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Charity event Recaps, the past few months!

So in the last few months Pacific Gravity did some great stuff for charity and the organization. Not just giving and donating clothes and other goods, but actual physical human time by volunteering for events to put smiles on community members/clients of OPCC faces and then to help OPCC celebrate while raising money for their organization and new merger with the Lamp Community of LA.

First off back in August, you might of saw the Facebook post about our first physical event we worked up as an introduction to volunteering and organizing charity events where we would go as a club to help out in our community with our friends from OPCC. Members of the board organized a Yogurt Parfait dessert surveying for a dinner service at one of the Santa Monica community centers ran by OPCC. PG club members and board members signed up and had a super fun time putting some grateful smiles on the OPCC client faces. The clients being the members of the community in need of help, where OPCC helps them not only survive, but thrive and get their lives back on a functional track with food services, counseling, over night shelter, and much much more.  Here’s a photo of all of us form Pacific Gravity and OPCC having a wonderful time helping out. It was super easy and a truly great experience, I encourage all member to help out next time we organize another volunteer event.











Then just recently called on us Pacific Gravity for our help in getting PG member to volunteer for their “OPCC and Lamp Community 6th Annual Fall Affair” event. Here they would be raising all sorts of money for the organizations and announcing their big merger combining the two largest charitable community organizations together into one to be named “The Peoples Concern”.

Thank you to all the Pacific Gravity members that came out to help, it was a great event, full of celebrities and very charitable members of our communities. The newly named “The Peoples Concern” raised over $80,000 that night while we watched and help take donations over a very cool donation app texted to peoples phones and on the iPads we where carring around. We helped out with the silent auction as well where people where donating for some great gifts, we helped on the registration table, the painting sales, and even the initial set up! It was amazing to be a part of something like that and watch all the action go down. Here are some more pictures of Pacific Gravity members helping out at the Fall Fair event.

Fall Fair_1 Fall Fair_2 Fall Fair_3 Fall Fair_4 Fall Fair_5 Fall Fair_6 Fall Fair_7 Fall Fair_8


















OPCC Fair sign







Again I encourage all PG members to help volunteer and donate to our events as much as you can. Our next donations opportunity will be at out Winter Party coming up sometime in early December. We hope to make it the biggest donation collection yet!!

Last Night’s Club Meeting Reminders and Recap.

Thanks everyone that came out last night, we had a great October Club Meeting that had some long announcements and Nominations for 2017.

Just a Reminder, Voting for the Club President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Club Member of the Year will be held November 5th at the chili cook off Saturday club meeting at Terry Maloy’s house. More info on that to come, but in the mean time Nominations for Pres., VP, Treasure, and Club Member of the Year will be open tell about Nov. 4th. Please email us at [email protected] for your Nominations. There is still plenty of room for Pres., VP, and Treasurer nomination!

Secondly, Tomorrow is the Golf Day Outing hosted by our new Activities Director, Brett Willson. if anyone is interested in golfing there still might be a chance to squeeze you in. Email Brett at [email protected].

Also we will have a Bottle share after party at the Trux Stop, hosted by Tomm Carroll, aka his place. Tomm said last night that if you don’t have any bottles to share don’t worry he has it covered!! also if anyone is interested in bringing any homebrew kegs as well we will have taps set up!! feel free to email me if you do: [email protected] and I will let Tomm know. As well Ian will be cooking up some brats, but with a beer bath technique I’m told so it should be awesome as always. All are welcome to Tomm’s stating at 3pm tomorrow!

Lastly check out the new First Friday schedule for the months of November and December that has been updated for the rest of the year.

Here’s a bit of Recap of Last nights October meeting:

We had a ton of Kegs line up at last nights meeting, all sorts of styles and a couple for the Style of the Month. Everything from Strong Ales, to Smoked Porters, Fresh Harvest IPA’s and NE IPA’s. Plus some great beers being passed around like Rueben’s Smash Hopped Dorado IPA and a American sour blend dry hopped with Mosaic form one of the New Members that signed up last night! There where a ton of new faces and it was great to see and meet you all. I hope you enjoyed the meeting and will be back for more of our events!

Tim J. hosted the Commercial Tasting and did a great job finding all sorts of English Strong Ales and some American Barleywines. We also had a great Raffle with a lot of classics like “A beer and a Glass”, but also gave away some Fresh Cascade Hops from Carls garden, a new and rare LA Ale Works hat and a beer, some PG glassware swag and a beer, a Brewery 750ml, and ended with a grand prize of a 6.5 gal. Glass Carboy donated form Porter at Smog City.

