January 2012 Club Meeting Thursday the 19th

It’s our first club meeting of the year so please come out and kick off the New Year with some great beers!

Commercial Styles of the Month:  Pilsners & Dark Lagers, which are being carefully selected by our resident Lager enthusiast Neil Saund.

Homebrew Kegs of the Month: All types of Lager beers are encouraged.  Best keg of the bunch wins a $25 gift certificate to CCHBS, which happens at each meeting, so check out the upcoming style of the month on the website and start brewing!  If you would like to bring a keg to upcoming meetings, our VP, Dave Mauceli, will have a sign-up sheet and you can always shoot him an email at: [email protected]

COC- Dark Lagers: If you are bringing entries for the COC, you’ll need 3 bottles of your best Dark Lager.  Please see Carl’s Competition Coordinator post on the website for more info or email him at: [email protected]

COY Anchor Road Trip: If you plan to take the bus to SF, remember to bring $85 to reserve your seat (checks payable to Pacific Gravity).  We’ll also have pre-orders for our Club of the Year long-sleeve shirts for $25, so please bring your payment and decide what size you’d prefer!  See the website post for more information about the trip or email Kurt at: [email protected]

Club Merchandise: We have a few beer leashes ($5) and glasses ($6) left, as well as both long & short sleeve PG shirts ($15) and some Pacific Brewers Cup shirts ($20) for those of you who are interested.

Raffle: Our ever-enthusiastic Fundraiser, Terry Molloy, will be selling raffle tickets for $1 each.

For those of you who have never been to a meeting, this is a great way to meet current members, share and sample other homebrew or commercial beers & meads, and have some fun at the end of a long week!

Hope to see you all there


PG Meeting November 17

Don’t forget this most important meeting of the year, this Thursday at 7:30pm behind Culver City Home Brew Supply. We will be conducting our annual elections for President, Vice President, and Treasurer, as well as PG Club Member of the Year.

Ballots will be made available for the Member of the Year-Vote for TWO.

The monthly beer styles are German Wheat and Rye  Beers(BJCP Cat #15).

There will be a judging of the Club Only Competition entries,  also German Wheat and Rye Beers (BJCP Cat. #15).

If you cannot be present to vote, you may e-mail your selections to [email protected]

For more detailed election information please see the previous postings on the PG website.

If you have beer, whether in style, or not bring some to share. Remember, all in-style beers are eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to CCHBS if yours is chosen as the evening’s favorite.

We will be holding the monthly raffle, so if you have any equipment you wish to donate, please bring it. The reward for donating raffle prizes is free beer at all  meetings and parties.

There will be sign up sheets available for the following:

Holiday Party Beer and  Food, Volunteer opportunities for the Holiday Party-you really don’t want to pass up an opportunity to help out at this once a year event! Unlike the Summer party, this one is much more of a pot luck.

Volunteers will be making the main courses, including prime Rib, Hams, Deep Fried Turkeys, and Carbonnades a la Flamande. We need you members and guests to bring  appetizers,  sides,  salads, and  desserts. More details will be given at the meeting by our Activities Directors, Mimi and Audrey.

Be sure to check out the next edition of the Pacific Gravity Gazette which will be published at the end of November. I am sure that all your questions regarding the PG Holiday party will be answered.

Michael Steinberg,

President of Pacific Gravity, the 2011 California Homebrew Club of the Year!

PG Club Meeting – Thursday, October 20th @ 7:30pm

Our club meeting is this Thursday! Our October meeting will feature Belgian Strong Ales!

PG Treasurer, Craig Corley, will be hosting the commercial tasting, and he’ll have some fine examples of the styles.  As usual, anyone who brings a keg of Belgian Strongs will be in the running for a $25 CCHBS gift certificate if his/her beer is chosen the Best of the Night.

El Rincon Criollo, our club’s local Cuban & Spanish restaurant, will be selling food at our meeting! Food service will begin at 7pm. They will be offering plates of rice, beans, plantains & a choice of 1 meat (chicken or pork) for a discounted price of $7.50. Sandwiches will also be available at a discounted price of $7.00.

You will want to make sure you have a good meal before our PG October meeting with many strong Belgian Strong Ales being served. So, come support CCHBS’s neighbor, El Rincon Criollo, and enjoy their delicious food while enjoying the October beer offerings.

