email protected]
  • FOOD – sign up to bring Hawaiian Luau-themed dishes to our POTLUCK party. (the club will supply some food but we need YOUR dishes too!) We need ALL kinds of food: appetizers, sides dishes, main dishes (pre-cooked), desserts, etc. All your specialty dishes are welcome! We need LOTS of food to go with all the beer so please email us at [email protected] what dishes you will add to our feast!
  • VOLUNTEERS – we need YOU to help make this a successful party! Please email us at [email protected] .  We have lots of volunteer opportunities!
    • Setup on Friday night – starting at 6pm
    • Food prep on Friday– please contact Chef Ian to help
    • Cleanup on Sunday morning– starting around 10am
    • More setup and food prep on Saturday morning – between 10am and 2pm
    • Bartender shifts – 1hr. (please see Carl on Saturday to volunteer)
  • Beer Equipment (email Carl at: [email protected])
    • Jockey boxes
    • CO2 cylinders
    • Bags of ice for jockey boxes
  • Charity Donation Goods – clothes, toiletries, new socks/underwear, kitchen kits, cleaning supplies, etc. See more info on PG website or on website (
  • Other Equipment needed for the party. Please let us know if you have any of the following and would be willing to loan to us for the party. Please email us at: [email protected] . We will email confirmation back if we need you to bring items on Friday night during setup.
    • Tables
    • EZ Ups/Canopies
    • BBQs
    • Power/extension cords
    • Extra coolers/ice chests

Don’t forget to bring and things to know:

  • Bring BEER & other beverages
  • Bring FOOD – Hawaiian Luau-themed or any food that goes with beer!
  • Fee for all adult guests is $10 per guest. Kids are free. (Current members are free.)
  • Payment for past due membership – cash or credit
  • Donations for Charity – clothes, toiletries, new socks/underwear, kitchen kits, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Chairs and Blankets
  • Bathing suits and towels, if you want to use the swimming pool.
  • Sunscreen
  • Jackets & sweaters for the evening
  • Cash for Raffle tickets
  • PG merchandise will be available for sale at the Front Desk.
  • Note for food contributions, we will NOT have use of a kitchen for heating or cooling so please plan accordingly. Please label your food containers so that we can get them back to you.

Charity Donation – IDEAS & SUGGESTIONS

Clothing  (all donations should be clean and, if used, in good condition.)

  • Sweat socks – for men, women and children
  • New underwear – men’s, women and children
  • Sweat shirts and tee-shirts for adults – all sizes especially larger sizes
  • Flannel and long sleeve shirts for adults
  • Pants and jeans for adults – all sizes especially larger sizes
  • Sneakers – men’s & women’s most needed
  • Shower shoes/thongs
  • Rain ponchos for adults & children

Personal & Household items

  • Hygiene Items (Travel or regular size)
  • toothpaste
    • toothbrush
    • deodorant
    • shampoo
    • disposable razors
    • bar soap
    • hand & body lotion
    • sanitary napkins & tampons
  • Blankets (preferably wool)
  • Backpacks or duffel bags
  • Sleeping bags for adults
  • Diapers – all sizes
  • Bedding: Twin size sheets, comforters and pillows. Please note pillow must be new.

Welcome Home Packages

  • Kitchen Kits (dish towels, dish soap, utensils, plates and cups, pots and pans etc.)
  • Bathroom Necessities (shampoo and conditioner, body wash/soap, hand and body towels, shaving cream, razors, etc.)
  • Bedroom Essentials (comforter, sheets, pillows, pajamas, slippers, etc.)
  • Cleaning Supplies (dust pan, broom, Windex, counter spray, toilet bowl cleaner and brush, etc.).

