Smog City Monster Brew March 8th

On March 8, 2014 Smog City Brewing Company and its Brewmaster, SmogCityLogo PG’s Jon Porter, will be hosting their first Pacific Gravity Monster Brew.  Porter is bringing the tradition from Tustin Brewing where we have had several excellent monster brews in the past. Read more

Congregation Monster Brew Update

We’ve pretty much maxed out the guaranteed wort allotment of the Congregation Ale House Monster Brew for Saturday morning Nov 2.   However, depending on the accuracy of volume measurement, we may have a few more batches.  If you have a second bucket available, bring it along and you might get a second pour.  Any second pours will be on a first-signed up priority basis.  My best guess (no guarantee) is about 10 more buckets.

Please put a name tag on your bucket.  Last year we had a few get lost or swapped.

Also, the folks from Telemundo 52 are interested in dropping by to check out the event.  They would especially be interested in any Spanish-proficient brewers to interview who could walk them through the brewing process.   If you are up for this (or willing to chat with them seprately about homebrew) drop me a line at [email protected], or Erick Mendosa at  [email protected]
818•260•5710 C: 323•717•2349

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Still Room for Congregation Monster Brew Nov 2nd

We still have room for more brewers on Learn to Brew Day, Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at Congregation Ale House.   If you haven’t already signed up, drop me a line at [email protected] by Monday, Oct 28th.  One 5-gallon batch of wort per person will be available on a first sign-up first served basis.   The wort is free, but you must sign up ahead of time to guarantee your batch.

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Congregation Ale House Monster Brew November 2 – Sign Up Now

Join us for a unique opportunity to brew  congregation a batch of beer at Congregation Ale House on Learn to Brew Day,Saturday, November 2nd, 2013.  Caleb and tRav have graciously offered us this opportunity after we Pacific Gravity members demonstrated our brewing prowess by capturing the most awards in the 2012 Pacific Brewers Cup.    The wort is free, but you must sign up ahead of time to guarantee your batch.  If you didn’t sign up at the October club meeting, drop me a line at [email protected].  One 5-gallon batch of wort per person will be available on a first sign-up first served basis.    Read more

Tustin Monster Brew Final Details

Monster brew is just around the corner!

We’ll be starting on Saturday bright and early at 6 am.
The wort will pour around noontime and most people will leave around 1 or 1:30

Here are a few things to remember:

-No glass fermenters of any kind please.
-Bring equipment already sanitized and remember a funnel if you have a Better Bottle
-If you haven’t yet paid, bring cash or a check to give to Tim at the event
-Please be good guests and allow only our hosts to pour beer from the taps for us
-Plan on buying lunch, they will open the kitchen at 11am
-Carpool if possible, there is also a back parking lot behind the shopping center which we can use. You can always pull your car around and load fermenters when you are leaving.

Tustin Brewing Co

13011 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA. 92780
From LA:

Take 405 South
Take 22 East
Take 5 South
Exit at Newport ave and go north (left turn off the exit ramp)
Tustin Brew co will be on your left just after irvine blvd


See you there,

Reminder – Sign Up for Tustin Monster Brew Now

Remember to sign up for the Tustin Monster brew by Thursday, February 28th.  After that, we will open up any remaining slots to other local homebrew clubs.

Please drop an email to me at [email protected]  and our treasurer Tim Bardet at [email protected]  to reserve your slot.

The cost will be $30 for each 5 gallons of wort.  Everybody will be guaranteed 1 batch, and if mash volume permits, a second batch.

Payment for the event must be done in advance.  Please drop off a check ASAP to  Culver City Homebrew Supply.  Be sure to include your name, telephone number, and E-mail address.    You cannot order wort the day of the event.  Yeast and any additional ingredients you wish to add are not included.  You can bring your yeast to the brewery, or pitch it at home.

For more details about this event, please check my prior article at

Tustin Monster Brew March 9th

tustinlogoOn March 9, 2013 the Tustin Brewing Company and its Brewmaster, PG’s Jon Porter, will be hosting their 5th professional style Monster Brew.

PG Brewmaster Carl Townsend and Jon have developed a new base wort for this event. This year we are going for a spelt-based recipe with about 1/3rd spelt malt and a bit of oats.  This will be a great starting point for a spelt-based wheat beer, a Farmhouse ale, Saison or Wit.   For you hop heads, boost up the bitterness with your favorite American hop tea to make an awesome spelt IPA, or darken it up with chocolate malt to make a spelt porter.   Or, use your imagination to make the most awesome beer ever.  Each person will pitch his yeast of choice, add adjuncts to the wort, dry hop in secondary, or do nothing special to it. For some great suggestions, see Carl’s article, How do I modify my Tustin Brew #5?


The cost will be $30 for each 5 gallons of wort.  Everybody will be guaranteed 1 batch, and if mash volume permits, a second batch.  Read more

Big Brew/Jockey Box Day/Chili Cook-off Saturday Oct 20th

Join us the Saturday, October 20th for the combined Jockey Box/Chili Cook-off and Big Brew Day, at Carl Townsend’s house.

We have a busy schedule of events, so come by early and spend the day.  First on the schedule is flame-on for the all-grain brewers.  We’ll get going around 10:00 AM.  Extract brewers can stop by a bit later.  We still have a bit more room for brewing, so if you want to bring your kettles come on by.  This is an excellent time to get your Holiday beer going, if you haven’t already brewed it.

Next up is the jockey box build.  See my Brewmaster article for all the details of this event.  We still have a bunch of tubing available, so if you are on the fence for this one, feel free to jump in.  We might run out of other supplies, but at least you can bend your tubing and make up a parts list, which you can pick up at the Culver City shop later on.  Remember to bring your cooler.

And, don’t forget the chili cook-off.  Read more

How do I build a Jockey Box?

This Month’s Question:  How do I build a Jockey Box?

 Answer:    The simple answer to this is to join us on Jockey Box/Chili Cook-off and Big Brew Day, Saturday, October 20th at Carl Townsend’s house.   You bring a cooler, and we’ll bring a bunch of supplies, so at the end of the day you can head home with a new portable beer serving system.

The critical thing from a planning standpoint is to let us know ahead of time how many taps you want, so we can plan accordingly.    I need to place the order for tubing in advance, so if you haven’t already signed up at the August or September club meeting and want to join the construction project, please send me an email at [email protected] by Oct 1st.   Each line will get a ten-foot piece of 3/8” stainless steel tubing, and you can buy as many lines as you want. Read more

Mead Day August 11th

Mead Day

It’s that time of year again… Mead Day! We missed the official AHA national Mead
Day (August 4), but that is not going to stop us. Pacific Gravity will be celebrating
it’s own Mead Day on Saturday August 11 at the home of Dan & Anne Hakes. We
will be brewing, tasting and talking about mead. If you have some mead to share,
bring it along.

This is a club potluck event, please bring beer and food to share. The Carriage
House Taproom will be open, but Dan has been slacking off and the taps will not be

Drop by, socialize, and watch how easy it is to make mead!

Saturday August 11, 2012

10:00 AM

2379 W 21st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90018