Tustin Monster Brew Final Details

Monster brew is just around the corner!

We’ll be starting on Saturday bright and early at 6 am.
The wort will pour around noontime and most people will leave around 1 or 1:30

Here are a few things to remember:

-No glass fermenters of any kind please.
-Bring equipment already sanitized and remember a funnel if you have a Better Bottle
-If you haven’t yet paid, bring cash or a check to give to Tim at the event
-Please be good guests and allow only our hosts to pour beer from the taps for us
-Plan on buying lunch, they will open the kitchen at 11am
-Carpool if possible, there is also a back parking lot behind the shopping center which we can use. You can always pull your car around and load fermenters when you are leaving.

Tustin Brewing Co

13011 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA. 92780
From LA:

Take 405 South
Take 22 East
Take 5 South
Exit at Newport ave and go north (left turn off the exit ramp)
Tustin Brew co will be on your left just after irvine blvd


See you there,

Reminder – Sign Up for Tustin Monster Brew Now

Remember to sign up for the Tustin Monster brew by Thursday, February 28th.  After that, we will open up any remaining slots to other local homebrew clubs.

Please drop an email to me at [email protected]  and our treasurer Tim Bardet at [email protected]  to reserve your slot.

The cost will be $30 for each 5 gallons of wort.  Everybody will be guaranteed 1 batch, and if mash volume permits, a second batch.

Payment for the event must be done in advance.  Please drop off a check ASAP to  Culver City Homebrew Supply.  Be sure to include your name, telephone number, and E-mail address.    You cannot order wort the day of the event.  Yeast and any additional ingredients you wish to add are not included.  You can bring your yeast to the brewery, or pitch it at home.

For more details about this event, please check my prior article at http://pacificgravity.org/2013/02/tustin-monster-brew-march-9th/

Tustin Monster Brew March 9th

tustinlogoOn March 9, 2013 the Tustin Brewing Company and its Brewmaster, PG’s Jon Porter, will be hosting their 5th professional style Monster Brew.

PG Brewmaster Carl Townsend and Jon have developed a new base wort for this event. This year we are going for a spelt-based recipe with about 1/3rd spelt malt and a bit of oats.  This will be a great starting point for a spelt-based wheat beer, a Farmhouse ale, Saison or Wit.   For you hop heads, boost up the bitterness with your favorite American hop tea to make an awesome spelt IPA, or darken it up with chocolate malt to make a spelt porter.   Or, use your imagination to make the most awesome beer ever.  Each person will pitch his yeast of choice, add adjuncts to the wort, dry hop in secondary, or do nothing special to it. For some great suggestions, see Carl’s article, How do I modify my Tustin Brew #5?


The cost will be $30 for each 5 gallons of wort.  Everybody will be guaranteed 1 batch, and if mash volume permits, a second batch.  Read more

Big Brew/Jockey Box Day/Chili Cook-off Saturday Oct 20th

Join us the Saturday, October 20th for the combined Jockey Box/Chili Cook-off and Big Brew Day, at Carl Townsend’s house.

We have a busy schedule of events, so come by early and spend the day.  First on the schedule is flame-on for the all-grain brewers.  We’ll get going around 10:00 AM.  Extract brewers can stop by a bit later.  We still have a bit more room for brewing, so if you want to bring your kettles come on by.  This is an excellent time to get your Holiday beer going, if you haven’t already brewed it.

Next up is the jockey box build.  See my Brewmaster article for all the details of this event.  We still have a bunch of tubing available, so if you are on the fence for this one, feel free to jump in.  We might run out of other supplies, but at least you can bend your tubing and make up a parts list, which you can pick up at the Culver City shop later on.  Remember to bring your cooler.

And, don’t forget the chili cook-off.  Read more

How do I build a Jockey Box?

This Month’s Question:  How do I build a Jockey Box?

 Answer:    The simple answer to this is to join us on Jockey Box/Chili Cook-off and Big Brew Day, Saturday, October 20th at Carl Townsend’s house.   You bring a cooler, and we’ll bring a bunch of supplies, so at the end of the day you can head home with a new portable beer serving system.

The critical thing from a planning standpoint is to let us know ahead of time how many taps you want, so we can plan accordingly.    I need to place the order for tubing in advance, so if you haven’t already signed up at the August or September club meeting and want to join the construction project, please send me an email at [email protected] by Oct 1st.   Each line will get a ten-foot piece of 3/8” stainless steel tubing, and you can buy as many lines as you want. Read more

Mead Day August 11th

Mead Day

It’s that time of year again… Mead Day! We missed the official AHA national Mead
Day (August 4), but that is not going to stop us. Pacific Gravity will be celebrating
it’s own Mead Day on Saturday August 11 at the home of Dan & Anne Hakes. We
will be brewing, tasting and talking about mead. If you have some mead to share,
bring it along.

This is a club potluck event, please bring beer and food to share. The Carriage
House Taproom will be open, but Dan has been slacking off and the taps will not be

Drop by, socialize, and watch how easy it is to make mead!

Saturday August 11, 2012

10:00 AM

2379 W 21st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90018


Big Brew Reminder – Saturday May 26th

Hey folks:

Don’t forget that this Saturday, May 26th, is Big Brew day.  At this point we have four brewers and room for one or two more.