Competition Corner – July 2017

As we approach the middle part of summer, I hope your Summer Party beer is just about ready for action.  Along the way, don’t forget to hold back a couple of bottles for the Los Angeles County Fair.  Entries are due Friday, July 21st.  Registration is up and running at  Two bottles are needed for each entry.  Styles are based on the Maltose Falcons Style Guidelines.  Entry fee is $9.00 and must be paid via PayPal.  Entries can be dropped off at the Culver City Homebrew Supply Co.  They also need judges for the event.  Judging will be on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 8:30AM at the  94th Areo Squadron, 16320 Raymer St  Van Nuys, CA 91406.  Judges and stewards for the LA County Fair Homebrew Competition receive two free tickets to the fair as well as a free parking pass!

Pacific Brewers CupWhile you are at it, put away a couple more bottles for the 2017 Pacific Brewers Cup. As soon as you know the carbonation is good, keep them chilled.  Our big competition day is September 30th and you’ll want to make sure your beers haven’t been impaired by the hot dog days of summer.  You also have just enough time to start a quick-maturing beer if you brew now.  If you haven’t already done so, check out the website at (or you can click on the “competitions” tab above.)  The entry rules have been posted, along with the all-important timeline.  You can already sign up to be a judge or steward.  You can register your entries starting August 1st, with the entry deadline of September 15th.  We’re gonna need a ton of help with bottle organizing and transportation, as well as judging and stewarding help in the latter half of September.   The main judging session will be at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church at 3590 Grand View Blvd in Mar Vista.  Depending on the number of entries we get, we may also be doing some prelim sessions at Los Angeles Ale Works.

As we get caught up in the fray of Pacific Brewers Cup,  we will be approaching the deadline for the California State Homebrew Competition.  On-line registration is already working at  Entries will be due on October 12th and need to go up to San Francisco.  If you happen to be going that way in early October, we are looking for a driver to drop our entries off.  Drop me a line and the club can reimburse a portion of your gas money.



Final Reminder for PG Bus Trip to the Stuffed Sandwich on Saturday, July 8th!


There are still some seats available on the bus so come join us for a fun road trip. Friends are welcome.
And, don’t forget to bring a brew or 2 to share with friends on the bus.

The bus leaves at 12noon from the Culver City Home Brew Supply so please plan to arrive by 11:30am.
See more details for this can’t be missed PG adventure at:

If you want a preview, then go checkout Stuffed Sandwich’s website for the July beer special offerings.

See you on the bus!


Upcoming Summer Events that can’t be missed!

Bus Party/Bus Trip to Stuffed Sandwich on Saturday, July 8th

Who’s going on Pacific Gravity’s road trip to Stuffed Sandwich on Saturday, July 8th?
Please let us know ASAP if you want a seat on the bus. And, please let us know if you will be going but not on the bus. We need to give Stuffed Sandwich an estimated headcount by the end of this week. Please email Mimi at [email protected] at your earliest convenience this week.

Also, please note that Stuffed Sandwich has confirmed the lunch special as:
Half a sandwich (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Italian Sub or veggie option) served with a side of potato or macaroni salad along with a pint of draft beer in a complimentary glass for $19.50 (a $25 value).  Note this is in ADDITION to your money for the bus ride. The sandwiches are huge, so this is a good lunch even for a big eater. We will collect orders for the special lunch as we board the bus on July 8th.
Please see the post for this trip on the PG website for more details.

Pacific Gravity’s Summer Party on Saturday, July 29th

A note from Chef Ian about our PG Summer Party on Saturday, July 29th:

WE ARE GOING ON A HUKILAU, A HUKI HUKI HUKI HUKI HUKILAU!  We are going to eat some ono kau kau!  At our huki huki huki huki hukilau!

Aloha and shaka bra!  This year’s summer party will feature a Hawaiian style luau theme.  This particular theme is near and dear to our chef’s heart and soul as he was a long time native of the islands.  So expect him to pull out all the stops and try to create as close to a traditional style luau as we can get without actually digging an imu (oven) pit in Deans yard!  So get out your grass skirt and palm frond hat on and hula on down to Dean Sussman’s little grass shack in the Pacific Palisades.  The address is 1310 Amalfi Drive.  The date for our luau will be July 29th.

