Holiday Party; We Need Your Help!

The Holiday party is fast approaching and we need your help! The party is set for December 12th this year. Our summer party was a huge success primarily because of those of you who cooked a dish and brought it to the party! Our holiday party has always been the more traditional “pot-luck” of the two parties and so I am hoping all of you can come through for us again!

The food is mostly traditional style holiday dishes, I expect we will see things like deep-fried turkey’s, baked ham, Carbonnades a la Flamande and prime rib served with sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, many kinds of vegetables and salads and breads. Plus the desserts! Pies, cakes, cookies and cupcakes! The desserts last year were amazing and I did not even get to try them all!

What I am hoping to do is have a similar type of sign up as we did for the summer party. If you can make a dish, any dish, please let me know and I will add you to the master food list. You can email me at [email protected] just give me your name and which dish you plan to bring. I will coordinate the list and update the group as to things we may need.

We are cooking for 200 party goers but don’t let that scare you! I am not trying to get one person to make all the food, but rather I am hoping we can get many members to make a single batch that when added all together will be our feast! If you can make a large batch (or even a small batch) of any of the above items I want to hear from you!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


New PG Shirts Arrive!


Latest word from the printer is that the new shirts will be ready in time for November’s meeting! Get to this month’s meeting and bring your wallet!

Just in time for the holidays we’ll have lady’s (American Apparel) sizes S, M, L in short sleeves and men’s (Hanes) S, M, L, XL, XXL, and even a few XXXL’s in short and long sleeves. (Sorry XXXL is short sleeve only). Outfit your whole crew!$20 for the short sleeves, $25 for long.

Promote your club in style!

Competition Corner

Results of the California State Homebrew Competition have been announced.  The best effort of the club this time was carried by Pete Morris, who picked up two 2nd place ribbons and a 3rd.  Close behind him is a new name to the winners’ circle, Heath Haynes, who picked up two 3rd place ribbons.  Rounding out the field were one ribbon each for Craig Corley, Carl Townsend and Chris Simental.  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered.  Best of Show Read more

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Recap

Ahh, a crisp sunny day in fall.  What better way to spend it than teaching some friends how to brew?  That’s just what a dozen PG brewers did on Saturday, November 7th, the official Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day as designate by the American Homebrewers Association.

Our host and instructor for the day was Neil Saund, who Read more

It’s Holiday Party Time-Again!

The annual PG Holiday Party is almost here, this year to be held on December 12. This will be a first for the club, holding the party on a Saturday. This will guarantee a great turnout, lots of beer, food, and fun for all.

The Great Gathering takes the place of our monthly Club meeting, so that club members don’t have to miss celebrating the holidays with their families.

For those new members, and there are many of you reading this, the Holiday party is as good as the Summer Party. There are a few differences, though. This is not a kid friendly event. The party is at night, a lot more crowded and noisy, and there is nothing for a child to do, except be stepped on.

Once again, Neil Saund is graciously allowing us to hold the party at his empty duplex in Del Rey. We’ll have our usual line up of incredible appetizers, fabulous main courses, and succulent desserts.

Four batches of Carbonnades a la Flamande, each featuring a different beer, are being cooked, to be scarfed up by members and guests. We hope no one will be too “stewed” to eat it.
We’ll be having Baked Hams, for you porkers among you. Fried turkeys will be cooked and gobbled up. A most special surprise treat, by Club Chef Ian Fraser, will be served right on ‘cue for those of the bovine persuasion.

In addition to the above, we count on YOU to also bring food, beer, soda and any other homemade or purchased beverages you can think of. The Club depends on the membership and its guests for making the party a complete success. Appetizers, snacks, salads, sweets, and desserts are more than welcome. They are actually needed!

We also need volunteers for set up, and clean up. Those who arrive early get first beer tastings, and those who stay late, get to pick over the leftovers, which usually include some late night brews. We will be setting up on Sunday, Dec. 6 around 12-4, and again on Saturday Dec. 12 in the early afternoon. Cleanup is Sunday morning, around 10.

If you don’t know what to bring, contact me or PG Prez Craig Corley for hints.
[email protected]
[email protected]

The Board of Directors wants to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season. May Gambrinus be with you.

Address: 12966 Rubens Ave.
Los Angeles 90066
Date: December 12, 2009.
Time: 7:00pm. The party ends when the last one out locks the door.

