Hello Pacific Gravity Home Brewers!

 Our next PG Club meeting is Thursday, August 21st @ Culver City Home Brew Supply (7:30pm)

 We have a lot of news to share at this meeting, so your attendance is appreciated! Some notes about the meeting….

PBC is fast approaching and we need your coolers to help keep your hard work cold during judging. If you have a cooler you can lend us – please bring them to the August 21st Club meeting @ Culver City Home Brew Supply! BE COOL AND BRING A COOLER!

 …and a reminder that August 22nd is the deadline for entries! Go online and register now and bring your bottles to the Club Meeting!

Our bus trip coordinator Kurt Periolat has organized a Fall trip down to some favorite OC’s breweries on Saturday, October 18th. TAPS FISHOUSE & BREWING’s patio will be out first stop for brews and grub. BOTTLE LOGIC is on the docket; with a third stop @ VALIANT BREWING COMPANY. Cost is $25.00 for the bus ride with limited seating available. Details about pick up location(s) and time(s) to follow. Come to the August 21st PG Club meeting @ Culver City Home Brew Supply and sign up!

Well…it’s not any of the delicious food served up at the party…pretty sure Dean took care of that! It’s some miscellaneous items like kegs, easy ups, and jockey boxes. These lost and found items will be available for pick up @ CCHBS during the August 21st Club meeting. After that they are going into deep storage and will not be easily available. COME AND GET IT!

We’re looking for a host(s) for our Style of the Month Commercial tasting of Wheat Beers! Here’s how it works…go out and grab a selection of beers reflecting the style on Pacific Gravity’s budget. That’s right – we’ll be your sugar mama! Then share some information about your picks while you pour at the August meeting. Win friends and influence people – with BEER! Contact me @ vicepresident ( at ) pacificgravity (dot) com ASAP to enlist! WHEAT NEED YOU! 

If you didn’t grab one of our new PG T’s, PG Tasting glasses, and/or PG lanyards at the Summer Party – now’s your chance! We’ll have them available for purchase @ the meeting! **If you purchased a PG lanyard at the Summer Party – your custom fit aluminum PG Tasting glass holder ring is available for pick up! Free of charge with new PG lanyard*** So come and get your PG gear! You don’t want to be the odd man/woman out during our PG class picture.

 As always, bring a brew that you’re proud of, or a bottle of your favorite to share with you fellow PG Home Brewers! See you @ CCHBS next Thursday, August 21st.


VP | Pacific Gravity Home Brewer’s Club
         Celebrating 25 Years in 2015!

Summer Party: New Pacific Gravity gear: Lanyards and Glass holders!

The last of our PG gear that will be for sale at this year’s Summer Party is our new Lanyards with beer glass holders.  These things are extremely slick.  The lanyards are custom embroidered with our logo and name along the leash and come with a small black plastic ring that you can use to hold your taster glass in it.  In August we will be handing out larger aluminum rings to those of you who purchased lanyards from the club at the Summer Party that will fit our new PG glassware.  Here is a picture of the new lanyards:

Custom beer Lanyards and holders!

Custom beer Lanyards and holders!  photo courtesy

Lanyards will be for sale for $10 including both the plastic and aluminum ring (handed out at the August club meeting).  If you buy a glass and a lanyard at the same time the price for the two items is discounted to $14.

Is it Saturday yet?

Summer Party: New Pacific Gravity gear! Glasses!

We are now officially one week away from our Summer Party.  We had our planning meeting at Dean’s house this past Thursday and I am really excited about the food lineup that Ian is putting together and some of the raffle prizes that we are going to be giving away throughout the party.

In addition to the raffle prizes, we ordered some new Pacific Gravity gear that will be for sale during the party.  Last night when I got home I found the boxes for our new PG glassware sitting at my front door!  Here is a picture of the glasses:

2014 Pacific Gravity Glasses!

2014 Pacific Gravity Glasses!

These glasses will be for sale at the front gate when you arrive.  They are the same 10oz glasses that I showed at the June club meeting at Neil’s house and they look awesome!  We have a few more PG items that will be for sale at the party as well which I will post about this week.


Just a quick reminder that this party is best when we have a lot of volunteers to help us put everything together.  Please read through this post from earlier this week outlining the help that we will need from all of you to help make this party awesome.  For those of you who have already volunteered, thank you!

The event page is located HERE.  Like last year, entry to the party is free for paid club members and there is a $10 entry fee for all guests.  This $10 fee goes towards helping the club host events in the future for all of you.

Cheers everyone – see you soon!