Want More reasons to Party this Summer!?

Our Summer Party was a blast and I’ll soon do a recap on it, but in the mean time Pacific Gravity has been invited to Wash’s Summer Party at Dan Hakes House this Saturday!

Wash or West Adams Society of Homebrewers, is a newer local Homebrew club headed up by Dan Hakes and they are hosting their first Summer Party this weekend. Im sure they can use all the same things we need, help setting up, beer, food, and Jockey boxes. The entry is the same as ours for the party, Wash club members are free and all others guest $10 at the door to help support the club. Here is all the information below and please email Dan to see how you can help!

What: The Wash Summer Party

When: This Saturday August 6th, 4pm-10pm

Where: Dan and Anne Hakes house
2203 West 20th street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90018

To RSVP, find out more informations, and to also see how you can help or what you should bring email at: [email protected] or dan hakes at mac dot com

and Please show Dan and Anne all the respect and courtesy you would for them and their house as you would Dean and his. Have fun and thank you Dan for the invite!!

If your reading this via email and don’t see the official flier click here to the PG post: http://pacificgravity.com/2016/08/want-reasons-party-summer/

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A Quick Recap on the ProAm!

I wanted to thank everyone that was able to participate in the ProAm Opportunity. Which was being held through our club freind Devon Randall at the Arts District Brewery.

She was given a blind list of all of the Pacific Gravity homebrew comp winning beers form Jan. 1st, 2015 thru the recent present. From that list she picked 6 beers that she thought would be fun to brew for the brewery and be a good fit for a ProAm entry! The Six she choose we sent in full recipes for her to then pick a final one to brew, the six where:

Rives Boreland’s “White IPA”, from the 2015 LA Belgian Beer Competition

Carl Townsend’s “Scottish Ale”, from 2015 LA County Fair

Lloyd Johnson and Ted Silvas’s “Elderflower Belgian Pale”, from 2015 LA Belgian Beer Competition

Craig Corley’s “Alt #15”, from 2015 LA County Fair

Parker Waechter’s “Surfin Sancho Toasted Coconut Stout”, from the 2015 California State Fair

David Codney and Kevin Koenig’s “Incident Reflection White IPA”, from 2016 LA Belgian Beer Competition

From this Six recipes she then chose a winner. I know I will get some flack for it, but in the end she chose mine, aka Lloyd and Ted’s “Elderflower Belgian Pale”. As of lately we have been talking about the recipe and supplies for the brew, as well as the brew date getting bumped up. Which will be tomorrow July 28th, starting at 7am at the Arts District Brewery! Something Ted and I could not pass up and are extremely excited to be able to finally brew one of our beers on a pro system. As well we made the GABF ProAm deadline and the beer will be going this October to compete, and at some point will be on tap at the brewery!

Thank you all and I hope we can give the club more chances in the future for ProAm opportunities like this.


Remember at the Summer Party we are collecting for Charity Again!!!

We will have a few boxes on site at the Summer Party to collect for our favorite charity OPCC.net!!

This is a great excuse to go through your closets and or go to you favorite low cost stores to purchase denotable supplies. Stores like: Ross and other discount clothing stores, 99 cent stores, Costco and other whole sale stores, or even CVS, Walgreens, and Target. Want to give Money? Mimi your Charity and Special Event coordinator can take cash or checks (made out to: OPCC) for the OPCC.net organization. She’ll take it along with the purchase items for drop off.

Here are the types of donations items they are looking for!

Charity Donation – IDEAS & SUGGESTIONS

Clothing (all donations should be clean and, if used, in good condition.)

  • Socks and sweat socks – for men, women and children
  • New underwear – men’s, women and children
  • Sweat shirts and tee-shirts for adults – all sizes especially larger sizes
  • Flannel and long sleeve shirts for adults
  • Pants and jeans for adults – all sizes especially larger sizes
  • Sneakers – men’s & women’s most needed
  • Shower shoes/thongs
  • Rain ponchos for adults & children

Personal & Household items

  • Hygiene Items (Travel or regular size)
  • toothpaste
    • toothbrush
    • deodorant
    • shampoo
    • disposable razors
    • bar soap
    • hand & body lotion
    • sanitary napkins & tampons
  • Blankets (preferably wool)
  • Backpacks or duffel bags
  • Sleeping bags for adults
  • Diapers – all sizes
  • Bedding: Twin size sheets, comforters and pillows. Please note pillow must be new.

