2011 Pacific Brewers Cup Results



Best of Show Sponsored by

Wee Heavy #2

James Hilbing,

 Kurt Rump, and Mike Truman

Strand Brewers Club

First Runner-up:

Sweet Mead



Strand Brewers Club

Second Runner-up:

Hubris Hefeweizen



Yeastside Brewers

Cat Sub Place Brewer Homebrew Club Brew Name

Category 1:  Light lagers

1 D 1 Norman Jufer Inland Empire Brewers Sweatybrau Helles 153
1 B 2 Rick Burnside Maltose Falcons Standard American Lager
1 B 3 Neil Saund Pacific Gravity Std. American Lager
Category 2:  Pilsner
2 B 1 John Aitchison Maltose Falcons Bohemian Pilsner
2 A 2 Bryan Santos QUAFF Stinkhouse Pils
2 B 3 Neil Saund Pacific Gravity Bohemian Lager

Category 3: Amber Lager

3 B 1 James Hilbing Strand Brewers Oktoberfest #10
3 B 2 Jon Silvertooth Long Beach Homebrewers Toothtoberfest Lager
3 A 3 Norman Jufer Inland Empire Brewers Sweatybrau Vienna 160

Category 4: Dark Lager

4 C 1 Norman Jufer Inland Empire Brewers Sweatybrau Black #158
2 Not Awarded
3 Not Awarded

Category 5: Bock  Sponsored by

5 C 1 Carl Townsend Pacific Gravity Doppelbock
5 C 2 John Aitchison Maltose Falcons Doppelbock
5 B 3 Scott Satterthwaite Worts of Wisdom Bock It to Me

Category 6: Light Hybrid Beer

6 B 1 Jon Silvertooth Long Beach Homebrewers Honey Blonde
6 D 2 Norman Jufer Inland Empire Brewers Sweatybrau Wheat #154
6 A 3 Rob Proffitt Strand Brewers Cream Ale

Category 7: AmberHybrid Beer

7 C 1 Carl Townsend Pacific Gravity Dusseldorf Altbier
7 B 2 Kingsley Toby  & Brian Holter Pacific Gravity Lazy Sunday CA Common
7 A 3 Matt Haugo Mooseknuckle Brewing Roktoberfest

Category 8: English Pale Ale sponsored by

8 A 1 Jay Ankeney Strand Brewers Ordinary Bitter
8 C 2 Bryan Santos QUAFF Extrinsic ESB
8 A 3 Jason Cole Ordinary Bitter

Category 9: Scottish and Irish Ale

9 E 1 James Hilbing Strand Brewers Wee Heavy #2
9 D 2 Robert Nelson Red-Headed Stepchild
9 D 3 Stefan Long Red 5

Category 10: American Ale sponsored by

10 C 1 Norman Jufer Inland Empire Brewers Sweatybrau Browntown #163
10 A 2 Carl Townsend Pacific Gravity Pale Ale
10 B 3 Christopher Lindsey Pacific Gravity 18th St. Bricks

Category 11: English Brown Ale sponsored by

11 B 1 George Eldridge Long Beach Homebrewers George’s Brown
11 A 2 James Dodgen Long Beach Homebrewers Dark & mild
11 C 3 Joe Giacomazza Long Beach Homebrewers nut brown

Category 12: Porter Sponsored by Richmond Bar and Grill

12 B 1 Brett Mitchell Rockridge Porter
12 C 2 Carl Townsend Pacific Gravity Baltic Porter
12 C 3 Matt Haugo Mooseknuckle Brewing HeBREW Delicious

Category 13: Stout

13 F 1 Carl Townsend Pacific Gravity Imperial Stout
13 C 2 Kyle Suta Pacific Gravity Second Breakfast
13 F 3 Eric McLaughlin Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

Category 14: India Pale Ale Sponsored by

14 B 1 Ward G. Walkup IV Yeastside Brewers Pacific Rim IPA
14 B 2 Andy Johnson Submarino Amarillo IPA
14 A 3 Brett Wilson Pacific Gravity Lucerne IPA

Category 15: German Wheat and Rye Beer

15 A 1 Josh Jensen Yeastside Brewers Hubris Hefeweizen
15 B 2 Eric McLaughlin Dunkelweizen
15 A 3 Jonathan Kissinger Coast Side German Vacation

Category 16: Belgian and French Ale Sponsored by

16 A 1 Timothy Golden Pacific Gravity Avalanche Wit
16 E 2 Craig Corley Pacific Gravity MB3 Funk
16 E 3 Jerl Leutz Yeastside Brewers Oaked Trappist Tripel with Agave

Category 17: Sour Ale Sponsored by

17 E 1 Brett Wilson Pacific Gravity Tart Me Up
17 A 2 Jason Kelly Gold Coast Brewers Happy Hugo
17 F 3 Israel Arrieta Maltose Falcons Sour Peaches

Category 18: Belgian Strong Ale Sponsored by

 Get Well Sam!

