Monster Brew, March Club Meeting, and LABBC 2017

Hey PG!

I hope everyone is doing well and brewing like crazy. We have had some decent weather for it. Here, I’ve been over to the shop and put together a few batches recently that should make SCHF and PBC a lot of fun. 😀

March is an exciting month for us, so I think it’s best I send around an outline of things to come. I also have some great news to share so read on.

Our monster brew with LABBC Gold Level Sponsor Smog City Brewing Company, which is quickly becoming an honored PG tradition, is THIS weekend and I hope you’re ready. Culver City Home Brewing Supply reports a stash of fresh new fermenter buckets at the ready, if you need one or two. More info, including PayPal purchase link here:     I’m looking forward to seeing you all there and I’m hoping for another smooth brew day.

Next up, we have our monthly club meeting scheduled next Thursday March 16th at LA Ale Works. They’ve been really hospitable and club friendly so far, and it should be a memorable night.

A couple things to note before coming down to Hawthorne for this meeting:

  • March is dues collection month. Treasurer Tim will be setup to get renewals and new memberships going.
  • To keep our footprint smaller (and cleaner) this is a NO KEGS event. Bring your homebrew, including entries into the best beer of the month competition, in growlers or bottles. We’ll make a space for them, and make sure each one gets a label, and exposure for tasting, etc.
  • Best Beer of the Meeting style is: Irish and Stout beers, in honor of St Patrick’s Day.
  • Submissions for our Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge are due, so bring your entries to this meeting. We’re storing and judging the beer at LAAW, so it’s super helpful if you bring them down directly.
    • Also, we could use a few more coolers for the competition. If you have a cooler you can loan until March 26th, bring it too.
  • Barley Hops Grill food truck will be there so bring a few bucks for food. Out of respect for the food truck workers, we’re going to forgo providing outside food and encourage everyone to patronize them instead. Sorry 🙂 No corned beef and cabbage this year.
  • Remember, we’re guests at LAAW. Have an excellent time but keep it respectful and positive. It’s a privilege to be invited in the first place and I absolutely want to be invited back!

Finally, I’m extremely happy to share news that our party with Anchor to celebrate our winning the 2016 Anchor’s California Homebrew Club of the Year award has been scheduled!   The party will be during the day on Saturday May 20th, 2017 at the Anchor brewery in San Francisco. As we discussed earlier in the year, transportation to and from the event will be up to you each to figure out individually but we are going to work on securing a club rate at a hotel. I will post more on the hotel subject as soon as I have something worth sharing.  In the meantime rejoice! The party is scheduled! 😀 😀 😀

So we’ve got big plans together this month and beyond! Reach out if you have any questions, especially if you can volunteer to pitch in and help.



Pacific Gravity February 2017 Recap

(From Terry M)

Our Homebrew Style of the Month was Amber & Brown Ales.  Kegs included:

  • Tim / Ian / Larry’s Cider;
  • Parker W’s Peanut Butter Porter;
  • Michael Patterson’s Saison and German Lager from the same wort;
  • CCHBS’s Melrose Mild; and
  • Ruben’s Oatmeal Stout in a mini freshman keg that stood tall with all the senior kegs.

Bottles/Growlers included:

  • Eli’s Doctored Porter right out of the fermenter;
  • Andrew W’s Evil Monk Belgian;
  • and a few others that I did not get to sample.

Thanks to all that brought beer to share.

Education Corner: Michael Patterson led a Single Hop tasting session. I hope everyone there was able to take advantage of Michael’s creative learning presentation.

Commercial Tasting:  Andrew W. led the commercial tasting, starting with some interesting Ambers (Dude’s Blood Orange Amber, Mission Brewery’s Amber, and Alesmith’s 2015 Decadence Belgian Amber) before launching into some interesting Brown Ale examples (Los Coast’s Raspberry Brown, Alesmith’s Nut Brown, and Port Brewing’s Board Meeting Double Brown).

An additional thank-you to Andrew for the thoroughness of the tasting session. Each commercial beer is evaluated, along with its vital stats, and the tasting itself had an interesting twist: the first example from each style had fruit, followed by a classic example, then a higher gravity example. Well done.

Raffle swag included lots of hops from the Corley Cellar (congratulations Larry) and some classic PG Glass-&-A-Beer specials.

Welcome New Members:

Josh M.

Damien S

David S.

March Activities:

First Friday will be held at our traditional March First Friday site: Irish Times Pub, 3267 Motor Ave, Los Angeles.

The 9th Annual Monster Brew will take place at Smog City Brewing, 1901 Del Amo Blvd in Torrance. Each 5-gallon pour will cost $30. Brewing starts at 6:30a, with wort distribution around Noon. See the Monster Brew section for more details and hints on how to modify the wort for your style of choice.

Our next club meeting is Thursday, March 16, 7:30pm at LA Ale Works, 12918 Cerise Avenue in Hawthorne.

March Style of the Month is Irish Ales and Stouts, in recognition of St. Paddy’s Day. Please bring your homebrew in growlers or bottles only; due to CA Alcohol & Beverage Control (A.B.C.) regulations, homebrew kegs will NOT be allowed on site.