Welcome Home Packages

  • Kitchen Kits (dish towels, dish soap, utensils, plates and cups, pots and pans etc.)
  • Bathroom Necessities (shampoo and conditioner, body wash/soap, hand and body towels, shaving cream, razors, etc.)
  • Bedroom Essentials (comforter, sheets, pillows, pajamas, slippers, etc.)
  • Cleaning Supplies (dust pan, broom, Windex, counter spray, toilet bowl cleaner and brush, etc.).

Last Day’s to Email us and let us know how your helping out for the Summer Party!!!

Please email us if your planning on helping out in any way for the Summer Party this weekend. Your emails let us know what we can plan for to make sure we fulfill our party needs.
Please email us ASAP!!!

Bringing Beer and or a Non-Alcoholic Fruit Drink? Let Carl know asap to make you a tag(s) and so we have enough taps to serve it with. email Competitions at Pacific Gravity dot com

-We need your Beer Gear to help serve all these drinks too. Please volunteer: Jockey Boxes,  Co2 set ups, Party tubs, and ice. email Competitions at Pacific Gravity dot com

We Need more food. Yeah Ian’s cooking, but we also run on your dishes too! Mediterranean Style or other Dishes and Deserts, Let us know. email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com
(Mediterranean food ideas: Hummus, Tabouli, Falafel, Cucumber Salad, Baked Feta, and any style along the Mediterranean Sea really! all dishes, apps, and deserts welcome.)

-We need stuff too. Please Volunteer your: 6′ folding tables, Pop-Ups, Coolers, Party Lights, AC power extensions and power strips. email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com

-No better way to get all your stuff to us then Volunteering for Set-up Friday night 6pm and Saturday morning 10am. As well as Brake-down Sunday morning 10am. We need your help and you need to drop off your gear and kegs. So email us and let us know you are coming by, what days, and what your bringing if any. Also Friday night set up is like a mini bottle share and Sunday Break down you can claim the left overs! email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com

-Also if anyone has any raffle Donations let us know so we can plan to have them raffled off at the Summer Party! email  summer party at pacific gravity dot com

Note: There will be limited power on site, so please bring your dishes pre cooked and ready to eat. There is no access to the house at all. There is no freezer space either. There might be some coolers with ice, but better plan ahead and bring your own.

Also Label everything you bring with your name if you want to get it back!!! and this is a “Bring Your Own Folding Chair” event.

-There will be a $10 charge for all guest at the door, current members are free and everyone will get a door prize ticket to win some great beers and stuff during the day. As well there will be Pacific Gravity merchandise and raffle tickets for sale at the front gate too, with some special discounts! The Raffle tickets will be $1 each and I can tell you now we are giving away some cools stuff!! Like a Burner and Mash Tun, 5 lb Co2 tank and regulator, a Big Mouth fermenter, a bottle capper/corker, gift certificates and more, just to name a few so far!

-Also remember to bring Charitable Donations too for OPCC.net! Just like the Winter Party and May club meeting. I will be posting another reminder with all the charity info later this week.

Thanks and can’t wait to Party with everyone this weekend!



The PG Summer Party check list, We need your Help!!!!

Pacific Gravity’s Summer Party Checklist

Saturday, July 23rd – 2pm to 10pm

Location: Dean Sussman’s – 1310 Amalfi Drive, Pacific Palisades, 90272


Checklist for ALL party attendees: Please read through this carefully and respond to us at the designated emails as soon as possible!!

