Beer Needed for Holiday Party

The tree has been trimmed, the lights have been strung and the chestnuts are roasting by the open fire. But we still need beer! The Holiday Party is this Saturday December 12th at Neil’s Duplex. If you plan to bring beer, soda or other seasonally festive beverage, please drop me a line at [email protected] to let me know what you have. Some of you had listed “TBD”, so if you know what it is, please send me an update. Everyone who signs up in advance will have a colorful tap tag.

We also need jockey boxes and CO2 cylinders to help make sure all the beverages flow cold with perfect carbonation. Read more


Please come help on Sunday, Dec 6th at noon for the 1st round of set up for our PG Holiday party.
We’ll be meeting at Neil’s duplex to do an initial setup of our equipment and decorating the house and our Christmas tree. We have lots & lots & lots of beer themed ornaments to be hung!

We need at least 5-10 people to help with setup and decorating on Sunday. Feel free to bring some beer to share while helping with the setup.

We’re still looking for some assorted equipment.  Please let us know if you can volunteer any of the following:

  • Folding tables
  • Patio heaters
  • Firepits
  • Jockey boxes/beer dispensing equipment
  • Firewood

If you can bring any of the above on Sunday that would be fantastic. Otherwise, please bring it on next Saturday early afternoon before the party (Dec12) but please contact us: PG Board at [email protected] or Mimi Bardet at [email protected] with how you can help.

Neil Saund’s duplex is located at:  12966 Rubens Ave. Los Angeles, CA   It is the house on the SE corner of Alla Rd. and Rubens Ave.


P.S. Don’t forget to let us know what beer and food you will be bringing to the party. Also, we are expanding our charity donation drive. At the party, we will be collecting “gently used” men’s clothing as well as canned & non-perishable foods. More details coming soon!

Are you ready for our PG Holiday Party on Dec 12th?

Our annual Holiday Party is rapidly approaching and it takes a lot of effort to put together.  As with all our parties, we count on club members to volunteer to help out.  There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help.  We need help with set up and clean up, we need members to bring potluck dishes for our feast, we need members to donate beer and we need assorted equipment.

Set Up and Clean Up

Stay tuned for setup info. It’s likely that we’ll be doing two rounds of set up for the party and we’ll need help for both. The 1st round will probably be this weekend (Dec5 or 6),we’ll be meeting at Neil’s duplex to do an initial setup. Date & time details to be announced soon.  We’re planning on setting up most of our equipment and decorating the house and our Christmas tree.  We have lots of beer themed ornaments to be hung

On Saturday, Dec 12th in the afternoon we’ll be meeting at Neil’s duplex to do final set up.

On Sunday, Dec 13th – approximately late morning, we’ll meet at Neil’s duplex to clean up alter the party. (Time will be confirmed in a future communication)  We always need lots of people to help with clean up and the more we get the faster it goes.

If you’d like to volunteer for set up or clean up contact: Mimi Bardet at [email protected] and the PG Board at [email protected].

Potluck and Food

The menu should reflect past Holiday Parties featuring great food but most likely will include carbonnades, roast & deep fried turkeys, spiced ham and much more!  As is customary with our holiday parties, this is a potluck event, the club supplies the main dishes and we count on members to provide the side dishes, salads and deserts.  So if you have a favorite family holiday recipe and want to share it with the rest of us, this is your time to shine!

Please remember to label any dishes, utensils, etc. that you bring so that we can get them back to you.

If you’d like to volunteer food for the party contact: Ian Fraser at [email protected] or Mimi Bardet at [email protected]

Since it’s the giving season, we decided to have a non-perishable food drive for a local food bank at our Holiday party this year. More details to come but plan to bring canned foods and other non-perishable foods for this food drive.


We also need beer for this event, lots of beer!  Or mead!  Or cider!  We’re counting on you to provide it. So pull out your kegs and dig deep in your closet for those old tasty bottled treasures and bring them along!   Please let us know what and how much homebrew you’re planning on bringing.  Loaner kegs are available for those who are not so equipped.

Any of you who have already volunteered kegs should drop them off at the shop by 6pm on Friday, Dec 11th or bring them to Neil’s Saturday afternoon before the party.

We’ll be dispensing a lot of beer and will need more taps, jockey boxes and dispensing equipment than we currently have.  If you can volunteer dispensing equipment or can bring your new club jockey box, please let Carl know.

Please remember to label any kegs or dispensing equipment that you bring so that we can get them back to you.

If you’d like to volunteer beer for the party, contact Carl Townsend at [email protected].


We’re still looking for some assorted equipment.  Please let us know if you can volunteer any of the following:

  • Folding tables
  • Patio heaters
  • Jockey boxes/beer dispensing equipment

Any of you who will be volunteering equipment should please try to bring it to Neil’s on the initial setup date (probably this weekend, Dec5 or 6 – exact details to be announced soon). Otherwise, please bring equipment on Saturday, Dec 12th in the afternoon before the party.

Again, please remember to label any equipment that you bring so that we can get them back to you.