As usual this is a huge operation and its success will depend on massive amounts of member assistance.  First off we need beer, lots of it; if you brew now you still have time to get it in the keg for the summer party.  We also need sodas for the non-drinkers, if you ever wanted to make a soda, now is a good time to try it.  This year’s drink contest will feature ‘tropical fruit’.  Any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink or beer that features a tropical fruit will be considered for this award.  Plus we will award the best beer an honor as well.

We will need all party attendees to bring food dishes to compliment our Chef’s luau feast. So, please start thinking what you will bring.

And, time to clean out your closets! We will have collection of charity donations for The People Concern (formerly OPCC). Charity Donation Goods to be collected: – clothes, toiletries, new socks/underwear, kitchen kits, cleaning supplies, etc ( )

Finally, we will need volunteers for all aspects of the party: setup-Friday & Saturday, food prep-Friday & Saturday, check-in, bartender shifts & cleanup-Sunday am.

So, please email us ([email protected] ) if you have questions or just want to sign up to volunteer!

First Friday (July 7th) in Redondo Beach

And, don’t forget that we have First Friday (July 7th) in Redondo Beach: Naja’s Place & King Harbor Brewing Taproom. (see PG website/calendar for more details)

Looking Back On A Great Weekend

Someone once told me that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. This past weekend’s PG trip to the Bay area was one of those times for me that the concept rang loudly and clearly. We couldn’t have ordered better weather and (thanks to the many tenured Bay area’ists with us) we found a bunch of great spots to haunt. The local food and beers were exceptional and the accommodations were well situated; thanks again to Ian for the hotel recommendation and help w/ booking.

The party at Anchor was a great time, in my opinion their brewery is one of the most unique in the country. The copper brewhouse, their open fermenter rooms, the hop room, and the tasting room all laid out as I assume they were on that first day in 1979 when they moved in.  Pretty cool history beyond, taught by Ryan and his co-host, both in their white jumpsuits per tradition. My personal favorite beer was a mix of Old Foghorn Barleywine and the Liberty Ale American IPA, it was a great mash up (credit to Tad for recommending that one).

I know there was some travel trouble flying back, which seems to be a common problem as of late. To those that were held back due to flight delays, I hope you made the best of the time over a few more local beers!

Thank you to everyone who came along and thank you to Anchor Brewing Company for the honor and the party. WE WILL BE BACK!

Looking ahead…

First Friday at LA Ale Works is Friday June 2nd at 7pm.

They have been rolling out new beers, lots to look forward to on their tap list. It’s been great watching them grow and I know they’re happy to host us.

June’s Third Thursday lands on the 15th and we’ll be meeting at Culver City Home Brew Supply. Style of the month is International and Czech Lagers and Luis is hosting the tasting.

These meetings at CCHBS are a perfect way to introduce a friend to our hobby and to the club so feel free to bring good people with a genuine interest in getting into zymurgy for a free orientation visit.

Also, as you’ve probably heard: We’ve started the process of hosting the annual Pacific Brewer’s Cup competition and we need volunteers to help out. Navigate to for more information. As always, we’re hoping to make a grand showing in PBC this year as a club, since of course we are hosting. Bring out your best!   🙂 

See you soon!


May PG Club Meeting

Don’t forget the May Pacific Gravity club meeting will be held this Thursday 5/18 at Culver City Homebrewing Supply at 7:30pm. The beer style of the month is Alternate Fermentables (rye, sorghum, spelt, that weird stuff in the back your fridge, etc.). Homebrew samples of the current month’s style and others will be welcome. Also, a commercial tasting will be provided by Larry Powell. Club business will cover the latest club news and upcoming events. This will be a good opportunity to get the scoop on the Anchor Brewing Party in S.F. this weekend celebrating PG as 2016 California Homebrew Club of the Year. Hope to see you there…




4234 Sepulveda Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90230



Other upcoming events:

May 20 – Anchor Brewing Party celebrating PG (San Francisco)

June 2 – First Friday @ LA Aleworks

July 29 – Summer Party!!