We did our last 2 off flavor tastings last night, hosted by Michael Patterson. Thank you Michael for hosting all the set ups this year. Last night ended on some fun ones Earthy and Spicy. The Earthy one tasted like you just took a shot of dirt mixed in with some grass clippings. Great Stuff!

Club Member Parker Waechter once again this year took home the Best Beer of the Night price of a $25 gift certificate at Culver City Homebrew Shop with his Wee Heavy. He has consistently brewed not only the style of the month, but has done it in away that has improved his skill immensely. I encourage all to be like Parker and brew those beers! The Style of the Month has been there to encourage people to step out of their boundaries. To brew and learn about different styles. Parker has done that, admitting last night how brewing the style of the month has been a great and fulfilling challenge for him this past year and it show in his awesome beers he brings every month. Great Job Parker!

Below are some pics form last night. Cant see the pics on the email?? go to this post link:


IMG_6577 IMG_6578 IMG_6579 IMG_6580 IMG_6582 IMG_6583 IMG_6584 IMG_6585 IMG_6586 IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6589 IMG_6591 IMG_6594 IMG_6597


Some PG reminders!!! Sign-ups and Club Meetings.

Hi everyone,

Just a few reminders if you wanted to sign up for a couple things now is your last chance. The Firestone Walker PG collaboration BB Weizenbock bottle survey and then the PG Gold Day Outing. Also a Reminder of this Thursdays Club Meeting being held at the Culver City Homebrew Supply store!

-Firestone Walker and Pacific Gravity Bourbon Barrel Aged Weizenbock Collaboration bottles for sale. Check out the last post I did about the survey by clicking Here, or just go to the survey now to let us know of any further interest in getting reserved bottles. As far as I know there is no discount and you will have to commit to buying any bottles you reserve.

-Pacific Gravity Golf Day Outing, click Here to check out the last post about the full day and bottle share for everyone held afterwords at the Trux Stop, aka Tomm Carroll’s place!

RSVP to [email protected] now asap if you want to join in on the golf day at westchester. Please also RSVP for the bottle share if you plan to go, so we can get a head count for food.

-Lastly a reminder of this Thursday’s PG Club Meeting, regular time 7:30pm at the Culver City Homebrew shop4234 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

Remember on Club Meeting you get a Double Store Discount at the shop for all members on your purchases!!! So bring your shopping lists, this will be the last meeting for the year at the store until 2017. Also the Style of the Month that night will be Commercial Tasting Style: British Strong Ales and then Best Beer of the Meeting competition styles: British Strong Ale, American & English Old Ales, Wee Heavy, American & English Barleywines, and Wheazwine. Where like always you can win a $25 gift certificate from the Shop.

There will also be our last 2 off flavors of the year being presented by Michael Patterson, the raffle, and also the Nominations for Club President, Vice President, and Treasurer, plus Homebrew of the Year!! So get thinking who you would like to nominate for 2017 or step up yourself and join the board. Last year we had two contested board member positions and it made it all the more exciting, so Im looking forward to seeing who we have in the running for 2017.

Note: We will be doing the Vote on November 5th at Terry Malloy’s house for the Chili cook off Saturday Meeting. Please set your calendar’s since it will be so early in the month this year around. It will count as our November club meeting and we are still deciding on what will be done about First Friday for November.




PG Golf Outing @ Westchester and Bottle Share @ the Trux Stop!! Oct. 22nd

Hi Everyone,

First off I would like to announce that Brett Willson is Pacific Gravity’s new “Activities Director” for the rest of 2016 and proposed 2017! Brett’s goals are to add more outdoor and physical activities combined with out love of Beer!
Brett’s first activity, which we have started to announce and some of you have signed up for is a PG Golf Day at Westchester Golf Course.
Also to top it off we are inviting all PG club members, even if you are obviously not a golfer, to the afterwords 19th Hole Bottle Share at Tomm Carroll’s beloved Trux Stop bar and backyard! (aka Tomm’s place).

Note: if you want to sign up for the Golf Day you have to do it now, so email Brett ASAP and you have to commit to the day and the price. [email protected]

Here is all the info and words form Brett:

Pacific Gravity will at long last combine our love for golf and beer into one glorious day. We are joining for a round of golf at Westchester Golf Course and then heading to the 19th hole at the Truxx Stop to relax and revel in an afternoon bottle share.  There will be prizes and bragging rights to those who are the best dressed, post the highest score, post the lowest score, and are closest to the pin on the first hole.  The round will be $45 and payable at the golf course.  A few of us will be at the course a little early to hit some warm up balls.  Feel free to join us at the driving range.

