First Friday, May 7, 2010

  May First Friday we’re going to one of our most popular destinations,
The Richmond Bar and Grill in El Segundo.
Jeff and Patty always set us up with a special keg or two, and this time
promises to be at least as good as past events.

Beer is served in pitchers for our group, and we pay up at the end.
The food is very moderately priced, with almost everything less than 10
Burgers, salads, chili dog, and sandwiches are generous, and the service
is excellent.

There are no credit purchases, so bring cash.
If you forget your money, there is an ATM on premises.

For those who have never been to the Richmond, it’s a unique
neighborhood bar in downtown El Segundo.
Parking is great, and the trip is convenient from the West Side or the
Beach Towns.

The meeting is in a private room behind the bar, with its own patio.
To say the least, having you own space is a real plus on a First Friday.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Time: 7pm, unless you want to get there early (early birds pay for their
pints individually before the group event starts).
Address: 145 Richmond St. (1.1 blocks south of West Grand, West of Main
El Segundo, CA 90245

First Friday April 2nd

This month we’re all going to Stout, in West Hollywood.

Well known for their Burgers, and having a good beer lineup to go with the food, here’s a place for you Mid Town people to go.

The following is from the LA Time Article November 20, 2009:

“Taking over the former Karma Coffehouse in Hollywood’s Cahuenga Corridor, he and partner Charles Lew, 34, both of whom are lawyers turned bar/restaurant owners, wanted to open a neighborhood place where they could pair high-end burgers with adventurous beers. Dominated by a copper and oak half-circle bar, Stout has 30 taps that pour beers such as Port Hop 15, Saison Dupont and Delirium Tremens. The menu offers nine standard burgers along with suggested beers for each. With the Six Weeker, a coarsely ground, 6-ounce burger dressed with fig compote, arugula, melted brie and caramelized onions ($10) Stout recommends either a Brother David, a rich, light and moderately malted Belgian ale, or a Scaldes, a high-alcohol, heavily malted Belgian dark ale with fruit flavors. Stout has 10 additional 750ml bottled beers ($20 to $50) and six wines ($6 to $13 a glass).”

Address: 1544 North Cahuenga Blvd (near Selma).

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First Friday, March 5th

If it’s March it MUST be Irish Times. As usual, PG will begin its month long St. Patrick’s Day at First Friday, 3/5. For those of you who have never been there, Irish Times is one of the premier Irish bars on the West Side. It has long been known for corectly pouring a Guiness. It takes a 2 full minutes, and the wait is well worth the time. The food menu is moderately priced,  with the usual burgers and fish & chips.

The bar is conveniently located at 3267 Motor Ave, just North of the corner of National and Motor.

Parking is in the street.

Official start time is 7, but if you want faster bar and food service get there a little earlier.

March First Friday

If it’s March it MUST be Irish Times. As usual, PG will begin its month long St. Patrick’s Day at First Friday, 3/5. For those of you who have never been there, Irish Times is one of the premier Irish bars on the West Side. It has long been known for corectly pouring a Guiness. It takes a 2 full minutes, and the wait is well worth the time. The food menu is moderately priced, with the usual burgers and fish & chips.
The bar is conveniently located at 3267 Motor Ave, just North of the corner of National and Motor.
Parking is in the street.
Official start time is 7, but if you want faster bar and food service get there a little earlier.


On Feb. 27, 2010 the Tustin Brewing Company and its Brewmaster, PG’s Jon Porter, will be hosting their 2nd professional style Monster Brew.

PG Brewmaster, Carl Townsend, and Jon have developed a new base wort for this event, this time in the style of an American Pale Ale. Each person will pitch his yeast of choice, add adjuncts to the wort, dry hop in secondary, or do nothing special to it. For some great suggestions see Carl’s article in the PG website. Included will be the recipe in a Excel spreadsheet format.

The cost will be $27 for each 5 gallons of wort, excluding the cost of yeast (bring it to the brewery, or pitch it at home), and any additional ingredients you wish to add.
The reason for additional cost is to cover Tustin Brewing’s additional costs for putting on the event.