Calling all PG Volunteers for Fun Events with The People Concern

Pacific Gravity’s favorite charity, The People Concern, (formerly OPCC) is looking for volunteers for a few fun events.
They have 3 upcoming fund raiser events in May and June.  Please think about helping out and feel free to sign up with a friend.

Here is a brief summary of the 3 volunteer opportunities but please see the flyers below for more details.

  • (for anyone not going to SF)
    Saturday May 20th – Sisters of Sojourn is hosting a fundraiser for Sojourn on Saturday May 20th.
    Event will be held at the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica.
    6-8 volunteers are needed
     from roughly 5-10pm.  Volunteers would be assisting with the silent auction and check in.
    Sojourn is their shelter that serves Adult and Child Victims of Domestic Violence.  (note: no flyer below but info available on their website)
  • Saturday, June 10th – Vintage Hollywood Wine & Food Tasting Event (16th annual)
    (see flyer content below for more details)
    Location: at a beautiful estate in the exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood
    2 shifts available:
     – 9:00am – 2:00pm – 15 volunteers needed for set up only
     – 4:00pm – 10:30pm – 30 volunteers needed and must be 21years or older**

    This event raises crucial funds for The People Concern – please see the flyer for more details. (I have already signed up for this one so hope to see some of you there.)
  • Sunday, June 18, 2017 – 8:00am – 11:30am – k9 connection Summer Fest (see flyer content below for more details)
    15-20 volunteers are needed for setup. Event will be in Malibu
    at the Malibu Bluffs Park.
    All volunteers will receive a k9 connection Summer Fest 2017 jersey and are invited to attend the event itself when it runs from 12:00-4:00pm. They will have a beer & wine garden! Dogs (well-behaved and on leash) are welcome to join in on the fun once all volunteer duties are complete! (note: this is Father’s Day and they will have some nice perks for dads in attendance.)
    This is the annual fund raiser for this amazing project. K9connection is an experience-based program which educates and inspires at-risk teens through the experience of bonding with and training homeless shelter dogs.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators directly if you (or friends & family) are interested in signing up to help at one of these fun events. They can also address any questions about the events.

Kate Berman –  [email protected]
Rebecca Gustavson –  [email protected]

Also, you can see more info at their website: You can also contact me (Mimi Bardet) at [email protected]  if you have any questions or would like me to send you a copy of the flyers.

  content from Vintage Hollywood flyer:
We invite you to join us as a volunteer for the 16th Annual Vintage Hollywood Wine and Food Tasting Event to benefit The People Concern (formerly OPCC and Lamp Community), Saturday June 10th, 2017!
Where is this taking place? This event is being hosted at a beautiful estate in the exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood.

What is the Vintage Hollywood Foundation and why do they want to host an event for The People Concern? The Vintage Hollywood Foundation is a group of dedicated volunteers with big hearts who, since 2002, have put on the Vintage Hollywood fundraising event to benefit local charitable organizations that promote the health and well-being of Southern California’s diverse community. Its Board and Committee members have combined their love of wine and food with their incredible talents and big hearts to create these successful events, and once again The People Concern has been fortunate enough to be selected as the beneficiary! This event raises crucial funds for our organization and we’d love for you to be part of it. Please click here to view the list of participating wineries, restaurants, incredible sponsors and photos of what the event has looked like in past years.