The bottle share will be from 3PM until 10PM at the Truxx Stop.  Please bring bottles to share and a your favorite side dishes or grill items because we will be cooking food on the charcoals at Tomm’s place during the bottle share.
You do not need to play golf to attend the bottle share, but all must RSVP to: [email protected] so we can get a head count for food! If you’ve never been to a bottle share at the Trux Stop, well it’s one you do not want to miss, you never know what Tomm’s going to pull out of the walk-in cooler! Just ask any other member thats been there.

Pacific Gravity Golf Outing
When: October 22nd -9:30am to 2:30pm
How Much: $45 – Payable in Cash at the golf course
19th Hole Bottle Share @ The Trux Stop: (close to Westchester)
When: October 22nd – 3pm to 10pm
Where: The Trux Stop (aka Tomm & Denise’s) 7643 Truxton Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90045

So please RSVP now for Golfing and/or going to the Bottle Share. Bring your clubs to the course and your bottles and food to the Trux Stop!! Hope to see you all there.



Other Announcements
Happy Birthday to our resident club Chef, Ian Fraser today!!

-October Club Meeting: Culver City Homebrew Shop, Oct. 20th, the Third Thursday. Style of the Month: British and American Strong Beers
We will be taking nominees for Board Member votes (President, VP, and Treasurer) as well as Club Member of the year nominees.

-November Club Meeting and Chili Cook off: Nov. 5th a Saturday at Terry Malloy’s house. Set your Calendars and think of your chili recipes your going to cook up!!!
This is an extremely early meeting in the month and the only day Terry could Host. We will be Voting that day for Board Members and Club Member or the year.
We have not decided on whether or not we are pushing First Friday, but it is more then likely. Nov. 5th will be our November Meeting.
Style of the Month: Ciders and Meads, plus Spiced, Smoked and Wood aged beers.


Firestone Walker/PG Collaboration bottle purchase survey.

Hello PG members,

Below is a link to a Google Doc survey Brian Holter worked up to see who in the club (that are paid up Pacific Gravity members) want to possibly purchase bottle(s) of our FW/PG Bourbon Barreled aged Weizenbock. This would be done through the club, there is no discount on bottles, the club would have to purchase the bottles and then you pay back the club for them. The benefit being is you would guarantee a few bottles for yourself when they go on sale at all FW locations. So you could go buy them at the FW store locations too when they are released too.

All you have to do is fill out the survey, but make sure that if you do fill it out you are actually committed to buying those bottles. First and Last Name/email/and 1,2, or 3 bottles is all you need to fill out.

Here is the Link with more info as well:

There is still a chance to get Cider!! Please fill out survey now!

Hi PG,

There is still cider available from Honest Abe, but space is limited and they opened up collections to all clubs in the area! Please fill out the super easy survey below to hold your gallon amount wanted.

First here are some new info updates:
-Price point is at $7 a gallon, so $35 for a 5 gallon!
-Pick up times: anyone can pickup during regular tasting room hours on the 6th and 7th 4:30-7pm. Or on Sat the 8th from 9am-2pm.

Honest Abe Cider Address:
17800 S Main St #105, Gardena, CA 90248

Please fill out this super quick Survey to hold you cider amount:

This survey will close at the end of the weekend so please fill it out today!

Last chance to Volunteer to help OPCC, email today!!

HI PG-er’s:

Happy Friday! Who’s up for volunteering on Wednesday, October 5th?

We need to find out who can join us for a fun volunteer event as soon as possible. See below for more details about the volunteer event. The event includes a free dinner!

Note: volunteers are needed at the event from 4pm to approximately 9-9:30pm. (any time off work would be for a really good cause! )

Please let us know if you can make it as soon as possible TODAY (Friday, Sept 23rd). They have many (non-PG) volunteers already lined up but they still need some more volunteers. So, now is the time to sign up if you are interested and available.

And, thanks to a few of you who have already signed up to help volunteer.

Here are the details:
Volunteers needed PG’s favorite charity‘s (OPCC) fall fund raiser event on Wednesday, October 5th.
We need to get a firm list of volunteers ASAP.
Friends and family are welcome to volunteer too! 

Please contact Mimi at 
[email protected] ASAP to volunteer for this event. (Or contact Kate Berman directly at [email protected]— she is the Sr. Officer of Volunteer Relationships.)

See details below for this PG volunteer opportunity:


Wednesday, October 5, 2016Event: 6pm – 9 pm
(volunteers needed at 4pm)

: The Mark for Events9320 W. Pico Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90035
(in the Pico/Robertson area)


The evening will celebrate the successful merger of OPCC & Lamp Community whose vital work focuses on rebuilding the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors in our community.