  • Bring BEER, BEER & more BEER! Also, bring sodas or a non-alcoholic beverage featuring FRUIT for a chance at the “Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage” Award! Plus “Best Beer of the Summer Party” will be voted on too! Please email what beers and non-alc beverages/sodas you are bringing so Carl can make up special name tags for the taps. Email at: Competitions at Pacific Gravity dot com
  • FOOD – sign up to bring Mediterranean-themed dishes or any dish you would like to supply to our POTLUCK for the summer party. (the club will supply some food, but we need YOUR dishes too!) We need ALL kinds of food: appetizers, sides dishes, main dishes (pre-cooked, no power on site for cookers), desserts, etc. All your specialty dishes are welcome! We need LOTS of food to go with all the beer so please email us what dishes you will add to our feast! email at: summer party at pacific gravity dot com
  • VOLUNTEERS – we need YOU to help make this a successful party! Please email us at summer party at pacific gravity dot com . We have lots of volunteer opportunities!
    • Setup on Friday night
    • Food prep on Friday
    • Cleanup on Sunday morning
    • More setup and food prep on Saturday morning
    • Front Gate Check-In shifts (several 1hr. slots still available between 1pm to 7pm)
    • Bartender shifts – 1hr. (please see Carl on Saturday to volunteer)
  • Beer Equipment (email Carl at: Competitions at PacificGravity dot com)
    • Jockey boxes
    • CO2 cylinders
    • Bags of ice for jockey boxes
  • Other Equipment needed for the party. Please let us know if you have any of the following and would be willing to loan to us for the party. Please email us at: summer party at pacific gravity dot com . We will email confirmation back if we need you to bring items on Friday night during setup.
    • Tables
    • EZ Ups/Canopies
    • BBQs
    • Power: extension cords/power strips/splitters
    • Extra coolers/ice chests
    • party lights

Remember to bring this and things to know for the Summer Party:

  • Bring BEER & other beverages
  • Bring FOOD – Mediterranean-themed or other
  • Fee for all adult guests is $10 per guest. Kids are free. (Current members are free!)
  • Cash for Raffle tickets
  • PG merchandise will be available for sale at the Front Desk: cash, credit, or check
  • Payment for past due membership – cash, credit, or check
  • Donations for Charity – clothes, toiletries, new socks/underwear, kitchen kits, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Chairs and Blankets
  • Bathing suits and towels, if you want to use the swimming pool.
  • Sunscreen
  • Jackets & sweaters for the evening
  • Note for food contributions, we will NOT have use of a kitchen for heating or cooling so please plan accordingly. Please label your food containers so that we can get them back to you.


Charity Donation – IDEAS & SUGGESTIONS

Clothing (all donations should be clean and, if used, in good condition.)

  • Sweat socks – for men, women and children
  • New underwear – men’s, women and children
  • Sweat shirts and tee-shirts for adults – all sizes especially larger sizes
  • Flannel and long sleeve shirts for adults
  • Pants and jeans for adults – all sizes especially larger sizes
  • Sneakers – men’s & women’s most needed
  • Shower shoes/thongs
  • Rain ponchos for adults & children

Personal & Household items

  • Hygiene Items (Travel or regular size)
  • toothpaste
    • toothbrush
    • deodorant
    • shampoo
    • disposable razors
    • bar soap
    • hand & body lotion
    • sanitary napkins & tampons
  • Blankets (preferably wool)
  • Backpacks or duffel bags
  • Sleeping bags for adults
  • Diapers – all sizes
  • Bedding: Twin size sheets, comforters and pillows. Please note pillow must be new.

Welcome Home Packages

  • Kitchen Kits (dish towels, dish soap, utensils, plates and cups, pots and pans etc.)
  • Bathroom Necessities (shampoo and conditioner, body wash/soap, hand and body towels, shaving cream, razors, etc.)
  • Bedroom Essentials (comforter, sheets, pillows, pajamas, slippers, etc.)
  • Cleaning Supplies (dust pan, broom, Windex, counter spray, toilet bowl cleaner and brush, etc.).



Sunday Funday in the Arts District DTLA!!

Ok everybody, I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July, but now its time to recover and finish up your work weeks and on to the next PG event!! “Sunday Funday in the Arts District” This weekend Sunday the 10th.

Basically a beer crawl in downtown LA’s Art District area, where the highlight will be us visiting the Arts District Brewery with club freind Devon Randall and Head Brewer. Cant wait to see you all Downtown this Sunday!!


The Plan:

10-10:30am : Jump on the Expo line (or take an uber/lyft) and head to the Arts District area.

11-11:30am : Meet up at Wurstkuche for German and Belgian beers and sausages. 800 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

12:30-1pm : Walk across the street to the Arts District Brewery, for amazing Devon Randall crafted beers and more food! 828 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013

3-4pm and on : is up to you and the group. Stay at Arts District Brewery, or head off to either EightyTwo arcade bar, Mumford Brewery, Angel City Brewery, Far Bar, or else where.