18 D 1 Craig Corley Pacific Gravity BB9
18 E 2 Rives Borland Strand Brewers Placitum
18 A 3 Bryan Santos QUAFF Stinkhouse Blond

Category 19: Strong Ale

19 C 1 Steve Cook Maltose Falcons Falcon’s Barrel Aged Barleywine
19 B 2 Kevin Kowalczyk Chicago Beer Society Fall Down Go Boom
19 C 3 Mark Takahashi Pacific Gravity American Barleywine

Category 20: Fruit Beer

20 A 1 Timothy Golden Pacific Gravity North Shore Tangerine Pale Ale
20 A 2 Seth Weiss Seth Weiss
20 A 3 Kyle Suta Pacific Gravity Muggle Hat #9

Category 21: Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

21 B 1 Carl Townsend Pacific Gravity Holiday Spice Ale
21 A 2 James Hilbing Strand Brewers Vanilla Imperial Stout
21 A 3 Ryan Truax White Christmas

Category 22: Smoke-flavored & Wood-Aged Beer sponsored by

22 B 1 Norman Jufer Inland Empire Brewers Sweatybrau Smoked Bock
22 C 2 Daniel Burke Gold Country Brewers Association Schlitzen on Broak
22 C 3 John Aitchison Maltose Falcons Wood-Aged Beer

Category 23: Specialty Beer Sponsored by

23 A 1 James Hilbing Strand Brewers Tawny Port Imperial Stout
23 A 2 Jeffrey Koehler Yeastside Brewers Rye Barleywine
23 A 3 Kirk Holt & Mike Ross Long Beach Homebrewers Imperial Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Category 24: Traditional Mead

24 C 1 Jay Ankeney Strand Brewers Sweet Mead
24 C 2 Joe Giacomazza Long Beach Homebrewers Sweet Mead
24 C 3 Neil Saund Pacific Gravity Sweet Mead

Category 25: Melomel (Fruit Mead)

25 C 1 Luis Di Stefano Pacific Gravity Lingonberry Mead
25 C 2 Jay Ankeney Strand Brewers Peach Melomel
25 A 3 Matt Haugo Mooseknuckle Brewing CircumCyser
Category 26: Other Mead
26 C 1 Israel Arrieta Maltose Falcons Maple Wonder
26 2 Not Awarded
26 3 Not Awarded
Category 27: Standard Cider and Perry
27 A 1 Jon Silvertooth Long Beach Homebrewers Teacher’s Pet
27 A 2 Bryan McEntire Temecula Valley Homebrewers Brands Cider
27 3 Not Awarded

Category 28: Specialty Cider and Perry

28 A 1 Matt Haugo Mooseknuckle Brewing Hard Dicken’s Cider
28 D 2 Matt Haugo Mooseknuckle Brewing Hard Dicken’s Cider: The Cranberry Edition
28 3 Not Awarded

Coolers and Your Assistance Needed for PBC Entry Organizing Saturday 9/10

The entry deadline for Pacific Brewers Cup is at the close of business Friday, Sept 9th.  That means that Saturday is entry organizing day!  Your help is needed.

We will be meeting at Neil Saund’s Duplex at 12966 Rubens Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066 at 11:00 AM Saturday, September 10th (home of many big brews and holiday parties).

Coolers Coolers Coolers!  We need to borrow your cooler for bottle organizing.  Please bring them with you!  Read more

Deadline for Pacific Brewers Cup is Sept 9th

The entry deadline for Pacific Brewers Cup is rapidly approaching.  Entries are due at the close of business on Friday, September 9th at any of the home brew shops listed below.

Register your entries now at http://www.PacificBrewersCup.com.

Some of you may have encountered problems with the registration site.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Our web administrator had cleared out unwanted code.  Read more

Call For Entries: 2011 Pacific Brewers Cup


Pacific Gravity Homebrewers Club is pleased to announce the

15th Annual Pacific Brewers Cup Homebrew Competition

This competition is hosted on a rotating basis by the Strand Brewers’ Club, the Long Beach Homebrewers and Pacific Gravity.