If you ever wanted to learn the ropes of all-grain brewing, this is the perfect opportunity.  I’ll be brewing up a batch of ultra-dark Read more

Big Brew on May 26, 2012

Bring out your kettles and burners and join us for a Big Brew on Saturday May 26th at the home of our Competition Coordinator and Brewmaster, Carl Townsend.  This will be a perfect opportunity to whip up something for the Summer Party.

Carl will be unveiling his brand new brew stand and bolting on the amazing thermosiphon reboiler.  Read more

Big Brew @ Neil’s: Saturday, January 28th

What’s up, my fellow club members?  I’d like to remind you all that we’ll be holding another Big Brew at Neil’s palatial duplex on Saturday, January 28th.

For those unaware, a Big Brew is simply a multiple-brewer event, usually held outdoors.  If you’re new to homebrewing or want to make the jump to all-grain, these events are great opportunities to observe some of the myriad processes, equipment, and techniques our legion of club homebrewers employs to create the fine fermented beverages we consume at our meetings and parties.  Or in garages.

Neil will likely be brewing an all-grain cauldron of something hoppy or strong (or both), I’ll probably brew something weird extract-style, and there’s plenty of room for more brewers.  If you’d like to brew with us, please shoot me an email at [email protected] and inform.  Remember to bring your own “brewing rig”, ingredients, fermenter, etc.  Neil will have filtered water available.

Here are the details:

  • When:  Saturday, January 28th.  Brewing should begin around 10am and we’ll finish up around 6pm or so.
  • Where:  Neil’s Duplex: 12966 Rubens Ave, Marina Del Rey-adjacent, 90066
  • Beer:  As provided by those in attendance, so feel free to bring a keg, a growler, bottles, or any other vessels of brew.
  • Food:  We’ll have a gas grill available if you’d like to bring something to sear.  We may also order some “community” pizza for those willing to pitch in a few duckets.  Potluck stuff to share is always welcome too.

Here’s a link to a recap I wrote of our last Big Brew in November for AHA “Learn To Brew Day”.

Thanks, and hope to see you at Neil’s on the 28th.

— Victor

Learn To Brew Day – where were you, ay? (with photos)

In spite of the ever-so-slightly inclement weather the day before, Saturday morning greeted us with about as clear a sky as you’re likely to see in a metropolis such as our own.  Learn To Brew Day, hosted by the ever-generous Neil Saund at his palatial duplex , would go on.  Carl arrived just before I did and was unloading a stripped-down version of his all-grain system – sorry kids – no thermosiphon reboiler.  I followed suit and in no-time, water was on the fire.  Neil was already set up, and we were soon joined by the brewing trio of Dave, Kurt, and Anthony.  Rives Borland, our resident double-agent, arrived a bit later and got going right out.  It’s OK, Rives – only a matter of time – just ask Dan!  On tap was Neil’s “Norm-influenced” hoppy Amber ale, and a while later, our host’s amazingly-aged Imperial Stout with lots of residual nitro made its presence known – and boy, did it.

Carl brewed an all-grain Amber ale, Neil made a giant vat of “Teach Wheat”, I cranked out an extract Dunkelweizen, the 3 Brewsketeers suffered through a partial-mash-process Porter as a base for adding vanilla later, and Rives, if I’m not mistaken, brewed a low-gravity base beer which will grow up to be a Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere clone.  Audrey reprised her role as Grill-Mistress and satiated the brewing masses with sausages and hot dogs.

In the days leading up to the brew, Carl and I had discussed toasting LA “good beer bar” pioneer Dave Farnworth, co-founder of Lucky Baldwins.  So we gathered everyone up, silenced the boombox, and raised some fine Belgian beers high in his memory.  It bears repeating that without Dave, Los Angeles’ beer bars might’ve taken a lot longer to escape the post-prohibition dark ages, continuing to serve megaswill to the unenlightened and indifferent hordes.

Although “learner” turnout was low, from a “Big Brew” standpoint, the ratio of brewers to attendees was quite high, so chalk-up another successful PG multiple-brewer session.  Collectively, we brewed about 40 gallons, and some of those gallons will be enjoyed by the membership at our upcoming Holiday Party on December 10th.  Thanks again to Neil for hosting us and to Audrey for organizing the event.

Here are a few pics from the occasion (courtesy Audrey and yours truly):

Our gracious host Neil, in chill-mode.

Carl and his brewing rig.

Awaiting the inevitable Big-Brew-boilover with my imaginary squirt gun.

Kurt, Dave, and Anthony - the 3 Brewsketeers.

Some serious learnin' goin' on here.

Neil enjoys the breakfast of champions.

"What the heck is Mauceli doing?"

Ken and I are Wyeast's new spokesmen. You wanna buy some yeast?

Neil enjoys a good round of "peek-a-boo".

Some of the Belgians consumed in Dave Farnworth's honor. That's right - a '99 Chimay Blue. Again I say - where were you?

Tim assists Carl as he utilizes another of his mad scientist gadgets - the PVC Racking Tubery.

Rives brought a selection of Jolly Pumpkin 750s and the sour pours just kept comin'. Thanks Rives!

I'm Neil Saund, and I approve of this Learn To Brew Day!