Payment for the event will be in advance this time. You may access the Pacific Gravity Pay Pal account through the PG website:, or
Payment for the event may also be made at the Feb. 18 PG Meeting, or be left at Culver City Homebrew Supply. Be sure to include your name, tel. number, and E-mail address.

You MUST be present at the event to get your 5-10 gallons of wort. No friends will be allowed to pick up wort for you.

If you have paid in advance, but find you cannot attend, 24 hour notice must be given in order to obtain a refund. On event day, all monies collected will be given to Tustin Brewing.
Such notice may be sent to Pacific Gravity Treasurer, Craig Corley, or Michael Steinberg, Activities Director.

Some of us may want to purchase more than 5-10 gallons. Initially, ONLY 5-10 gallons may be purchased. However, if there is wort left over at the end we will hold a lottery to determine who may get an additional 5 gallon allotment. Bring an extra fermenter if you are interested.

You must remember to bring a sanitized fermenter for each 5 gallons you buy.

Fermenters MUST be either plastic or stainless steel. Absolutely no glass fermenters will be allowed in the brewery due to the danger of breakage on the tile floor. You may bring small glass vessels with yeast or other additions, however.

We will have extra plastic fermenters and airlocks available for on-site purchase.
If you think you may need one, please contact Activities Director so that we can get a count.

The event will be starting EARLY, at 6AM. If that is too early, you may show up by 12 noon and still get your pre-purchased wort. Of course, you’ll not get to take part in the actual brewing. Projected ending time will be between 1-2 PM.

Other clubs will be invited to participate, including the Long Beach Home Brewers, but the organizers hope that Pacific Gravity members make up the bulk of the brewers.

Tustin Brewing will have coffee, bagels, pastries, etc. for breakfast, and we will buy our own lunches towards the end of the brewing session. In addition, there is a Trader Joe’s nearby, and an early opening restaurant where you can get breakfast if you wish.

Tustin Brewing’s kitchen opens for lunch at 11am.

In addition Jon will be supplying tasting samples of some of his fine brews during the morning.
Cut off time for free pours will be 11am. After that, it will be available for purchase.

We will be carpooling down to Tustin. The trip is about 45 minutes at the early hour we’ll be traveling. If there is much return traffic, those who pitch yeast at Tustin, may have a finished beer by the time they get home.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Here’s the link to Tustin Brewing:

Monster Brew Price Reduction-PayPal

Fellow PG members and guests,
Currently the Paypal info says that the price of 5 gallons of wort for the Tustin Monster Brew will be $30.00.
It has been decided that the price will be dropped to $27.00/5 gallons.
The pricing change will be implemented Mon night (2/1) as soon as our Webmaster, Lee, gets home from a trip.

Sorry if this has posed an inconvenience to anyone.
If any readers have already paid 30 bucks please contact me, or Craig Corley so that we can arrange for a refund.

[email protected]
[email protected]

First Friday-February 5

This coming month we’re all going to Bar Food, a new destination for Pacific Gravity.
Bar Food is located at 12217 Wilshire Blvd., 1 block West of Bundy, in West L.A. Tel: (310) 820-3274

They have 24 taps, most at very reasonable prices.
The bar opens at 5PM and has a Happy Hour menu until 7PM, including FREE hot Dogs and other food from 2-6 bucks.
House beers (Blonde, Amber, and Pale Ales are $3.50 during H.H.
Check out their website for more information.
P.G. members have said it’s a place worthy of our presence as a First Friday destination, so we’ll grace them with our presence.

Check out their website

Hope to see you there.

First Friday-January 8

Get ready for the First Friday of the New Year, to be held on the second Friday of January.

Because the 1st Friday is New year’s Day, we are meeting at the 5th Amendment in Santa Monica the second Friday .

The 5th Amendment is owned by fellow club member Dan Petrovich, and we’d like to have a good turnout to show him our support.

Address: 129 Broadway (at the South-West end of the Promenade)

Santa Monica

Parking: Public parking structure at Bway and 2nd.

Maximum fee is 3 bucks after 6PM

Dan and his lead bartender Dave are trying to put together something special for us, and it would help to give them an idea of how many of us will be going to the event. Starting time is usually around 7, but the bar opens at 5, and there’s no reason people can’t start earlier.

Please let me know if you intend to come, or even if you THINK you might come.