The Train/Get there:

The Expo Line is open all the way to Santa Monica now, so its a good excuse to jump on board. To get to the Arts District it does take a few trains, but its not to hard to figure out. Here is what you will need to do:
Buy an all day pass to make sure you are covered for all the trains: $7 for a full day pass.      (Full Train map click here)

Expo Line : take it Eastbound toward DTLA to the last stop “7th and Metro” (train Map click here)

Red/Purple Line: at “7th and Metro” you connect with the Red or Purple Line’s, they both go Eastbound to “Union Station” three stops away. (train Map click here)

Gold Line: at “Union station” you connect with the Gold Line and take it one stop Southbound towards East LA to “Little Toyko/Arts District” (train Map click here)

Walk: From the Gold Line “Little Toyko/Arts District” stop, head south on Alameda St. for a block and a half, then turn left on Tractions Ave. near Angel City Brewing and head down another 2 block to Wurstkuche.

Don’t want to take an adventure on the Metro trains? Then please Uber or Lyft to Wurstkuche or the Arts District Brewery!


Here’s a google map from the Gold Line train to Wurskutche and to Arts District Brewing: click here 

Here’s a map to other walkable locations in the Arts District to go to: click here

Here’s a map to farther locations to visit around the area: click here

Arts District Brewing Map









Arts District other locations







Arts District adjasent locations












Links to all locations websites below:

Wurstkuche DTLA : opens at 11am

Arts District Brewery : opens at 12pm

EightyTwo : classic arcade bar

Mumford Brewing

Angel City Brewing

Far Bar : awesome tap list!

Eat Drink Americano : Farm-to-Fork Gastropub, great food and drink!

Iron Triangle Brewery

Little Bear : Belgian beer cafe, great tap and bottle list!

Villains Tavern : opens at 5:30pm, live music, great drinks


Club Meeting and other event dates!!

Sorry for the late announcing of this months club meeting which will be held at the:
Culver City Homebrew Supply store this week June 16th at 7:30pm.
4234 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230. Style of the Month is All Lagers for homebrewers and International and Czech Lagers for the commercial tasting. There will be a raffle, food, and sign up sheets for next month’s Summer Party for volunteers, beer, and food.
Also if you still need to brew beer for the Summer Party, all club nights held at the Culver City Homebrew Supply shop is double discount nights, So bring you recipes and buy some homebrew supplies!!

We have some more events coming up in July, so set your calendars!

July 1st for First Friday will be south of us at King Harbor’s Waterfront Tasting Room, in the Redondo Pier area! really close to Naja’s Place. Go down via Uber or Lyft and check them out, have a few of their beers and if you need more then head next door. Waterfront Location: 132 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(Note: Do not mistake the location with King Harbor’s actual brewery located at 2907 182nd street Redondo Beach, California 90278)

July 10th for Sunday Funday in the Arts Disttrict, Downtown LA!! This should be a real fun bar crawl in a cool part of downtown with a lot of great beer bars, food, and Breweries. Plus the highlight event where we get a personal tour from club friend Devon Randall, aka Head Brewer at the Arts District Brewery.
The Plan: So the Expo Line just opened up all the way the Santa Monica, so this is a great excuse to use it. The train’s will take you all the way to the Arts District area. Plan on getting on the trains about 10am-10:30am to meet at our first location: Wurstkuche at 11am, where you can get the best sausages in town and some awesome German and Belgian beers. Then about 12:30pm-1pm we head across the street to the Arts District Brewery, where we will meet Devon, drink her beer’s, eat more food, and set off on a personal tour of the brewing facilities. After a good while of hanging at the brewery, the next stop we leave it up to the group, or the individuals. I might head to 82 the Arcade Bar, or Mumford Brewing a few block away. There is also Angel City Brewing and Eat Drink Americano real close too. A bit farther you can cab it to Iron Triangle Brewing, Little Bear, or Villains Tavern. Check out all the links I added to each location, I will announce at the June club meeting and post more about the schedule closer to the date of the event.

July 23rd for Pacific Gravity’s Summer Party!! Definitely set your calendars for this, the biggest event of the year! We will have sign up sheet at this thursday’s club meeting for volunteers, beers, and pot luck food. We will also be looking for some special volunteers to help out Ian with the food duties as well, the week before, during set up, and during the summer party day since he is not as mobile as usual. We will make the official announcements at the meeting this Thursday at the Culver City Homebrew Supply shop.