November 2009 Club Meeting

The November club meeting will be on Thursday, November 19th from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Culver City Home Brewing Supply. We’ll be featuring Brown Ales and Porters as our style of the month and as always; we’ll have some homebrewed examples on tap to complement our monthly commercial style tasting (volunteer kegs are welcome).  Lee and Andrew Bakofsky will be guiding us on a tour of Brown Ales and Porters for our style tasting.  Please remember to bring some of your homebrew to share with us.  While you’re at it, bring some of your friends and maybe some new members.  As always we’ll be giving away lots of club swag and beer/brewing related goodies (donations welcome) in our monthly raffle.

The November meeting will feature our annual election of club officers and the club member of the year. We will be voting for President, Vice President and Treasurer.  In addition, we will be voting for the prestigious honor of Club Member of the Year with the results of this ballot to be announced at our Holiday Party on December 12th.  See Annual Club Elections for more details.

We’re planning on having the new club tee shirts with our new club logo on hand.  If you pre-ordered a shirt we’ll have yours set aside for you to pick up and if not, we’ll have extras available, but you’ll probably want to pick one up before we run out of your favorite size/style.

With this being the last meeting before our annual Holiday Party, we’ll be actively seeking volunteers for food and homebrew.  Plan on showing up and signing up to let us know what food and homebrew you’re planning on sharing with us.  We’ll also be collecting entries for the upcoming Belgian Strong Ales (category 18) AHA club only competition (see Competition Corner for more info).  Of course we’ll also have the latest info on all upcoming club events, plan on joining us…

Annual Club Elections

Nominations were accepted at the October meeting and we’ll be holding our annual elections for the Club Board and the Club Member of the Year award at the November club meeting on Nov 19th.

The 2010 Club Board will have a slightly different look since Club President, Craig Corley has decided its time to take a break from running the club.  Drew Butler and the team of Peggy Robinson & Nathalie Caldwell were nominated to replace him as club president. Dan Hakes was re-nominated as Vice President and Craig Corley was nominated for Treasurer. The remaining board positions are appointed and will include Carl Townsend returning as Competition Coordinator, Mike Steinberg returning as Activities Director, Ian Fraser rejoining as Club Chef, Thomas Lee Bakofsky & David Stickel returning as Webmasters, Terry Malloy joining as Fund Raiser, Dean Sussman joining as Style Tasting Coordinator, Josh Jensen returning as SCHBF representative, and Tomm Carroll returning as a newsletter columnist. While this is an impressive roster of club members, we’re always looking for new faces to get involved, contact Craig Corley at [email protected] if interested.

Six club members were nominated for the 2009 Club Member of the Year award. This award recognizes and honors significant contributions and involvement by club members.  The members nominated at the October meeting include Lee Bakofsky, Craig Corley, Dan Hakes, Jon Porter, Neil Saund, and Dean Sussman.  Selection of the Club Member of the Year will be done by secret ballot and the results will be announced at our annual Holiday Party by last years winner, Larry Caldwell.

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day

Every year, the first Saturday of November is designated “Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day”, by the American Homebrewer’s Association. This year Neil Saund is once again hosting a brew event at his home in Del Rey. The event is a single brew all grain event, and is a great opportunity for new members who want to move up from extract to all grain brewing. Snacks will be served.
See the club calendar, posted earlier today by club Prez, Craig Corley for a map link to Neil’s house.

First Friday At BottleRock, Downtown L.A.

This coming Friday, Nov. we will be going to BottleRock in downtown Los Angeles. We have usually had Sunday events at the Culver City branch, but if you havent been to the downtown incarnation, you’ve missed a very good drinking venue. They have more taps (see their website for menu) than C.C., and more food. It’s easy to get to, and is near the Staples Center and Nokia Theater. They have a new manager, Corwin, so be sure to introduce yourselves when you arrive.

Chili Cookoff Results

Well, better late than never, I say.
Your humble servant had an attack of the lazies and has neglected to write an article about the Chili Cokoff until now.
Here goes…
On September 26 Eric Moreau hosted the PG Annual Chili Competition and Big Brew. Eric and his loyal fellow brewer Chris “Cosmo” Briles brewed 10 gallons of Saison. with help from about 20 drinkers/observers.
We had 6 chili entries and the results were close for the Grand Prize winning Best Chili. After a tiebreaker vote, Club Master Chef, Ian Fraser, was once again crowned, “Master of Chili”. The prize was a bottle of Deus which,
being pre-chilled, was graqciously shared by all.
Current PG Treasurer, Peggy Robinson, won a Malheur Brut for making the “Most Unique” chili.
In addition to all the above, Tom Rierson made a tortilla and salsa verde side dish, worthy of the great chili being eaten. Eric’s mom made cupcakes, and we ate like piggies.
To all those who weren’t there, be sure to come next year. To those who weren’t successful in dethroning Ian, Including me, better luck next time.
Michael Steinberg, PG Activities Director