Volunteer info:

·       20 volunteers needed to help at event from 4pm to 9-9:30pm

·       Volunteer duties at event will include:

*    Helping with art gallery pieces for sale (give info)

*    Helping with both Silent and Live Auction

*    Registration
*    Help with whatever else is needed

·       Dinner is included for volunteers. (note: there will be downtime during dinner service)

·       Attire for Volunteers is Business/Business Casual (i.e. slacks & button down shirt)

·       More detailed info will be emailed directly to volunteers from OPCC.

Honest Abe Cider, fill out survey for cider!!

Hi PG members,

Not sure if you all remember something months ago we posted a survey to see who would what to buy cider from Honest Abe Cider. Well things have been delayed quite a while, but it is back on!! Please Re-fill out the survey below in the message from Strand Brewers Club President Bob Willson. If you filled it out before or if you want to buy Cider form Honest Abe you must fill out this quick survey for how much you want to purchase. Then on Oct. 8th Honest Abe will host a collection day for Cider. No purchase necessary at this time to fill out the survey, all purchase will be later probably on the day of collection. Price of purchase will be based on how many want cider, but no more then $30-40 per 5 gallons of fresh quality Cider!

Please read below:

Hi folks!
You may recall we’ve wanted to do a cider collaboration/competition with Honest Abe for a while now. It’s finally happening! The cider pickup will be on October 8th at the cidery (address below). What I need from y’all asap is to update your cider commitment using the survey below. I know; you’ve already filled out this survey, but things change and I want to make sure we have an up-to-date estimate of cider.

Bob Wilson, President
Strand Brewers Club


Honest Abe Address:
17800 S Main St #105, Gardena, CA 90248

Volunteers needed!!! for a fun event with PG’s favorite charity: OPCC. (Wednesday, October 5th)

We need to get a firm list of volunteers by this coming FRIDAY, September 23rd.

Friends and family are welcome to volunteer too!
Please contact Mimi at
[email protected] ASAP to volunteer for this event. (Or contact Kate Berman directly at [email protected]— she is the Sr. Officer of Volunteer Relationships.)

See details below for this PG volunteer opportunity:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Event: 6pm – 9 pm (volunteers needed at 4pm!!!)

Location: The Mark for Events
9320 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035
(in the Pico/Robertson area)

The evening will celebrate the successful merger of OPCC & Lamp Community whose vital work focuses on rebuilding the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors in our community.

As well it is a great night of fund raising for the merged organizations. Check out more here on these links: OPCC.NET or Lamp Community and the 6th Annual Fall Fair.

Volunteer info:

·      20 volunteers needed to help at event from 4pm to 9-9:30pm

·      Volunteer duties at event will include:

*   Helping with art gallery pieces for sale (give info)

*   Helping with both Silent and Live Auction

*   Registration

*   Help with whatever else is needed

·      Dinner is included for volunteers. (note: there will be downtime during dinner service)

·      Attire for Volunteers is Business/Business Casual (i.e. slacks & button down shirt)

·      More detailed info will be emailed directly to volunteers from OPCC.

Thank you, and I hope as many of you can come out and volunteer for this great charity and organization that have asked us to help!


Help pass legislation AB 2172, so homebrewers can congregate at Craft Beer Licensed Establishments!!!

We’re supporting an effort by the California Homebrewers Association to pass legislation on behalf of CA homebrewers.
American Homebrewers Association
Urge Governor Brown to Sign AB 2172
Legislation Would Permit Homebrew Clubs to Meet, Hold Competitions and Share Their Beer Amongst Themselves at Licensed Establishments

The American Homebrewers Association is supporting an effort led by the California Homebrewers Association to pass legislation on behalf of California’s homebrewers.

Your action is needed now to ensure Governor Brown signs AB 2172, sponsored by Assemblyman Brian Jones of Santee, into law. If enacted, this bill will permit homebrew clubs to meet, hold competitions and share their beer amongst themselves at licensed establishments such as brewpubs, tasting rooms and restaurants.

On August 24, AB 2172 passed a final vote by Assembly, sending it to the Governor’s desk.

How Can You Help?

This is our last big push to ensure this bill is signed into law.

You may use this sample letter from the California Homebrewers Association to customize your own letter of support. It is important to be polite and respectful in your message. Please remember that this is a bipartisan issue and anything that we send is a reflection on all California homebrewers and our wonderful hobby.

Letter Address:

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

While letters are more effective, an online form is available as an alternative means of contacting the Governor. Be sure to select AB 2172 as the chosen subject.

Thank you for your support of homebrewers. Your action could make the difference in whether or not this legislation becomes law.


Gary Glass
American Homebrewers Association