Our October meeting will be a busy one. Here are some of the topics:

  • Pacific Brewer’s Cup awards will be given out at the meeting.
  • As is tradition, at the October meeting the membership of the Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club will nominate candidates for Club Member of the Year!  (Nominations can also be made by email to [email protected] by 11/19/11. Also, see President’s article on PG website for more details or contact any PG Board member.)
  •  Also, as is tradition, at the October meeting the membership of the Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club will nominate candidates for Club Officer positions. The elected offices are President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Anyone who is interested in performing much needed service to the club is urged to run for office. (Nominations can also be made by email to [email protected] by 11/19/11.  Also, see President’s article on PG website for more details or contact any PG Board member.)
  •  There will be announcements & sign up sheets for many upcoming PG events, such as: 

                   NOVEMBER 12th “Go North” Road Trip
                   NOVEMBER 5th: Learn to Brew Day
                   DECEMBER 4th: First Sunday & Holiday Party Setup
                   DECEMBER 10th: PG Holiday Party

  • Raffle tickets can be purchased from Terry Molloy, PG Raffle Guy & Fundraiser. We always need raffle prizes, so if you have any used equipment you want to donate, it is much appreciated. Glasses, “excess” commercial beers in the monthly style and gift certificates are always appreciated.
  •  PG merchandise will also be available for purchase.

 See you all at our meeting on Thursday!


The Pacific Brewers Cup is now in the history books, and I’d like to extend my congratulations to all the participants and ribbon winners. I’d also like to extend a special thank you to Competition Coordinator, Carl Townsend. Carl performed yeoman’s work this year, keeping the crew on track, and making sure that the PBC was a successful event. We had a great crew working with Carl, including Head Judge- Jeff Koehler, Cellarmaster-Tim Bardet, Database Coordinator- Terry Molloy, and Head Steward- Peigi Robinson. Activities Directors Audrey and Mimi worked hard to put food and coffee on the table, and unsung heroes Neil Saund and Tom Rierson worked all weekend helping with transportation and setup. Dave Stickel handled the Website, and Tomm Carroll and I gathered sponsors for the event.

Elections Are Coming!
As is tradition, at the October 20th meeting the membership of the Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club will nominate candidates for Club Officer positions, as well as Club Member of the Year. The elected offices are President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Anyone who is interested in performing much needed service to the club is urged to run for office. I have served for one year, and will be unable to run again, so the field is clear for a new PG President. If you think you are up to the job, and want to find out more about what the President does, just ask any of the current Board members.
Pacific Gravity Club Member of the Year recognizes the individual who has performed work for the club above and beyond that asked or expected of all club members. This is the most prestigious award that club members can grant to one of our own. The nominees don’t have to be great brewers, or sit on the PG Board of Directors. The criteria for nomination is being present, taking part in activities, helping out when needed, and generally helping to make Pacific Gravity a great club, one we can all feel proud to be members of.
As in past years, nominations will be made by voice, taking place during after announcements are made. Nominees must be members in good standing, meaning they must have paid their dues in full by the time the meeting commences. All nominations are seconded by a club member.
This year we will do something we have not done before. Anyone who nominates a candidate for one of the Board positions, or Member of the Year, will be asked to write a short paragraph stating why (s)he has nominated that person. The statement should be no more than 1 paragraph long. All of the paragraphs will appear in the November newsletter, and be available prior to the actual election.
The reason for having nomination statements available to the voters is to allow everyone to know what makes each nominee deserving of the Board position, or Member of the Year award. Many of our new members may not know who the “unsung heroes” are; those quiet people who, year in and year out, work hard to keep the club vital.
Please come to the October meeting in order to take part, and have your voice heard.

Michael Steinberg

Club Meeting August 18th

This month’s Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club  meeting will feature Fruit Beers, ciders, Perries and Meads (BJCP Cats. 24-26). Those of you who were at Dan and Anne Hakes’  house on August  6th  for Mead Day know how good some meads can be. If you enjoyed them,  then come to this meeting and try some more. Better yet, if you have anything in style at home, bring samples to pass around for your fellow club members. If you DON’T have any of this month’s style bring something else to share. All beverages are welcome at any meeting. If you are a new or an experienced brewer, don’t be shy about bringing some of your homebrew for others to enjoy. Don’t Bogart that beer, my friends!

Activities Director, Mimi Bardet will be bringing snacks which promise to compliment the brews. If you feel up to it, bring snacks as weel as brews.

Sign up sheets will be available for upcoming events.

We have the Pacific Brewers Cup on Sept 24th, and a Fall Road Trip to the North-West (Valley) has been planned. Listen to the presentations during announcement time for details.