You can drop off your entries for the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Belgian Beer Challenge at the meeting. Entry deadline is Friday, March 17. Judging will take place at LA Ale Works on March 26.

SCHBF Update:  22 of the 30 camping slots for the May 5-7 festival have been reserved. Cost is $30 per camper. Please pay at any upcoming club event. Don’t forget to follow the registration process at the California Homebrewers Association website so you can get into the festival itself.

Competition update – AHA NHC, Jeff Sanders Memorial

For those of you who have been allocated entry slots for the American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition in the San Diego region, I have successfully negotiated beer transportation to Alesmith Brewery.  You can drop off your entries at the Culver City shop by close of business Tuesday, February 28th.   You can think of this as giving up beer for Lent!

For all other locations, you are on your own to ship entries to the respective sites.  If you miss this deadline, you will need to ship your entries for arrival no later than March 8th.

Also now hitting the radar is the 2nd annual Jeff Sanders Memorial homebrew competition, hosted by Strand Brewers. This small competition celebrates the beers that Jeff loved. Registration and complete details are now available at . This is a limited styles competition, so check the rules carefully. Entries are due by April 1st, and can be left at the Culver City or Southbay brew shops.


March 17th:      Drop-off deadline for Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge
March 26th:      Judging for Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge
April 7th            Mayfaire entries due
April 22nd        Mayfaire Judging
July                     Los Angeles County Fair
September        Pacific Brewers Cup
October              California State Homebrew Competition


Smog City Monster Brew March 11th

Smog City Brewing Company 1901 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501

On March 11th, 2017,  Smog City Brewing Company  and its Brewmaster, PG’s Jon Porter, will be hosting their Fourth Pacific Gravity Monster Brew!

Update:  We have plenty of wort!  If you want to order more batches, they are available!! 

Jon Porter and Carl Townsend have developed the base wort for this event with an English theme.  But, keeping with past monster brews, the recipe can be the base for whatever creative endeavor you might want to do.  Consider this your blank slate.  For the hop heads, boost up the bitterness with your favorite English or American hop tea to make an awesome IPA, or darken it up with roasted malts to make a porter or stout. Use your imagination to make the most awesome beer ever.  Each person will need to pitch a yeast of their choice, add adjuncts to the wort, dry hop in secondary, or do nothing special to it at all.

You can always contact Carl at Competitions AT for any suggestions and look for Carl’s article  can work on “How to Modify my Monsterbrew”.


The cost will be $30 for each 5 gallons of wort.  Read more

February Club Meeting

Hey PG!

I’m sending you all this quick reminder that our February club meeting is THIS Thursday. We’ll meet at Culver City Home Brew Supply, the style of the month is Amber and Brown Ales, and Andrew W. will host the commercial tasting. There will also be a little food and a few announcements, and a raffle and best beer of the meeting competition as always.

See you there!


16feb7:30 pmFebruary Club Meeting7:30 pm Culver City Home Brew Supply

Competition Corner – February 2017

Ahh, I love the cool winter months where I actually have to keep by beer WARM to ferment well.  My mash tun does double duty this time of year, keeping the fermenter warm with the help of a small submersible aquarium heater.

We have a bunch of competition dates coming up sooner than I had thought, so take note.

TODAY is the last day to apply for entry slots to the AHA Nationals.  You must be an AHA member, in which case you should have gotten a personal notice (well, actually an automated message) with the application details.   Your entry authorization and payment must be done by February 15th.  Physical entries will need to be shipped off by the last week of February.  Like last year, we will be asking for a volunteer to drive them down to San Diego.  Drop me a line at Competitions AT if you can make the trip.  We’ll reimburse you gas money.

Next up, surprisingly enough is the California State Fair.  On-line registration is open now and runs only until February 11th.   Physical entries can be dropped off from February 13th through the 19th  at the Eagle Rock Homebrewing Supply Co or South Bay Brew Supply.  Do NOT leave entries at the Culver City shop.

Judging for America’s Finest City (AFC) Homebrew Competition has been completed.  Check back soon for results at .

Next up on the radar is the 3rd annual Belgian Brew Challenge.  Entries will be due on March 17th, with judging on March 26th.   Look for more details from Brian on this competition for volunteering, stewarding and judging opportunities  at   Best of show this year will be brewed at Los Angeles Ale Works.    Speaking of volunteering, we will be running Pacific Brewers Cup this September and will need everyone’s support.  The balance of the official list of competitions for accumulating Brewer of the Year is listed below.  Check back frequently as exact dues dates become known.

For those of you who can help out with other competitions, the Romancing the Beer Competition needs judges Monday Feb 6th and Saturday Feb 11th.