When do we need you? We need you to help make this event a success and fill a variety of volunteer roles on Saturday, June 10th 2017. Please know that this event is a lot of fun and you will be on your feet for most of the time you spend with us! Most volunteers will end up filling a variety of roles and you will be what makes this event run so smoothly.
There are 2 shifts that we need to fill and we need a LOT of hands on deck!
 Saturday June 10th, 2017 – 9:00am – 2:00pm – 15 volunteers needed for set up only
 Saturday June 10th, 2017 – 4:00pm – 10:30pm – 30 volunteers needed and must be 21years or older**

All available roles – we will gladly take your preference but will staff you where most needed
 Event set-up – we will need strong and able bodied volunteers to assist in setting the event space up (9am-2pm shift only).
 Check in & Registration – we will need volunteers to make sure all of our guests, media and celebrities are checked in
 Silent & live auction monitors – we will need volunteers who love playing on cell phones, as we will be using an electronic bidding system that works right through our guests’ cell phones!
 Winery and restaurant liaisons – we need volunteers to make sure all the participating wineries and restaurants are supported and stocked with what they need!
 The green team – we need volunteers to be circulating on-site at all times to make sure the grounds are looking pristine throughout the entire event itself.
 Event break-down – we will need strong and able bodied volunteers to help break down after the event wraps up at 9:00pm, the more help we have the faster it gets done!

If you would like to make a difference in your community and contribute as a volunteer with this fabulous event please contact:
Kate Berman [email protected], 310-401-0303 OR Rebecca Gustavson, [email protected], 310-401-0668

content from K9 Summer Fest flyer:

We invite you to join us as a k9 connection Summer Fest volunteer!  What is k9 connection and what is the Summer Fest event?
k9 connection is an experience-based program which educates and inspires at-risk teens through the experience of bonding with and training homeless shelter dogs. Each individual program serves counselor referred teens at participating schools and concludes with a graduation ceremony and the placement of each dog in a permanent home. Now in its 12th year, k9 connection’s Summer Fest is our signature summer fundraising event – drawing more than 300 of Southern California’s most devoted animal and teen supporters.

It will be a fun filled day with food, a silent auction, beer + wine garden, games and contests for dogs and humans and much, much more!
Please click here for more information, and be sure to scroll down for a video and photos of the 2015 event!

What do we need you to do? We need your helping hands to set up the event in the following roles. It will be because of your help that it runs smoothly.  Summer Fest Entrance – we need volunteers to assist with installing our entrance frontage  Summer Fest Enclosure – we need volunteers to help with putting in temporary fencing with posts to go around the entire perimeter, the size of a regulation soccer field.  Doggy Fun Zone Set Up – we need volunteers to assist with the set up the ‘Doggy Fun Zone’ track, lure system and perimeters  Tent and Banner Set Up – we need volunteers to build our pop-up tents and set up all banners on the front of each tent Vendor and Agency Area Set Up – we need volunteers to assist the with tent/booth set up to ensure it runs smoothly the process go more smoothly and quickly.  Games and Photo Booth Set Up – we need volunteers to set up all games and the backdrop for the photo booth.




Come join us for PG’s Party at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco — MAY 20th!


Hi Pacific Gravity!

Just a quick reminder that our trip to San Francisco is coming soon!  Are you ready to party?!!

As winner of the California Homebrew Club of the Year for 2016, Anchor Brewing will be honoring us (PG) with a party at their brewery on Saturday, May 20th from 12noon to 4pm. (address: 1705 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94107)

PG reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate for Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th.  Last we checked, there are still a few rooms available so please come join us.

Here are hotel details:

The Carlton Hotel 

$199 per night plus taxes & fees. Parking is available at the hotel for valet charge of $35/day.

Also, there are public pay lots nearby to store your car.

To reserve a room at the discounted rate (while supplies last):

  • By phone, call Camisha Green at 415-292-1181 and let her know you’re with Pacific Gravity.
  • Via email, email Camisha at cgreen at

Many people will be driving (or flying) up on Friday so I suspect there will be a fun pub crawl in SF on Friday night.

And, probably another one on Saturday evening after the Anchor party.

Those who have been before, know that this is a weekend not to be missed!

It’s not too late, please come join us for an amazing and unforgettable weekend!