See you Thursday evening at 7:30 behind Culver City Homebrew Supply, home of the finest brewing supplies on the Westside.


Club Meeting June 16th

This Thursday is the June Club meeting, featuring Lagers. As
always, the meeting will take place at Culver City Homebrew Supply, running
from 7:30-10pm.

I’ll be at the AHA Conference in San Diego, so will be
missing this month’s meeting. Veep Reed Wilson will be taking over for me and making
the announcements.  Our Activities Directors,
Audrey and Mimi will supply the snacks, and urge you to go on the Stuffed
Sandwich Road Trip, brew beer for the Summer Party, and volunteer to help out
at club events.

Fundraiser Terry Molloy will sell a lot of raffle tickets, I
hope, and give away some great prizes.

Don’t forget to bring beer to the meeting (favorite lager
wins a $25 gift certificate), even if it is not in the monthly style. If you’re
a new brewer, bring samples for our club experts and judges to taste and give
you feedback.  Most importantly, enjoy yourself.

May 19 Club Meeting

This Thursday we will all gather out back of Culver City Home Brew Supply to share American Ales (BJCP Category #10). Our tasting host will be newcomer to the job, Andy Caruso.

Snacks will be provided by Audrey and Mimi, our super duper Activities Directors.

Audrey has been busy making more beer leashes, so bring some extra cash or a check.

Leashes are $5, PG glasses, $6. $10 for both. What a bargain, and opportunity to support P.G. These items make perfect Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, or Wedding gifts.

We have  lowered the price of P.G. shirts. They are now $15, a bargain you shouldn’t pass up. Also, until we sell the current stock, we won’t be able to move on to our next shirt, with a different logo.

The meeting begins at 7:30, with announcements at 8, followed by the commercial tasting, and raffle at 9.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Michael Steinberg, President

Special Raffle at April 21st PG Meeting!

Come one, come all to our “special” raffle at tomorrow’s Monthly Meeting. The Pacific Gravity Board of Directors has decided to donate ALL raffle proceeds to a worthy Japanese charity. Activities Director, Mimi Bardet, and Tomm Carroll have been contacting friends in Japan in order to find an appropriate charity. A final decision on which one we will send money to has not yet taken place, but rest assured, it will be one worthy of our efforts.

If you have any equipment, glasses, or beer you would care to donate to this (or any other) raffle, please bring it to the meeting. All donations are welcome.

Don’t forget to bring cash to the meeting so that you can purchase tickets from Terry Molloy, our Grand Fundraiser. Lets see if we can break a record, and send a nice fat check to relieve the suffering in Northeastern Japan.

Michael Steinberg,

President, Pacific Gravity

Club Meeting-April 21

Wow! Time flies when you’re drinking beer. Seems like we were just drinking Stouts and Bocks. Now it’s time for the April styles, Porters, Smoke Flavored and Wood-Aged brews. If you have any homebrewed beers in these styles, please bring kegs or bottles to share at the meeting. As usual, the beer voted Favorite of the Meeting will get the brewer a $25 CCHBS gift certificate.

As usual, Audrey and Mimi, our esteemed Activities Directors will have a selection of fine snacks. I may bring some smoked popcorn (or maybe just burned).


If you are going to the Southern California Homebrew Festival (4/29 – 5/1) and haven’t paid, PLEASE show up at the meeting and see Vic Macias, SCHF Coordinator. Vic will also be holding a short meeting of those who will be going to the Fest, in order to give out some very important information, as well as answering any questions you may have.


Kurt Periolat is going to start working on our next road trip, so if you have any suggestions for destinations, please let him, or one of the other Board members know. You can always send Kurt, VP Reed Wilson, our Activities Directors, or me an E-mail with any ideas you may have.


There will be a Club Only Competition held at the meeting featuring BJCP Category #22C-Wood-Aged Beers. If you have any of that style you’d like to enter in the COC competition, please bring a bottle or two to the meeting. The one chosen by our judges will be entered in the AHA Club Only Competition-at no cost to the entrant. PG will pick up the tab for the entry and shipping.

Meeting starts at 7:30pm behind Culver City Homebrew Supply and ends at 10. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Michael Steinberg

President-Pacific Gravity

Ladies Club Meeting: Thursday 4/14

Hey PG ladies just wanted to remind you that tomorrow night is our monthly ladies meeting. The meeting will start at 7:30 at the Culver city homebrew store. There will be beer tasting and possibly a brewing demo. hope to see you all there!