May Club Meeting Recap!!

First off I wanted to Thank everyone again who brought their generous donations for our May club meeting charity drive. We collected a ton of stuff for our friends at OPCC.org and it showed with all the extra pink tickets people where given for the raffle because they donated. Which made the raffle more fun because people where yelling out pink or blue at every prize, wishing for there color to come up. We gave away a lot of great stuff that night too during the raffle because of it: hops and brew in a bag- bag, hop rhizome clipping and even a whole cap, shirts, beers, glasses, Firestone Walker glasses wear, and a few bundle pack of Wyeast and Firestone Walker swag, and a lot more.

Thank you to Michael Musgrave for stepping in and manning the grill he and Terry brought, cooking us a bunch of tasty burgers and large dogs with all the fixings chopped up by Dean and Terry. Ian I hope your recovering nicely!? Michael M. also bought our alternative fermentable commercial beers and Terry helped serve and present them.

We had Simon in from Phantom Carriage Brewery, doing the Barrel Project sours. Where a few of the PG homebrewers brought in sour beers and dregs to be added to wort Simon brought and will soon be added to a PG/PH barrel project soon!

We had some great educational stuff going on as well. Michael Patterson brought us two more off flavors to try: D.M.S. and Indole “BarnYard”. I personally finally had one I could not stomach with the indole off flavor, not the nice Brett barnyard flavors you would think. Michael P. also brought his own test of different added levels of grapefruit flavoring to beers, from low to high. Then, Greg Foster brought us another mind blowing triple triangle Brulosophy.com test to test on us! This time he did a 5 day traditional dry hop in wort vs. a long term hop in cold kegs of carbonated beer. The cold hop was surprisingly more aromatic.

We had more Homebrew then we could drink too! A bunch of kegs and some great examples of Alternative Fermentable Beers on hand. The Best Beer of the Night winner for the style of the month was our resident master brewer Carl and his Belgian Blond!!

We also inducted a few new roles to the Board: “Charity and Special Events” with the roll being filled by Mimi Bardet, and then “Educational Coordinator” with the roll being filled by Michael Patterson. I just wanted to thank you both for your contributions in both those roles so far this whole year.

Also a big thank you to Culver City Homebrew Supply for hosting the meeting at their shop, it looked like a bunch of club members where taking advantage of their extra club meeting member discount we implemented for this year. 10% off your purchase at the shop on club meeting nights hosted at the shop, instead of the usual 5% off.

May was one of those special club meeting months, and everyone had such a great time. Photos are on Facebook below, if you’re not seeing the gallery in email, click here. Thank you all for coming and see you all soon!


Strand’s invited PG along for their “Beach Bar Bike Ride” Pub Crawl

Strand Brewers Club has invited Pacific Gravity along on their Beach Bar Bike Ride pub crawl, June 4th, in the south bay area. With in their club they are calling it “AAAA” to differentiate between the usual bike ride bar crawl they will also have at the end of the summer “BBBB”. There will also be a cell phone designated person that day to call and catch up with the group or if you get left behind to find where they have gone.

So if you want to go on a super fun bar crawl with bikes and awesome people in the South Bay Area, email Jay to sign up, he is Strands Activities Director,  JayAnkeney at mac dot com.
Here is the tentative schedule and the list of locations so far, things could change a bit so get Jay your email address asap!

10:00am- Meet at Sharkeez on Hermosa Pier for breakfast. We’ll have some tables reserved on the patio, but I need a head count to make this happen. Sharkeez weekend breakfasts are a great deal and include endless Mimosas. Have you ever tried their weekend breakfasst specials? They are really something. Cheap, delicious and include endless Mimosas for an hour.

11:00am- Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa, Incredible selection of craft brews, and they promise something special for us.

12:30pm- Brew Co. on Manhattan Pier, An even more incredibler selection of craft brews

2:00pm- Silvio’s on Hermosa Pier, Great beer, great food.

3:30pm- Naja’s Place on Redondo Pier, or maybe Select Beer in the Riviera Village.

Strand is really looking forward to this event and they hope some PG members will make it with them!

Remember!!! to get your items for Charity tonight, for tomorrows Club Meeting.