If you’d like to volunteer equipment contact: [email protected] or Mimi at [email protected]

And finally, if you’re volunteering equipment, kegs or food, plan on picking up your items at the Sunday clean up. We really don’t have any capacity to store items that are not picked up.


Neil Saund’s duplex is located at:  12966 Rubens Ave. Los Angeles, CA
It is the house on the SE corner of Alla Rd. and Rubens Ave.


Firestone Walker – XIX Anniversary Tickets pass code distributed!


If you signed up for tickets to the XIX Anniversary party you should have received an email this morning with a link to the website and a code to access our discount.  Tickets go on sale at noon.  if you did not receive an email please let me know asap.  My direct email address is bholterpg [at] gmail dot com.

If you didn’t sign up for our discount you can still purchase tickets at noon today.  Your ticket will cost you an extra $10 but it is still very much a bargain so please join us!  Ticket Link!



Firestone Walker: Updated Info!


First off – just a reminder that this event is for club members who are current in their dues.  All club members may bring one guest.


I’ve received a number of emails today about tickets so rather than respond to each one I am posting about this here.  If you signed up at the club meeting last week for the Firestone Anniversary party tickets you should have received an email from me confirming.  If you did not receive an email please email me today.  Also, if you signed up with a +1 on the same email address you should only have received a single notification from me.

If you were unable to attend the meeting last week and you have not emailed me to sign up for tickets please email me today at [email protected] if you want to secure tickets to the anniversary party.


The Firestone team is going to issue a link and passcode for our club so that everyone can purchase their tickets.  I will be distributing this email to those that signed up.  This passcode will NOT be posted on the website.

Here is the link to purchase tickets: XIX ticket link

You will then be able to log in on Monday when tickets go on sale to the general public at 12pm (August 31st) and purchase your tickets at the discounted club rate.  You will be paying Firestone directly, not the club.

Our passcode is specific to Pacific Gravity.  Firestone is going to allot a fixed number of tickets to this passcode based off of signups.  If you only signed up for 1 ticket you should only purchase 1 ticket.  If you purchase more than 1 you will be stealing a ticket from your fellow club member.  Please do not do this!!

Once I have distributed the passcode to everyone who signed up I will post on the website confirming that I have distributed the code.


Purchasing tickets will be completed online at which point you can print up your ticket.  On the day of the event if you are attending the brew session in the morning you will be able check in for the anniversary party with your printed up ticket.  Staff from the party will be there and will be handing out wristbands to guests with tickets.  Please remember to bring your ID!

If you do not plan on attending the brew session you will need to stand in line with the general public to receive your wristband for the event.  The FW team does a pre-check for the general public starting at 9am when the line starts to form.  Doors open promptly at 11am for the public.


A couple of questions came up regarding the big weekend at our club meeting.  Here are the Q’s along with responses:

Q: Will breakfast be provided?

A: No.  You are responsible for breakfast.  Please do not bring food to the brewery.

Q: Are children allowed to attend?

A: No.  This is a 21+ event (we are brewing beer afterall, and attending a beer party) 🙂

Q: Being Halloween weekend, is this event a costumed event?

A: Here is a costume specific post for the XIX Party.  In short, yes costumes will be worn!

There is additional information on the event website and FAQ page.


Summer Party Countdown…this SATURDAY! (July 25th)


Are you ready for the big event on SATURDAY!?

We still really need your help so please review the checklist and let us know what you can do help!

Thanks for those who have signed up to bring FOOD but we haven’t heard from too many of you so please let us know what potluck dishes you are bring. We really need your good food to help soak up all the great beers!!

Tables and EZ Ups are still needed so please let us know if you have some you can bring.

Here’s the full checklist and key details:

Pacific Gravity’s Summer Party Checklist

Saturday, July 25th – 2pm to 10pm

Location: Dean Sussman’s – 1310 Amalfi Drive, Pacific Palisades, 90272




Checklist for ALL party attendees:

  • Bring BEER, BEER & more BEER! Also, bring sodas and a specialty non-beer beverage for the Red, White and/or blue competition. Please email what you are bringing to Carl at [email protected]
  • FOOD – sign up to bring All-American dishes to our POTLUCK party. (the club will supply some food but we need YOUR dishes too!) We need ALL kinds of food: appetizers, sides dishes, main dishes (pre-cooked), desserts, etc. All your specialty dishes are welcome! Thanks to the few of you who have already signed up your dishes but we need MORE food so please email us at [email protected] what dishes you will add to our feast!
  • VOLUNTEERS – we need YOU to help make this a successful party! Please email us at [email protected] . We have lots of volunteer opportunities!
    • Setup on Friday night
    • Cleanup on Sunday morning
    • More setup and food prep on Saturday morning
    • Front Gate Check-In shifts (several 1hr. slots still available between 1pm to 7pm)
    • Bartender shifts – 1hr. (please see Carl on Saturday to volunteer)
  • Beer Equipment (email Carl at: [email protected])
    • Jockey boxes
    • CO2 cylinders
    • Bags of ice for jockey boxes
  • Other Equipment needed for the party. Please let us know if you have any of the following and would be willing to loan to us for the party. Please email us at: [email protected] . We will email confirmation back if we need you to bring items on Friday night during setup.
    • Tables
    • EZ Ups/Canopies
    • BBQs
    • Power/extension cords
    • Extra coolers/ice chests
  • Don’t forget to bring and things to know:
    • Bring BEER & other beverages
    • Bring FOOD – All American BBQ themed
    • Fee for all adult guests is $10 per guest. Kids are free.
    • Payment for past due membership – cash or credit
    • Chairs and Blankets
    • Bathing suits and towels, if you want to use the swimming pool.
    • Sunscreen
    • Jackets & sweaters for the evening
    • Cash for Raffle tickets
    • PG merchandise will be available for sale at the Front Desk.
    • Note for food contributions, we will NOT have use of a kitchen for heating or cooling so please plan accordingly. Please label your food containers so that we can get them back to you.