[email protected]
[email protected]

2009 Holiday Party Recap: Winter Storm Fails to Dampen PG Holiday Spirit

by Tomm “Christtmass” Carroll

The Pacific Gravity Holiday Party Carol

Sing along (to the tune of “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”):

Oh the weather outside was pouring,

But the beer was so alluring,

And since we’ve got kegs to drain,

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!

The brew club threw one good meeting,

And cooked up a feast for eating,

The homebrew was just insane!

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!

So they thoughtfully tarped Neil’s yard

(How we hate drinkin’ out in the storm!),

And the guests came from near and far,

For Mulled Mead and Winter Warm(er).

The turnout was never baffling,

‘Cause Santa was there for raffling,

And as long as we’re feelin’ no pain,

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain

Perhaps jealous that she wasn’t invited, Mother Nature dealt Pacific Gravity a meteorological lump of coal, heaping wind and rain aplenty on our annual Holiday Party Saturday, December 12.

But despite the storm, the party at Neil Saund’s Mar Vista duplex (site of the annual celebration since 2007) came off without a hitch, thanks to the busy PG elves, who erected tarps and E-Z Ups in the outside area, which housed the all-important kegs of homebrew and kept the partiers – but not their thirsts – dry.

Some 175 club members, guests and friends braved the elements to participate in the bacchanal – and to see whose photos and what beer cans and coasters bedecked the fully trimmed Xmas tree this year. A few warmed by the roaring fireplace, although the outside temperatures were rather mild, thanks to the tropical origin of the storm.

Nearly three-dozen homebrewed wassail (or wasslager) offerings were on hand, arguably offering a tipple for every taste. See the full list, below.

Whether you wanted warm (Dan Hakes’ Mulled Mead), spicy (Carl Townsend’s, Matthew Rick’s and Nels Brown’s Spiced Holiday Ales), or sweet (Jonathan Fischer’s Cookies n’ Milk Stout); something to pick you up (Reed Wilson’s Coffee Cocoa Robust Porter), or knock you out (Larry Caldwell’s Madeira Oak-Aged Barleywine); something traditional (Terry Molloy’s English Mild, Neil Saund’s ESB), experimental (Chris Simental’s Oak Tripel), or inspirational (Tim Bardet and Ian Fraser’s Sticke Fred; a Düsseldorf Alt-style beer dedicated to founding club member Fred Waltman as a thank-you for arranging the “Sticke Warriors” beer tour of Germany and beyond this past October), there was a tap for you.

Many bottled beers, mostly of the aged holiday variety, also made appearances for the partiers’ drinking pleasure.

But it was the bodacious banquet that kept bellies full and prepped for further drinking. Club Master Chef Ian Fraser once again topped himself (does the man know no limits?). Not only overseeing most of the preparation and presentation for the holiday feast, he also contributed: Read more

Holiday Party-Again

O.K. PG’ers, we’re headed down the home stretch for this coming Saturday’s Annual Holiday Party at Neil Saund’s Duplex. The address is 12966 Rubens Ave. It’s at the Southeast corner of Alla Rd and Rubens Ave in Los Angeles.

A group of loyal members went to Neil’s house this past Sunday to set up, and the place is ready to go, including the roaring fireplace.
Final setup will happen early Saturday, and the party will begin at 7PM, ending around midnight.

Don’t forget, this is a pot luck, with the club supplying main dishes, including prime rib, Carbonnades a la Flamande (Beef & Beer stew), deep fried turkeys, and shrimp platters. Appetizers, salads, and desserts are welcome additions to the festive occasion. Seasonal side dishes such as sweet potatoes, hot veggies, turkey dressings, and the like have been brought in the past, and are guaranteed to be hits once again.

We need volunteers for the clean up crews. Some night owls can help when the party winds down, and most will be needed Sunday morning, around 10AM.

Please contact me at [email protected],  Ian Fraser at [email protected], or Craig Corley at [email protected]  if you are willing and able to help.

Lastly, it is likely that the weather will be cool, and perhaps rainy (we sure hope not). Dress accordingly. We will have some canopies set up, should it rain, and heaters outside to keep us warm. Weather permitting, we will also have one or two fire pits going for your enjoyment.