Remember to go out and get your items for our May club meeting Charity Drive, which is tomorrow @ Culver City Homebrew Supply Store!  Located at: 4234 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City, CA 90230, where we will be serving us some classic BBQ (Burgers and Dogs) at the meeting tomorrow night cooked by Chef Ian.

So for Charity, run to Costco, Target, Ralphs, Vons, CVS, Wallgreens, Smart and Final, Ross Dress for Less, Fallas Discount Clothing store, or anywhere you think you can get a great deal on items individually or in bulk. Items like a large pack of sock, double packs of toothpaste and toothbrushes, or those large packs of Dove Soap Bars. Check out the list below, you are also welcome to clean out your closets like we did for the winter party Charity drive, and if you want to donate money Mimi will use it to go out and buy the need products on OPCC.net list of items they can use the most.

Charity Donations are listed below and to entice you or bribe you to donate for this great cause we will be giving out EXTRA RAFFLE TICKETS TO THOSE THAT DONATE!!!! the more you donate the more tickets we’ll give you, but a pack of socks or 2-3 toiletries will be worth about 5 extra tickets in the raffle. Items in this weeks Raffle: Beers, Glasses, Hops and Hop bag, Beer Boxes and Bottles, Fresh Cascade Hop Rhizomes, Wyeast Merchandise Pack, and Firestone Walker Merchandise Pack and glass wear just for some example!!! Regular for purchase Raffles tickets will be for sale too as normal.

PG MAY 2016 – Charity Drive
We are collecting items that will be donated to Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC).
OPCC is an independent, community-supported organization in which staff, volunteers and clients work with mutual respect to address the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect and discrimination.  OPCC empowers people to rebuild their lives. (https://www.opcc.net)
In-kind or non-monetary contributions
These donations are valuable resources that we then distribute to our clients. In keeping with our mission of treating all clients with respect and dignity, we ask that all donations should be clean and, if used, in good condition.
Below is a list of items that we can always use..


  • Sweat socks – for men, women and children
  • Sweat shirts and pants for adults – all sizes especially larger sizes
  • Sneakers – men’s & women’s most needed
  • Shower shoes/thongs
  • Rain ponchos for adults & children
  • New underwear – men’s, women and children
  • Flannel and long sleeve shirts for adults

Tolietries / Hygiene Items
Travel or regular sizes of the following:

  • toothpaste
    • toothbrush
    • deodorant
    • shampoo
    • disposable razors
    • bar soap
    • hand & body lotion

Also, remembers we are starting a “Pacific Gravity/Phantom Carriage Club Barrel Project” during this meeting as well. Here is the info below:

At this month’s meeting, Simon from Phantom Carriage will be bringing a few jars of sterile wort to inoculate with various wild yeast and bacteria from club members.  These inoculated jars will be used to create a Pacific Gravity “club barrel” of blonde/lambic-style beer at the brewery, which will be packaged at a later date.  
Homebrewed/house cultures are preferred, but all samples are welcome, so feel free to bring along commercial varieties of wild fermented beer to share and pitch bottle dregs.  Also feel free to bring yeast/bacterial slurries for pitching in addition to bottle dregs (they don’t have to be carbonated in a bottle).  We will vote on our favorite homebrewed contribution, which will win some Phantom Carriage swag!

So basically, bring your homebrewed bottles of sour beer, or collect in a bottle or jar some of your slurry and sour beer for tasting from a carboy, or bring your favorite live culture commercial sour beers to the meeting for sampling, judging, and sour dreg pitching. Then on a later date and time we will be throwing it into a barrel at the brewery!

Also bring your “Alternative Fermentable” homebrewed beers. AKA anything with added alternative grains like “rye, oats, buckwheat, spelt, millet, sorghum, rice, etc” and alternative sugars like “honey, brown sugar, invert sugar, molasses, treacle, maple syrup, sorghum, etc.” for your chance to win a $25 gift Certificate to the Culver City Homebrew Supply store. BJCP Style Guide Here, page 66. As well there will be the “Alternative Fermentable” commercial tasting presented by Michael Muskgrave and some off flavor and other educational tastings presented by Michael Patterson.

Sorry if this has been a bit redundant, but we really wanted all you to remember what we are trying to do here. See you all at the Meeting tomorrow!