Summer Party Beverages

Dean-Carl-WaveHey, we have just a couple weeks to go until the summer party at Dean’s place on Saturday, July 25th, and some of you haven’t let me know what beers and sodas you are bringing. Please drop me a line at [email protected] to let me know what you have. Some of you had listed “TBD”, so if you know what it is, please send me an update. Everyone who signs up in advance will have a colorful tap tag.

As usual, we will be voting for the best beer and best specialty beverage of the party. This year, to complement our All-American Barbeque, our specialty beverage theme is “Red, White and/or Blue”.  Any non-beer beverage that is red, white, and/or blue
will be in the running for our specialty contest. Your beverage can be a soda, alcohol-containing beverage, mead, cider or whatever potable potion you can dream up. The only restriction is that it can’t be beer. Sorry, folk, your wit beer can’t be used as a specialty “white” entry. But, rest assured, it will be considered for the Best Beer of the Party, an equally prestigious honor. Please let me know if it has alcohol in it, so we can arrange it on the correct table. We’ll have a few guests in the under-21 club, and don’t want any confusion. Either before or after. And, remember, sodas go a long way to breaking up the heat on a long summer day, so take the opportunity to sample them liberally.

We also need jockey boxes and CO2 cylinders to help make sure all the beverages flow cold with perfect carbonation. We have more kegs than taps on the Wave, and the jockey boxes help out big time. If you can bring a bag of ice for each jockey box, that would help out too. Rumor has it we’ll need a few Sanke taps, so if you have one bring it along.

If you enjoy serving beer, we’ll be setting up hour-long bartender shifts as the party gets going. It’s easy and fun, and a great way to meet everyone at the party.

If at all possible, please bring your kegs and heavy stuff Friday evening up to Dean’s place and help us set up. This makes the last minute activities on Saturday morning go much more smoothly. The early kegs get the best slots on the Wave. Make sure all your kegs, coolers, tanks and taps are well labeled so they all return to their rightful owners Sunday morning.

We still need help with pot-luck dishes, tables, easy-ups and other miscellaneous assistance. If you have a contribution, please contact Mimi at [email protected].

Dean Sussman’s place is at 1310 Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. Setup starts Friday the 19th at 6:00 PM. The party runs from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM Saturday, July 20th. Cleanup begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning.

Hope to see you there!
Carl Townsend

Beer for 20th Anniversary Party

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 6.57.53 PM copyWe’ll have the Wave of Beer cranked up for the 20th Anniversary Party. If you have a keg or two, bring them along. Let me know what you are bringing and I’ll have a special 20th Anniversary toe tags to decorate the tap. Drop me a line at [email protected]

See you there!

20th Anniversary Party Announcements!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 6.57.53 PM copyOur February meeting (aka 20th Anniversary Party) is right around the corner! We have a few announcements to share leading up to the event:

*Set up will be on Friday 2/20 at 6pm and clean up on Sunday 2/22 at 10am at the Trux Stop, we need volunteers to help so we don’t stick our generous hosts with the task. Please contact [email protected] to sign up to volunteer!

*PG’s Chef Ian will be grilling up some carne asada! Please bring your dishes to soak up all the beer as well. You can fit the style and bring chips & guac, rice, beans, etc. or just anything you feel like!

*Bring your own folding chairs if you plan on sitting. We will also need some tables, please contact us if you have any, they can be dropped off during setup.

*MOST IMPORTANTLY…. Bring your home brews! What better way to celebrate 20 years as a home brew club than by sharing your beer with the rest of the club!

We look forward to seeing you all! Stay tuned next week for some exciting news about a special surprise we have for all you members!

Happy Pacific Gravity 20th Anniversary Kickoff Month!!

To kickoff our 20th anniversary, we will be posting old and possibly forgotten photos of past events / members each month starting with some from around 1999.  There are certainly more, but we’re trying to pick some of the better ones.  We wish they were a little better resolution, but after all, it was 1999!!! Hope you all enjoy and party like it’s 1999 this year to celebrate! …just don’t dress like it’s 1999, wow!

Cheers to our 20th and may we have an even better next 20 years! Read more