If you are hard-core competition junkie, there are a bazillion other contests to enter.  The AHA has their master list at

2017 Pacific Gravity Brewer of the Year Competition Schedule

February 5th:     AHA Nationals Pre-registration

February 11th     California State Fair on-line registration deadline

February 15th:     AHA Nationals registration and payment

February 19th     California State Fair Entry Drop off

Late February:   AHA Nationals entries due

March 17th:       Drop-off deadline for Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge

March 26th:         Judging for Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge

April                     Mayfaire

July                       Los Angeles County Fair

September          Pacific Brewers Cup

October               California State Homebrew Competition

January, 2017 General Meeting Recap

by Terry Molloy, Vice President
Our January meeting marked the beginning of what is sure to be a fun and educational 2017.  It also marked the debut of the Pacific Gravity Communications Board at Culver City Homebrew Supply.  Be sure to check it when you are picking up ingredients for your next brew.
Our Homebrew Style of the Month was “anything goes”.  These kegs were in attendance:
Tim & Ian’s Jacked Up Cider;
Parker Waechter’s Sage Cider;
Michael Patterson’s Cider; and
Andrew Whittle’s Holiday Spiced Ale.
Bottles included:
Michael Musgrave’s Belgian Trippel;
Simon Ford’s tasty sours; and
Honest Abe Cider courtesy of Paul Bobadilla.
There were a few others floating around that I did not get to sample; thanks to all that brought beer to share.
Education Corner: Michael Patterson led a Hop Aroma and Taste Test, where participants graphed their impressions of the hop itself and a single hop beer.  It was interesting to see the different graphs reflecting different palates.  Who was “right”? Only Michael knows for sure.
Commercial Tasting:  Michael M. led a tasting of English Ales that included Well’s Bombardier (English Premium Bitter), Fuller’s ESB, Fuller’s London Pride, Boddington’s Pub Ale, and, for our Metal fans, the Iron maiden Trooper Ale from Robinson’s Family Brewers in the UK.   Reference these when you brew your next English style ale.
Raffle swag included hops from the Corley Cellar, hop rhizomes from Carl Townsend’s impressive hop garden, a rare t-shirt, and some classic PG Glass-&-A-Beer specials.
Welcome New Members:
Kevin Cooke
Keith Edie
Zachary Goode
Brian Pfeiffer
SCHBF news:  Save your registration fee by working a volunteer shift at Vail lake.  Sign up on the SCHBF registration page.
Our next meeting is Thursday, February 16, 7:30pm at Culver City Homebrew Supply.  See you there!

Reminders, updates, and invites…

Hey PG!

I thought it best I send a few reminders, updates. and invites as we roll into February here. I hope this message finds you well, with a glass of beer and some friends and family nearby. 🙂


The team at LA Ale Works cordially invites us to check out their taproom during the soft-launch this Wednesday February 1st from 7pm – 10pm.  We are so proud of our friends at LAAW and I can’t wait for Wednesday!

Looking further ahead toward the weekend, our friend Drew and the crew at Santa Monica Brew Works invites us into their taproom as well for February’s First Friday. Drew and I had a blast floating FOUR 1/6 bbl kegs of SMBW beer at Surfas this past Thursday night and I’m looking forward to trying the other styles they have, especially the taproom only stuff.


First: Remember, we’ve got our 3rd Annual Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge coming up quickly and registration and submissions are due sooner than you’d think. Get those Belgian’s brewing and visit for more info.

Also, we’ve got the VERY fun CHA Southern California Homebrew Fest coming up in May. For more info and to reserve a spot for you and your PG camping party, fill out our sign up form here:

Finally, a brief update regarding the Anchor California Homebrew Club of The Year trip too: President’s weekend created a scheduling conflict for the team at Anchor so they are rescheduling with us on another weekend. As soon as the date is known, I’ll post a sign up with info for those of you who are looking to attend.

I had hoped to be brief but truthfully we have a lot going on. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all this week!  Reach out if you have any questions.



1feb7:00 pm- 10:00 pmLA Ale Works Soft Launch7:00 pm - 10:00 pm LA Ale Works

3feb7:00 pmFirst Friday - Santa Monica Brew Works7:00 pm Santa Monica Brew Works

AFC Entry Deadline January 25th

Homebrew entries for America’s Finest City (AFC) Homebrew Competition are due at Alesmith Brewery by Wednesday, January 25th.   We do not have a driver this year, so you will need to ship your entries.   Do NOT leave them at the Culver City shop.  Registration can be found at .

Shipping Address:
9990 AleSmith Court
San Diego, CA 92126


January Third Thursday Meeting

Hey PG!

Just a quick reminder that our January Third Thursday club meeting at Culver City Home Brew Supply Shop is this coming Thursday night starting at 7:30pm!

We’ll firm up some details about our trip to Anchor coming up in February and discuss some other things coming up here in quarter one of 2017. We’ll share some home brewed beers and partake in the commercial tasting brought to you this month by yours truly. Also, Michael P. mentioned that he has a single hop IPA to taste and the cone hops to check out and evaluate with some spider graph action. 🙂

The commercial tasting style for the month is English Bitters & Commonwealth Ales

The Best Beer of the Meeting competition style is any just like last January. Bring whatever you’ve got on tap! 

So if you are interested in attending the Anchor party and you enjoy great beer… I’ll see you there!

Happy Friday!



19jan7:30 pmJanuary Club Meeting7:30 pm Culver City Home Brew Supply