The PBC is an American Homebrewers Association sanctioned homebrew competition and will use the beer style guidelines published by the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Complete details and entry registration can be found at

http://pacificbrewerscup.com Read more

Mead Day Saturday August 6th

The first Saturday every August is the official AHA National Mead Day since it began in 2002.  So we will be celebrating on August 6th at the home of Dan & Anne Hakes by brewing, tasting and talking about mead.  For those of you who are new to mead making, we have some very experienced club members who will be happy to demonstrate and provide instructions on the process.

You of course are encouraged to brew your own batch or batches of mead as well! Please make sure to bring all of your own ingredients and supplies, though Dan has a water filter available so you do not need to bring your own water unless you choose to.

Some snacks will be provided and the Carriage House Taproom will be open.  If you have some mead to share, bring it along. Beer is welcome too as well as any other munchies.  Drop by, socialize, and watch how easy it is to make mead!

Time: 10am-4pm

Location:  2379 W 21st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90018


Directions: Take the 10 freeway to Arlington Exit, Head North to Washington, 21st Street is closed to entry from Arlington, so enter the neighborhood from Washington at Cimerron, Right on Cimmaron to 21st St.  Park anywhere in the neighborhood, and walk to Dan’s, though parking can be tough, so carpool if possible.

Our Club Only Competition for meads will be judged that day as well by our Competition Coordinator, Carl Townsend.  You can bring your entries to Dan’s house or if you cannot attend Mead Day, please bring your entries to CCHBS by Friday August 5th and notify Carl at competitionco[email protected].  Three 12-oz bottles are needed, but if you don’t win, you can take back 2 of them.  Also, please fill out an entry form at:



You can find more info on National Mead Day and sample recipes online at:




See you at Mead Day!

-Audrey & Mimi

Activities Directors


Competition Corner – April 2011

The thick part of the competition season is here!  Entry deadlines have been announced for California State Fair (April 17th) and Mayfaire (April 22nd).

Entries for the California State Fair must be packaged for shipping, but you can drop them off at the Culver City shop.  Since these are going to Sacramento, make sure there is plenty of padding.  The club will cover the shipping, but any entries not properly packaged will not be sent..   You can download an entry form at http://www.bigfun.org/pdfs/competitions/home_brew/HomeBrew_Forms.pdf, as well as find additional information.  Read more

Competition Corner – March, 2011

Raise a toast to Timothy Golden, who earned the first point in the 2011 hunt for Brewer of the Year.  His Special Bitter beat out a field of two other entries to win our Battle of the Bitters.  His beer was submitted to the national Club-Only Competition taste-off.

Speaking of COC’s, don’t forget to bring your entries to the Club meeting on March 17th.  This month’s style is Bocks, BJCP Category 5, which includes Maibock, Traditional Bock, Doppelbock and Eisbock.  Read more

Competition Corner – January 2011

We start out the 2011 homebrew competition schedule at our club meeting on Thursday, January 20th with a Club-Only competition; this time the “Battle of the Bitters”, English Pale Ales, BJCP Category #8.  This includes bitter, best bitter and ESB in addition to English Pale.   If you have any one of these three (or more than one) bring three 12 oz. bottles to the meeting and make sure you let Carl know they are here.  If possible, please also fill out an entry form, which you can download from http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/attachments/0000/0326/entry_recipe.pdf.  The club picks up the entry fee, so it is free to you.  If your entry is selected, we’ll ship off the two remaining bottles to the national judging site.  If you lose, you can take back the two extra bottles.  Or if you prefer, you can pop them open to console your losses.

The entry deadline for America’s Finest City competition has been set for Friday February 4thRead more

Competition Corner – December, 2010

Raise your beer mug and give a toast to Jeff Koehler, the winner of the 2010 Pacific Gravity Homebrewer of the Year Award.  Jeff was honored at the Holiday Party on December 11th and presented with an engraved trophy mug.  Jeff picked up 27 points over 13 ribbons and handily beat our previous 2-time winner Chris Simenthal.

Coinciding with the periodic Club-Only contests, we have posted the club meeting tasting and keg styles of the month.  You can link to it on the left of this page, or click here:  http://pacificgravity.beerzine.com/monthly-stylesclub-only-comps/.  Every person who brings a keg Read more

Competition Corner – November, 2010

The next Club-Only competition is upon us.  The theme for this is Strong Ales BJCP category 19, Old Ale, English Barleywine and American Barleywine.  Entries for this are due at the November Club meeting on November 18th.   If you have any one of these three bring three 12 oz. bottles and make sure you let Carl know they are there.  If possible, Read more