Big Brew & Annual Chili Cook-off August 27th

We will be conducting our annual Chili Cook-off and club Big Brew on Saturday August 27th at the home of our Competition Coordinator and Brewmaster, Carl Townsend.

BIG BREW: Carl will be brewing on his all grain system and we’re also looking for a member interested in doing a partial mash to help demonstrate that process as well. There is room for other brewers too, just make sure to bring your own equipment and supplies, though Carl will have water available. Please let Audrey & Mimi ([email protected]) or Carl ([email protected])  know if you are planning to brew.

CHILI COOKOFF:  The competition is simple. Make your best chili, bring it in a crockpot or any other vessel which can be heated.  We will do a tasting, followed by a vote, and then the  winner will be announced!   All serving utensils, bowls, garnishes, and other chili fixings will be provided by the club.  Just label your entry!

BEER: Is always welcome, so please bring kegs, bottles, commercial beers and anything else you’d like to share.

TIME: Brewing will begin at 10am and Chili serving and voting will start at about Noon.

LOCATION: 3621 Redwood Ave, L.A. 90066. It’s just a few blocks west of Beethoven, north of Venice.


Bring your best Chili!

-Audrey & Mimi

Activities Directors

Spring Club Big Brew Saturday May 28th New Location

Our Spring Big Brew has a new location thanks to Neil Saund!  It will now take place at his town house, same as the Christmas Party, in Marina Del Rey right near Culver Blvd and the Marina Freeway.

Address: 12966 Rubens Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

All other details about the event are the same as before so if you are interested in brewing, learning to brew all grain batches outside, or would just like to enjoy some beer with your fellow PG members please come out and join us.

For those of you interested in participating in the single hop IPA’s for the summer party, Scott Burnell will be bringing his 55 gallon brewing system to get a jump on this.  If you are interested in using his system please contact him at: [email protected]

Any questions about the event or to reserve a space for brewing please contact Audrey or Mimi at: [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

-Audrey & Mimi


Spring Club Big Brew May 28th at Michael Steinberg’s House

This event will be a multi brewer Big Brew with room for about 8 brewers to brew at a time outdoors on Michael’s driveway. Those planning to brew should bring their equipment but water is available on site.  Reservations are a must if you intend to brew.  Anyone not planning in brewing, but interested in watching the process or just hanging out with fellow PG members are encouraged to come as well!

The event officially begins at 10am and ends when the last brewer is finished, which is usually around 6pm. As usual, anyone who would like to show up earlier is welcome to do so, since Michael will be up and brewing by 7am.

Food: We will be grilling up sausages, chicken and veggies but feel free to bring anything else you would like to toss on the grill.  Some snacks will be provided but more are always welcome.

Beer: As with any PG event the beer will be supplied by whoever shows up. Bring kegs, bottles, or growlers.  For the early comers breakfast beers are also encouraged!

Address: 10754 Barman Ave, Culver City, 90230. That’s across the street from Vet’s Park, between Overland and Coombs. Look for the massive RV in the street.  (310) 991-0824

Sign-up: Please send an email to [email protected] or sign-up at the club meeting on Thursday May 19th.

Hope you can make it!

-Audrey & Mimi

June 26 Big Brew and Jockey Box Project

In addition to the Jockey Box Construction Project, being held at my house on June 26, we will be having a Club Big Brew on the same day.

The Jockey Box portion of the event is being organized by Tom Rierson and Carl Townsend. See Carl’s separate article for details.

This event will be a multi brewer Big Brew, as opposed to a single “Club Brew”. People bring their equipment and brew outdoors on my driveway. There is room for 6-8 brewers, and reservations are a must.

Word has it that many PG  members have expressed interest in learning how to brew all grain beer. In response, there will be one member brewing an all grain batch and giving instructions. It’s always possible that there will be other all grain brewers, in addition to partial mash and extract brewers.

The event begins at 10am, and ends when the last brewer and Jockey Box maker is finished. The time should be around 5 or 6pm. As usual, anyone who wants to show up earlier is welcome do do so, since I’ll be up and brewing by 7am.

FOOD: Will be served. Snacks and lunch will be available. Any attendee bringing food and beer will be given a special commendation, and will be able to drink beer at the event 🙂

BEER: As with any PG event the beer will be supplied by whoever shows up. Bring kegs, bottles, or growlers. Maybe we’ll be able to test some of the Jockey Boxes at the event.

Address: 10754 Barman Ave. Culver City. That’s across the street from Vet’s Park, between Overland and Coombs. Look for the RV in the street.

SIGN UP: Please send an E-mail to me at [email protected]

Hope you can make it.

Michael Steinberg, PG Activities Director

How do I build a Jockey Box?

This Month’s Question:  How do I build a Jockey Box?


Answer: The simple answer to this is to join us on Jockey Box Day, Saturday, June 26th at Mike Steinberg’s house.   You bring a cooler, and we’ll bring a bunch of supplies, so at the end of the day you can head home with a new portable beer serving system.  Let us know ahead of time how many taps you want, so we can plan accordingly.  We’ll have a sign-up sheet at the May Club meeting on Thursday, May 20thBuild your own on Jockey Box Day June 26th. Read more